Skyline Movie Review

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The new alien invasion-based science-fiction movie “Skyline” opens up in theaters across North America today (Friday, November 12th), so we thought we’d take a look at a few of the already-released reviews to see what the critics have to say about the new film.

This can’t go on forever,” one of a handful of survivors of an alien invasion reasons about a half hour into “Skyline.” And so it doesn’t. Only about92 minutes, as it turns out.

Firstly I took a look at a review from otownrog over at This review describes “Skyline” as a “special effects experiment in search of a movie.” The reviewer says that there is no urgency in the storyline, and the acting is more suited to television than a movie.

I would say this latest venture from “The Brothers Strause” is mercifully short. But mercy or pity don’t figure in the ambitions of the siblings who shared credit (blame?) for “Alien vs. Predator- Requiem.”

This year’s answer to “Independence Day” is a special effects experiment in search of a movie, much like the far-lower budget (and somewhat more effective) “Monsters,” now playing in a few theaters.
A bunch of attractive 20somethings party all night and wake up to an unearthly light. Vaporish fireballs fall all over Los Angeles. And then people are sucked skyward into beast-ships where, we can assume, they’re dinner guests — the main course. The wrinkle here is, you look into the light, you’re drawn to it.
Eric Balfour of TV’s “24″ and “Haven” is Jared, prepared to stick-like-glue to his newly-pregnant girlfriend Elaine (Scottie Thompson, of TV’s “Trauma.” They were visiting Terry, played by Donald Faison of TV’s “Scrubs.”

This review finishes off by saying that the movie may keep you entertained for the 92 minutes running time, but as soon as you walk out of the theater you would have forgotten about it. The final review I read was from Megan Lehmann over at
Unfortunately, this review rates the movie even worse. Dreadful acting is one of the things I picked up on, as well as bad dialogue and an astoundingly stupid screenplay. This reviewer describes “Skyline” as “a joyless slog through indecipherable action and even murkier cinematography.”