The First Japanese Racer Win the Indy 500 Takuma Sato

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Takuma Sato's victory saw in the Indianapolis 500. When he tried a last lap pass, Sato lost control of his car, crashed, and Dario Franchitti went on to his third victory in the "biggest spectacle in racing".
In almost the same position five years later, Sato was learned based on lessons learned from the defeat of 2012 and became the first Japanese driver to win the Indianapolis 500.

"I do feel after 2012 that I really needed to correct something I left over," Sato said. "In 2012, going into Turn 1 with Dario was a big risk. But you always learn something from those situations, and this time we proved we had what it takes."

With the win for the second time in IndyCar, Sato had Helio Castroneves in the final rounds on Sunday holding the fourth victory of the veteran reject Indianapolis 500. The two exchanged head and Castroneves made a last attempt to make a pass for the victory he can not hold on to ,

"When Helio came with three rounds in a big load on the round 1, we were side by side," Sato said. "But this time I landed in the right direction and still leads. It was a job, and the last two rounds the car was fine. "

The victory was the second straight for Andretti Autosport in the Indy 500 and the third in the last four years. A pilot Andretti won the 500 total five times of 2005, with the deceased Dan Wheldon.

Last year, it was with rookie Alexander Rossi. This time it was with Sato, who joined the team this season and had largely been overlooked at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Andretti camp expanded to six cars for the 500 to add Fernando Alonso, a two-time F1 champion who brought massive European interest to the race.
Six cars never seemed to spread the team too thin, and the main issue facing Andretti Autosport was the reliability of its Honda engines. Alonso put on a thrilling show and even led 27 laps but he was sent to the paddock when his engine blew with 20 laps remaining.

Still, his race was spectacular and Alonso simply fell victim to his engine late in the race. The crowd gave the Spaniard a standing ovation as he climbed from his car.
"It's a very nice surprise to come here with big names, big guys, the best in open-wheel racing and be competitive," said Alonso, who didn't rule out a return.
"The last two weeks, I came here basically to prove myself, to challenge myself," Alonso added. "I know that I can be as quick as anyone in an F1 car. I didn't know if I can be as quick as anyone in an Indy car."

The Honda teams had a clear horsepower advantage over Chevrolet, but things were dicey in Indy for more than a week and certainly on race day: Before Alonso's failure, 2014 winner Ryan Hunter-Reay lost his engine and so did Charlie Kimball. Hunter-Reay led 28 laps and was a strong contender late.
Still, Honda had the winning engine at the end and six of the top 10.
"I'm really happy for Honda. They worked really hard to get us here," team owner Michael Andretti said. "I know how big this news is going to be tomorrow when they wake up in Japan. It's going to be huge. I'm really happy for them, that we were able to give them a win with our Japanese driver here."

In a Chevrolet for Team Penske, Castroneves briefly took the lead but couldn't hold it as Sato grabbed it back. Castroneves was disappointed to fall short of the four-time winners club — particularly since it was his third runner-up finish.
"Being second again sucks, being so close to getting my fourth," Castroneves said. "I'm really trying. I'm not giving up this dream and I know it's going to happen."
Ed Jones finished a career-best third and was followed by Max Chilton and Tony Kanaan, the highest finishers for Chip Ganassi Racing.

A joyful Sato dumped a bottle of 2 percent milk over his head, received a kiss from the Indy 500 Princess and raised his finger in the air. Andretti ran down pit lane to reach Sato's crew, then rushed to hug his driver. Even Franchitti made his way to victory lane to congratulate Sato, who was eager to see the impact of his win at home in Japan."This is going to be mega big," he predicted. "A lot of the Japanese fans are following the IndyCar Series and many, many flew over for the Indianapolis 500. We showed the great result today and I am very proud of it."
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Gregg Allman Dies at 69, the Allman Brothers Band

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Allman Brothers band founding member Gregg, a terrorist group both in the Southern Rock group, and the movement of inspiration and berries became sbetakanthera movement, died Saturday in his home in sabhenahe. He died at the age of 69.

Oyainastaina Cain said his publisher, complicating liver cancer reasons.

The group of singers and keyboard, M. Allman was a tense, blues, jazz, country and rock and connections improvisator principal architects, the Marshall Tucker Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd Southern Rock of the 1970s became the heir of the sahajalabdha.

Mr. older brother from the top of the group and slide guitar duyanake showed it a generation of popular jam bands was like panic oyaidapreda and fish, whose error exchange bananamulaka music.

Mr. Allman Hammond B -3 sensitive ad Allman brothers and brother on the album and the other guitarist of the musical bit Dickie grismapurna intaraplese often offers a stylish touch.

Gregg Allman’s vocals, by turns squalling and brooding, took their cue from the anguished emoting of down-home blues singers like Elmore James, as well as from more sophisticated ones like Bobby Bland. Foremost among Mr. Allman’s influences as a vocalist, though, was the Mississippi-born blues and soul singer and guitarist known as Little Milton.

“‘Little Milton’ Campbell had the strongest set of pipes I ever heard on a human being,” Mr. Allman wrote in his autobiography, “My Cross to Bear,” written with Alan Light (2012). “That man inspired me all my life to get my voice crisper, get my diaphragm harder, use less air and just spit it out. He taught me to be absolutely sure of every note you hit, and to hit it solid.”

The band’s main songwriter early on, Mr. Allman contributed expansive, emotionally fraught compositions like “Dreams” and “Whipping Post” to the Allman Brothers repertoire. Both songs became staples of their epic live shows; a cathartic 22-minute version of “Whipping Post” was a highlight of their acclaimed 1971 live album, “At Fillmore East.”

