IHOP Pancake Day

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Yvonne Hannah and her workers at the IHOP on Baltimore Pike are used to creating hotcakes.

But on Tuesday’s Nationwide Hot cake Day it went to a whole different stage. That is because hotcakes were 100 % free at all IHOP dining places for one day. Hannah, the restaurant’s gm, said she predicted about 900 more pancake purchases than for a regular week day.

However, not everyone viewing the IHOP needs a unique day, or for them to be 100 % free, to eat hotcakes.

“I really like their hotcakes, they are the best,” said Ronnie DiEnno, of Glenolden. “I’ve gotten to like them and sometimes I get a wanting for them.”

Hannah enthusiastically greeted customers as they came into the door and those who called to see if indeed, the pancakes were free or if the restaurant had a long line.

Tuesday was also Hannah’s birthday, so it was a special day for her, as well. She was hoping a first-time visit to the IHOP for some will lead to regular visits later.

“We will see a good number of new customers today,” she said. “We have to keep them coming back.”

Hannah said the IHOP had nine servers for its regular shifts, compared to the normal four or five.

The busiest time on National Pancake Day is usually around 4 or 5 p.m. And yes, some customers come in more than once.

“Some (Monsignor) Bonner kids were in here this morning,” Hannah said at about 10:30 a.m. “And they will probably be back after school.”