Final Four

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

If so, you may end up with pain. .. again.

Shelvin Mack grew up in Lexington. He was a fan of the Wildcats. As a child, stayed up late at night to watch the games. He dreamed of playing in Rupp Arena. I dreamed of what the British uniform.

However, if Kentucky wins North Carolina on Sunday, the Wildcats to the Final Four passage of Houston. Mack already packing. He's there waiting for the Big Blue Nation. When a big smile on his lips.

In fact, it has been very good British players. He works with them this summer.

On Saturday, Mack wanted Butler to a 74-71 victory against Florida to claim the crown of the South Regional. It's a return to the Final Four of Butler. A year ago, fans of the United Kingdom looked at one of his own downfall in the final seconds of Duke in the national championship game.

This time, it could be even more interesting. Mack is back. So the Bulldogs - who are quickly becoming America's Team.

Mack finished the game with a bandage on his forehead, 27 points in his pocket and regional price excellent player. He injured his ankle early in the game and limped off.

But he continued.

"It was a very physical game," said Mack. "I really do not know what happened to my face. I went and I was bleeding. But at the beginning of the game I sprained my ankle during a game about getting the edge. Yes, it's a physical game. That is what the NCAA tournament question. In no other way. I think the referees did a great job letting us play every game. All the boys expected a tough fight, physical game. "

He was the kind of game, Florida was warned to expect. Florida Center Vernon Macklin resting in his hotel room Orleans Friday when he received a call from an old friend who plays at Old Dominion team that lost to Butler earlier in the big dance.

Warning? Butler does not use lightly. And prepare to get beaten.

He was not disappointed. Macklin spent the whole match to fight. And ended up losing the battle, spending most of the powers in combating the problems of his own fault. These problems ultimately limited by the weapon of the Gators' most powerful attack to 24 minutes.

Macklin had 25 points. But he was on the bench most of the overtime. Mack was willing to court his team another win incredible.

One of the plays on Saturday, which defines what Mack does Butler?

Erving Walker had hit a three points to put Florida on top 70-69 with 1:41 to play in overtime. Twenty seconds later, Mack hit the house of one of three points of his own to put Butler back in front, 72-70.

"You know, we went down - just get off the court, we got a great situation," said Mack. "Matt (Howard) to make the right choice, and we were able to share it. Fortuna before I was able to reach the rim and get fouled, and I realized (Patric Young of Florida) was a little support ', and I could just knock down a shot. "

No one knew it then, but the Bulldogs were lead they never lost. Walker made a bad shot, Mack answered two free throws after the closing seconds of UF losing, and it was over.

Florida guards do not hits, ultimately the difference. Mack has done.

So this thing Kentucky. Mack is certainly not in Britain, and when Billy Gillespie came to him late in the process, it was too late. Bitter? He does not really seem to be.

But you can bet that Big Blue game to get a shot in Houston, Mack will follow with interest. And a lot of people in Lexington always wonder what might have been.