Google Doodle

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

google doodle: Robert Bunsen was born this day in 1811, 200 years ago, and the last line of Google famous German scientist.

As any good chemistry student knows - and hopefully even the bad chemistry students - Bunsen invented the burner we still use in school laboratories up and down the country today.

At least we assume that, unless health and safety has been banned in these days, and students to take pieces of paper with orange flames shot them instead to simulate the heating. Nothing surprises us.

Google drawing animation is quite clever, with a series of compartments connected by bubble tubes and a Bunsen burner in the heating functions. A pot of "Mocha" coffee seems to have escaped their way into the experience, too.

What could be the way to Google to say it is a Frappucino invented cesium (which you certainly wakes up in the morning).

Bunsen actually discovered cesium, an alkali metal that reacts explosively with water. He also found rubidium, and developed a number of other laboratory instruments, and a spectroscope prototype.

Bunsen died in 1899.