On tonight's episode of Undercover Boss, viewers are introduced to Steven Foster, the head of Lucky Strike Bowling. In the episode Foster trades in his business suit for a generic uniform so he can find out what really occurs in the lower levels of his company.
Steven Foster is the President and CEO of Lucky Strike Bowling, one of the countries largest outlets of high end bowling alleys.

Foster Poses as an out of work business owner, he trades in his conference calls to work on the front line while he discovers the unsung hero’s that make his business work. With 18 locations across America and Canada, Lucky Strike Bowling is more like a lounge than a bowling alley. These upscale alleys are well known and frequented by many celebrities. Having recently lost his Mother, Steven is still emotional with her passing. He meditates twice a day to relax and de-stress himself and has not missed a meditation on 41 years.

Undercover Boss is one of the top rated Sunday night shows on cable and competes often with AMC channels 'The Walking Dead'.