The People Behind FrontierVille

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Taking a page from Farmville team, the people behind FrontierVille updates have decided to release the next expansion of the land - the land expansion and huge 37X37 - in the game, but only the premium of the coin. It's true - if you want a good start in expanding his property to his current maximum, will have to pay to make horseshoes. It should be noted that some pioneers had this possibility in the past, but it seems that only now has the option was dropped on a large scale.

You can trigger the purchase of land expansion missions 37x37 by clicking on the new frontier that have arisen around your homestead. This will show a pop-up as above, where you can spend the massive sum of 185 horseshoes to start expanding your soil at the beginning. We were told that the missions of expansion will come into full "soon", probably for coins, but if you want to expand now rather than wait, here's your chance.

For the record, is 185 horseshoes or about $ 23 U.S., with the horseshoe course for a dollar. That this price is justified or not, you will of course. If you know you want to buy these first missions and want an overview of what you can expect them.