Academy Of Country Music Awards 2011

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

academy of country music awards 2011: The biggest names in country music converged in Las Vegas Sunday, hoping to get lucky 46th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards - and winning big plans nearby casino.

Husband and wife singers Joey + Rory, who won top new vocal duo in 2010, tried his luck again this year at the blackjack table.

"I am a bit addicted to gambling," said Rory Lee Feek on the red carpet outside the awards show at the MGM Grand hotel and casino, with his arms wrapped around the waist of his wife.

"So I do not give him money," Joey Martin sarcastically.

Darius Rucker said his time in Sin City was divided between the rehearsal stage, a golf course and "game too."

Jason Aldean, an artist of the candidate, said he was up to $ 3000 after a season on the casino floor.

Then it was Randy Rogers Band Randy Rogers, who had a little trouble to get into a state of mind in Las Vegas.

"This year was lame. I have a better story," said Rogers, whose group was nominated for his third major award vocal group. "I was in bed before 11:30 last night."

Country music maverick Eric Church, whose songs about teenage pregnancy and marijuana has raised eyebrows, said he owed his career to his mother.

"She believed in me musically, before someone did, even my father," he joked. "You still have to convince him."

John Rich of Big & Rich is a promising shocking "Celebrity Apprentice", which is Donald's hair stand up.

"You're going to see that the curveball you've never seen" The Apprentice, "Trump did not even see it coming," he said.

Try to become rich who earn top "Celebrity Apprentice" history. He has a show raising money for St. Jude Hospital.

"" The Apprentice "is a difficult part seems to be, but if you're there for the right reasons, it's great," said Rich, who was in charge of the project on Sunday episode.

The biggest difference between rocking out on stage and moonlighting as a reality TV star? "In music, you don't have Gary Busey in your face," he said.

Go on tour with Tim McGraw? Do not forget the Air Jordan.

Kimberly Perry of Perry The band has said it expects McGraw to live up to its reputation as a basketball junkie, but they are all on tour this summer. She and her group is perhaps not worthy academic, but that does not mean they will not put up a fight on the ground.

"What we lack in height and stature, we are in fighting spirit," she said.

Sara Evans says he will not see it in large robes favored by many of its sister sirens on the red carpet.

"I hate clothes," said Evans, wearing a shiny black miniskirt, a black top and a black shirt adorned. "You can act sexy and stuff, because they are not restricted like that."

She said her favorite outfit is a hot T-shirt and shorts.

"The shorter the better for me," she said.

Taylor Swift, who just ended his international tour, greeted by fans outside the MGM Grand on Sunday.

"It was crazy to be in another country a few days," she said. "I'm a little jet lag, but it's all good."

Swift, dressed in a pale pink dress Elie Saab said its North American tour with new surprises.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman turned their trip to Las Vegas into a family vacation. Kidman said the family had spent the morning at the pool, with their older daughter Sunday Rose helping three-month-old Faith Margaret in the water. Kidman said she is happy her two youngest daughters will have the same close relationship she had with her sister growing up in Australia. She and Urban held hands as they walked the red carpet before the show.