Saul Alvarez vs Matthew Hatton

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

saul alvarez vs matthew hatton:

It was fun. It has sometimes been brutal. But ultimately there was no doubt who was the best boxer.

Saul Alvarez used his size and style confident of winning a unanimous decision on a play by Matthew Hatton to win the WBC super-lightweight at the Honda Center.

The fight, HBO broadcast nationally, was worth the price for access to Saturday night as both fighters seemed to give everything they had.

All three judges made 119-108.

Alvarez has become the greatest fighter on the upside of the Golden Boy playing field, which is unbeaten in 36 matches. Biased, heavily-Latino public has little to hide the worship, feel the need to get a victory when Daniel Ponce de Leon, lost a unanimous decision before the main fight Adrien Broner.

For Hatton was clearly going to be a bigger salary after Alvarez did not make the weight. There was no doubt the fight would be staged. Instead, these transgressions can be forgiven for money and Hatton was forced to jump over the ring.

Hatton came out swinging - but not necessarily a connection - in the first round. Alvarez was limited to fall behind.

Alvarez bloody nose in the second round when Hatton the fighter from Manchester, England, I wondered if the extra money was worth the game potential, it can take.

Hatton was not helpless, they managed to get a little behind sleet but it was clearly on the receiving end of the race more meaningful than giving them.

Alvarez was at his best when he was on the ropes, Hatton, and in the fourth round opened a cut left eye Hatton. The blood smeared on the left side of the face, offering a picture captivated the audience.

Action slowed in the middle of a fight near the corner of Hatton had to work through the eyes of a boxer at the end of each round.

Things got interesting in the seventh assault, when Hatton knocked Alvarez and after the break. Hatton took a few steps and knelt. Referee Lou Moret reported a deduction of a point, Alvarez looked furious. It triggered a few powerful blasts Hatton not a backup. With about 45 seconds into the round, the couple went face to face with little to stop the other fist.

In the eighth assault, Hatton has earned the respect of people, showing that he knew how to take a punch and was able to save with his mini snow. But it was clear that the size and style Alvarez patient was winning the battle.

In 10 Alvarez, once again hit the Hatton round after the break. This time, Hatton staggered to the ropes and went down on one knee. Moret, however, decided not to deduct points.

Alvarez could have easily won the battle, a lot of joy to the crowd, but Hatton has spoken a lot on the ability to absorb punishment. Not necessarily what you want to be remembered, but at least it was something.

Alvarez, in turn, has been said about what to expect.