Miley Cyrus is engaged

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Miley Cyrus is engaged
Underwood benefits third movie of season award

Carrie Underwood won her third movie of the season prize at the CMT Songs Prizes on Thursday evening in Chattanooga. Underwood's two benefits — she also won for cooperation of the season for "Remind Me," with Kaira Paisley — mean she is now won nine CMT buckle buckles since 2006, such as movie of the season awards. Henry Bryan won men movie of the season for "I Don't Want This Night to End."

Miranda Lambert won her third immediately women movie of the season prize for the psychological "Over You," while growing duo Thompson Rectangle won for "I Got You." Ex-"American Idol" victorious one Scotty McCreery won cutting-edge movie of the season for "The Issue with Ladies." Woman Antebellum won team movie of the season for "We Possessed the Night."
Miley Cyrus engaged

Miley Cyrus is involved to "Hunger Games" acting professional Liam Hemsworth , reviews Individuals. "I'm so satisfied to be involved and look ahead to a lifestyle of pleasure with Liam," said Cyrus, 19. The several met on the set of this year's movie "Last Tune." Hemsworth, 22, suggested to the singer/actress May 31 with a 3.5-carat engagement band.

Miley cyrus Cyrus verified Thursday that she is involved to Liam Hemsworth.

While we're excited for the several, who have been relationship for three decades and met on the set of 2009's "The Last Song" -- we can't help but wonder, is Cyrus too youthful to wed?

Many Celebrities who wedded youthful created it last -- such as Dolly Parton, who wedded at age 20 and Bo Derek, who was 18 when she wed -- but these nine others did not. Click on through the slide show below and think about in: Will Cyrus' wedding go the distance?