Ashley Judd are getting divorced

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Ashley Judd are getting divorced
Celebrity Ashley Judd and her spouse, competition car car owner Mario Franchitti, are getting separated after 11 years of wedding. We’re sure this is sad for both of them, but we’re going to leap forward to the query every tired assistance in the Hart Us senate Office Developing requested themselves Wed when they study the news: Does this mean she is going to run for Us senate in Kentucky?

Maybe you did not know that was a probability. But it’s true: Some The state of ky Dems are discussing up Ms. Judd, an eighth-generation The state of ky local, as an perfect applicant to run against Us senate Community Innovator Mitch McConnell in 2014.

Ashley Judd was a assign to the Democratic Nationwide Meeting this season and is something of a governmental capitalist, so it’s not exactly like this is a crazy idea. Plus she is been noncommittal in an motivating type of way when requested if she is fascinated.

“I am incredibly honored and frankly overwhelmed by the outpouring of support – that the people of Kentucky are interested in having me represent them is the greatest honor of my life so far and I am certainly taking a close look at it,” said Judd before the Kentucky Society of Washington’s Bluegrass Ball in Washington on Jan. 19, according to a report in Politico.

OK, then. Does her impending divorce indicate she’s more likely to do this, or less?

Over at The Atlantic, Michael Catalini thinks it means Judd will take a pass.

“Given this development, there’s a chance Judd won’t want to jump into a messy political campaign,” he writes.

Catalini adds that this is “bad news” for Senator McConnell, since Judd would be politically weaker than other Democrats he might face. After all, Kentucky is a conservative state, and Judd’s own grandmother called her a “Hollywood liberal.” Plus, while she was a DNC delegate, she didn’t represent Kentucky. She represented Tennessee – the state she and Franchitti called home.