More concise originals like “Midnight Rider” and “Melissa,” as well as Mr. Allman’s renditions of blues classics like “Statesboro Blues” and “Done Somebody Wrong,” revealed his singular affinity with the black Southern musical vernacular.

Mr. Allman also enjoyed an enduring, if intermittent, career as a solo artist, both while a member of the Allman Brothers Band and during periods when he was away from the group. His recordings under his own name were typically more subdued, more akin to soulful singer-songwriter rock, than his molten performances with the Allmans.

A remake of “Midnight Rider” from “Laid Back,” his first solo album, reached the pop Top 20 in 1973. “Laid Back” also featured a cover of “These Days,” an elegiac ballad written by Jackson Browne, who on occasion roomed with Mr. Allman while he was living in Los Angeles in the 1960s.
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Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor Has Filed Divorce Papers

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Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor.

The longtime couple announced their break with a joint statement "With a great love and respect, and the 18 years we have together as a couple, we have decided to separate ourselves."
Ben and Christine were married in May 2000 in Hawaii. They have two children, 11 years of Quinlin and Ella, 15. The couple during the shooting to a short film from the year 1999 named "Heat Vision and Jack." They then made several films together, among them the films "Zoolander", "Dodgeball "And" Tropic Thunder ".

Stiller and Taylor added, "Our priority will continue to increase our children as dedicated parents and closest friends." It does not appear to have filed divorce papers.
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Friday The 13th Game Being Beaten

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The Friday the 13th: The Game's Kickstarter page addresses a series of questions facing today's players. Regarding the problem of the steam server, he said, "We are currently being beaten by thousands and thousands of players and our server down. The server should go, but there is the possibility to meet downtime when we find your request.If more server and loaddreh server can find a server error, try bermainkan game with staff If you need friends to find a player, go to the Steam forums other Friday, the 13th fans of the game. "

It also noted specifically that there was more server online in Europe and Australia was brought to meet demand in the region. Similarly, the server that keeps players progress is updated so that your level may not be displayed properly at the end.

Friday the 13th: The Game launches today on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. At least for those playing on PC, it has not been an entirely smooth debut.

In addition to problems with the party system, numerous players are reporting difficulty getting online--a serious problem for a multiplayer-only game. Most of these issues seem to stem from a "database game failure" error. There are numerous threads on Reddit and the official Steam forums with complaints about this; one in particular has racked up more than 800 comments in about two hours' time.

The game's official Twitter account has acknowledged the problems and attributed them to a huge influx of players. Despite some indications that fixes were rolling out, the issues appear to be persisting this afternoon.

One of its most recent tweets states, "We are looking into why this keeps occurring, but it comes down to so many users...which is a weird problem to have."

These problems are not impacting everyone, and some players are having success playing. Whether you'll be one of the lucky ones appears to be a crapshoot.

Our Friday the 13th: The Game review-in-progress notes the sporadic server issues we've encountered. You can also check it out for an early look at our thoughts on the game.

We've reached out to publisher Gun Media for an update and will report back as we learn more.
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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales No New Treasures

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Since Hollywood loves a nostalgic reboot, it is not surprising that the franchise "Pirates of the Caribbean" reopened "Strange Tides" six years after 2011. For this movie titled "Dead Men Tell No Tales" hired A Disney a theater duo less known to revive the series with a pair of Norwegian filmmaker Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg who directed the 2012 film Ocean Adventure "Kon-Tiki ".

What she was exposed to was a "pirate" film faithfully following the formula, try to reproduce what first made these attractive films. Mix a Johnny Depp (hard on the eyeliner) twisted with a young girl in a corset and split up with a noble and beautiful start. Immerse yourself in a supernatural villain of water penetrated, then jump over a daring leap, a run for escape and several water slaughter. Finished with an extremely exotic result.

The over-arched story is about the young sailor Henry Turner (Brenton Thwaites), who is destined to liberate his father, Will (Orlando Bloom), a cursed and watery existence. Henry believes the famous Jack Sparrow (Depp) to help you find the Poseidon's Dreizack to break the curse. It is a miracle that someone can think Sparrow can do something in his state ofen rum, but Turner connects the muddy old pirates and a young witch imprisoned woman (pronounced science), Carina (Kaya Scodelario), who claimed the card No Man , A newspaper astronomical guide can read I believe will lead to the Dreizack.

They just have to escape Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem), a Spaniard doomed to a ghostly existence by Sparrow. He’s been working out his frustrations pillaging the fleet of Captain Barbosa (Geoffrey Rush), working his way to Sparrow. Carina leads this whole brigade with her map to the stars. Despite following her, no one actually believes that she knows what she’s talking about. It’s frustrating, but also gratifying when she is eventually able to prove herself right — ultimately, this is a film about men not believing women when they speak.

As charming buffoon Jack Sparrow, Depp has always been able to walk the line between hero and damsel in distress, but one can’t help but think that his performance here works only because of the groundwork laid in prior “Pirates” pictures. He simply gestures toward the Jack Sparrow notes that we’ve already enjoyed, previous punchlines included. One scene offers a glimpse of Sparrow’s origin story, which could be rich cinematic territory but, rendered with digital airbrushing, the zombie youth-effect is distracting.

Rønning and Sandberg have a faculty for dry-land action sequences, full of Buster Keaton-style feats of physics. A bank vault robbery references a similar stunt from 2011’s “Fast Five.” But their ocean-bound action leaves something to be desired. Ghost ships loom out of the night fog, unfurling and attacking like a giant centipede filled with half-faced warriors. The geography and timelines are muddled and confusing; all is lost in a grayish CGI blur.
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