Ron Artest is renamed Metta World Peace

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Ron Artest is renamed Metta World Peace
While the NBA superstar Ron Artest will be basketball in the grip of the ballroom floor to participate in this season of "Dancing with the Stars" next week, he made a major change to change the names.

A court in Los Angeles made the change official on Friday and Artest is now "World Peace Metta.

"Metta" is a term meaning loving kindness Buddhist - an option for a player known for its violent fights basketball.

It joins a long list of famous name-changers.

There are athletes and fellow "Dancing" star Chad Johnson, who decided the 85 on the back of his jersey of best fit at the end of its signature and Chad Ochocinco - 85 in Spanish - is born.

Then there's the Prince, who changed his name to a symbol.

People adapted and simply referred to him as "the artist formerly known as Prince", until the Prince again changed to dry again.

And, of course, it is Sean Combs, who had almost as many names as platinum, starting with Puff Daddy and P. Puffy Diddy 's.

Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali-known, and then became one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Johnny Cougar slowly worked his way back to the real name John Cougar Mellencamp, and only by John Mellencamp.
Ron Artest is renamed Metta World Peace