BlackBerry 10 phones won't appear

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

BlackBerry 10 phones won't appear
It was 2008 and my BlackBerry Curve's BBM was stuffed with connections. I'd connect away on the actual key pad, easily shooting off information and e-mails to my co-workers and buddies. Back then, most of them had the same cellphone or another one of RIM's well-known devices, like the BlackBerry Gem.

By 2010 that list of connections was vacant. All my buddies had discontinued BlackBerrys for iPhones or Android managing system mobile phones. I did the same. What choice did we have? While Apple company and other cellphone creators began making mobile phones that did wonderful things with wealthy programs and fast Web internet explorer, BlackBerry clung to its obsolete cellphone software.

That is, until these days. After setbacks and years of pulling its legs, BlackBerry is lastly prepared with its new BlackBerry 10 os, a finish renovation of the BlackBerry you've known. Even the company name has been overhauled; no longer RIM, or Research in Movement, it's just contacting itself BlackBerry.

Its first phone to run the software the BlackBerry Z10 starts at $199 on contract at AT&T and other carriers this March, and finally has the hardware to compete with all those other high-speed smartphones you see in people's hands. Can it be? Is BlackBerry actually back?

A Phone Designed for Software
"That's a BlackBerry?" "Where's the keyboard?" That's the main reaction I've gotten to the Z10. The phone looks nothing like the typical BlackBerry with a physical keyboard and almost everything like an Android phone or iPhone. It has a large 4.2-inch 1280 x 768-resolution display and a thin all-black body with a soft-to-the-touch back. It's not a beautiful or elegant phone, but it's well-made and comfortable to hold.

Powered by a dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM and AT&T LTE, the phone is something that some of the BlackBerrys of past have never been described as being: fast. Not only is it the fastest BlackBerry ever made, it gives even the best Android phones and the iPhone 5 a run for their money in terms of speed, especially when it comes to Web browsing. Unfortunately, that power shortens battery life, but it is fast.

In heavy use, the phone doesn't last more than a full work day. I was actually lucky to see it last past 5 p.m. on a regular day of heavy emailing, tweeting and surfing the Web. On the plus side, the back cover of the phone comes off, allowing you to replace the battery. The company will also sell a portable charging accessory, which contains a second battery for the phone.

Software with a Learning Curve
The basic, simple design of the phone is starkly contrasted with the uniquely designed BlackBerry 10 software. Forget everything you knew about navigating a BlackBerry with a trackball or touchpad -- this version of BlackBerry's software is all about swiping and tapping your fingers on the big screen.