UFC 155 Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Dos Santos, the UFC champ, is unbeaten at 9-0 in the UFC and completed 7 of those 9 competitors. He depends on his fantastic punching and a floor game enhanced with his famous tutor Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira. He also has a popularity as one of the best people in the experience, a dearest determine in his local nation of South america. Velasquez's only MMA loss came to Dos Santos and he has been placed as a upcoming champ from his begin in the experience. He blends fantastic struggling, powerful stunning and perhaps the best aerobic of any high quality in the experience. Dos Santos broken out in 64 a few moments a year ago and Velasquez is gunning for vengeance.

Round 1. Velasquez clicks ahead at the begin. He shoots in a few blows and then requires Dos Santos down. Dos Santos appears right returning up. Velasquez then delves in extremely for another takedown effort that doesn't come close. Velasquez brings a few blows and gets captured with a reverse. Velasquez expenses in for another takedown but it is again protected. Velasquez areas a directly right impact but Dos Santos quickly prevents another takedown effort. Dos Santos grabs Velasquez with a few injections as Velasquez comes in. Velasquez areas a system punch but Dos Santos licks off another takedown effort with convenience. Velasquez holds a clinch and areas a joint to the system. Dos Santos areas a awesome reverse connect and there is a minimal cut on Velasquez. Velasquez falls Dos Santos with a large overhand right impact and looks to complete him with blows on the floor. Dos Santos is just protecting up but Velasquez isn't getting particularly powerful blows. Dos Santos lastly appears returning up but Velasquez draws him returning down. Velasquez reveals up with blows on the floor and shoots in blows as the circular indicates. 10-8 Velasquez. Dos Santos staggers returning to his area. He's in a world of problems.

Circular 2. A assured Velasquez falls Dos Santos returning with big directly blows. He then jams Dos Santos to the mat. Dos Santos gets up but Velasquez jams him right returning down. Dos Santos appears up again and they clinch against the crate. Velasquez holds only one leg and brings Dos Santos returning down. Dos Santos gets returning up and consumes a couple of blows right to the chin area. Velasquez requires Dos Santos returning down. Velasquez holds an armbar and looks to complete with the distribution. Dos Santos gets out and profits to his legs. They business against the crate as the round comes to a near. 10-8 Velasquez.

Round 3. Dos Santos areas a awesome uppercut as Velasquez goes in. He joins with a awesome connect minutes later. Velasquez geese down and ratings a takedown Half a moment in. Velasquez has 165 arrived hits just through the first two units. Dos Santos does get returning up. They return up against the crate. Velasquez areas big blows to the system and keeps strolling down Dos Santos. He won't allow Dos Santos any range to area the blows that Dos Santos is most relaxed using. Dos Santos is displaying excellent center clinging in there and trying to reverse as much as he can. Velasquez lastly looks a little exhausted after forcing the speed so much. He supports away and consumes a awesome Dos Santos uppercut. 10-9 Velasquez.

Round 4. Velasquez instantly clicks ahead and clinches. He requires Dos Santos down a moment in but Dos Santos once more profits to his legs. Dos Santos areas a impact and clicks Velasquez against the crate. Dos Santos looks for a takedown. Velasquez prevents that. He holds a leg and requires Dos Santos returning down. Dos Santos gets up but consumes a large impact to the system and uppercut. Dos Santos strolling away as if he isn't enthusiastic about battling but then brings a challenging shoulder as Velasquez goes in. Velasquez clinches and they perform against the crate. 10-9 Velasquez.

Round 5. Velasquez strolling Dos Santos down right from the begin again. He holds a leg and looks for a takedown but Dos Santos prevents it. Velasquez keeps looking for a takedown but Dos Santos perfectly is able to quit it. He then brings a large connect that overlooks Velasquez's chin area. Velasquez keeps forcing ahead and won't allow Dos Santos to be able to flower his legs and area the property run taken that he needs. Velasquez lastly gets Dos Santos down to the floor midway through the round. Dos Santos once again gets returning up to his legs and fights in a clinch against the crate with Velasquez. Velasquez joins with a large go punch with Half a moment as a whole. He clicks Dos Santos returning against the crate and goes returning to perform. He looks for one last takedown as the round indicates. 10-9 Velasquez, 50-43 Velasquez.

Winner: Cain Velasquez, individual choice (50-45, 50-43, 50-44).