Sugar Bowl 2013 New Man-Crush

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Sugar Bowl 2013 New Man-Crush
On New Season's Day, the country dropped in love with freakish Southern Carolina protecting end Jadeveon Clowney. Many of us had a well-established grind already, but when he used his 6’7”, 260-pound shape to eliminate a Mich running returning with amazing power in the backfield, initiates went.

A little more than 24 hours later, nfl and college soccer lovers designed another constant man-crush, although this time it had absolutely nothing to do with carnage.

In fact, nothing about Louisville qb Stuffed bear Bridgewater’s activity is dangerous. He does not run people over, is not all that cartoon and would much rather sit returning and toss darts than make popular video clips in the open area.

His tossing movement is compact—a wonderful film of the hand that causes the basketball to keep his hand in an immediate. And his activity is not noisy, but it talks amounts.

In the 2013 Glucose Dish, the country got an up-close glance at one of the game’s most interesting gamers, against one of the country's best resistance.

Bridgewater more than seemed the part, and the nationwide man-crush was on.

As more than a two-touchdown underdog, Bridgewater led Louisville to a shocking 33-23 win over the Florida Gators. It was an easy victory as anticipated, only we had the wrong side pegged.
Louisville intercepted Florida QB Jeff Driskel’s opening pass for an touchdown, and the Cardinals didn’t look back from that moment.

The Cardinals defense played incredibly well, but it was Bridgewater who carved up the nation’s No. 5-ranked team in total defense. He was an absolute surgeon from the get-go, and his 181 first-half passing yards set the tone. To put it in perspective, Florida gave up an average of 186 passing yards a game all season.

The second half featured more domination, more Florida mistakes and more Bridgewater magic. Florida flirted with a comeback at the end (hate you, prevent defense), but it was not to be. Bridgewater finished the evening with 266 yards passing and two touchdowns, often making it look far too easy.