UFC 146 Results

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

UFC 146 Results
Greatest Battling Tournament (UFC) pulled out the big weapons as UFC 146, a fighting (MMA) occurrence packed with High quality ability, took over the MGM Huge Lawn Market in Las Nevada, The state of las vegas, yesterday (Sat., May 26, 2012).

The card did not fall short to provide, as lovers were handled to a very interesting nights battles, all the way from the Facebook/FX "Prelims," down to the High quality Tournament conflict between Younger dos Santos and Honest Mir (even though it was a bit one-sided).

The champ maintained his name. A variety one competitor was very perhaps crowned. All in all, this card will have swell results for several weeks to come, particularly in the best quality department.

We know that the champions won and the nonwinners missing. You don't have to be a genius to know that. With that said, we'll use this section to really emphasize the more remarkable champions and nonwinners, and to discuss the street map that carefully guided them to their particular locations.

Join me after the leap where we'll take a look at the record of big champions and lowly nonwinners from UFC 146: "Dos Santos vs. Mir:"


Junior dos Santos -- "JDS" was effective in his first high quality tournament name immunity ... and then some. "Cigano" properly prevented Mir's takedown efforts, then penalized him with harmful stunning until he lastly put him out of his agony in the second circular. It's difficult to see any heavyweights defeating this guy for a while.

Cain Velasquez -- If there was any question that the former high quality champ has retrieved from his reduction to Younger dos Santos at UFC on Fox 1 in Anaheim, Calif., on Nov. 12, 2011, all that was eliminated when Velasquez fluff hurried "Bigfoot" Silva, remained on top of him and pummeled him to a weakling pulp. The first circular specialized ko win will probably end up being enough to generate him a opportunity at payoff and an opportunity to restore the buckle he once organised.

Stefan Struve -- Wow. After consuming a few of "Big" Johnson's big blows in the clinch, Struve thrown away no period in getting secure and completing the combat with a very unpleasant armbar. It was fast and aggressive. For a super-sized high quality, his athleticism and speed are incredibly amazing. Big win for the "Skyscraper."

Roy Nelson -- "Big Country" checked amazing, as he was able to flower a large explosive device of an overhand right that arrived completely on the chin area of Lady Herman and sent him spinning to the fabric. It just goes to demonstrate that Nelson always has a "puncher's opportunity." Whenever you think he's on his way out of the UFC, he does something like this. Roy's an unforeseen guy, that much is for sure.

Glover Teixeira -- After effective his last 16 battles in a row in smaller special offers, the 32-year old Teixeira had been creating a bit of a conspiracy following. Yesterday, he proven that he's more than a "can-crusher." With a fast and intense win over the very challenging Kyle Kingsbury, Teixeira revealed that he was a more than appropriate inclusion to the UFC's constant of 205-pounders.

Stipe Miocic -- The Croatian feeling, who had accumulated the best history (8-0) just before UFC 146, began his combat compared to Geebet del Rosario a bit behind the 8-ball. Del Rosario created excellent use of his throwing collection to keep Miocic at bay and wondering as to what would come next. Gradually, Miocic determined to demonstrate off an element of his activity we've not seen much of, as of yet, when he used his takedowns and ground-and-pound to achieve himself a awesome, second circular specialized ko success.

Jamie Varner -- "C-4" last conducted in the UFC over five decades ago. Since that factor, it's been a journey trip that involved a run in Community Excessive Cagefighting (WEC) as the Light and portable Winner, followed by a depressed ability, returned from one local display to the next. Varner was given to be able to phase into the crate with a very challenging Edson Barboza on brief observe (replacing the damaged Evan Dunham), and did he ever capitalize! After ingesting a ton of leg sneakers, Varner lastly was able to force through, area a strong combination, pounce on his damaged challenger and complete the combat. Welcome back!

Dan Sturdy -- Sturdy was another martial artist who created a big profession return at UFC 146. After getting over a season off, "The Outlaw" obtained an excellent ko win, by way of a unpleasant remaining connect to the jawline of Duane Ludwig. Seemingly, plenty of days off really did him some excellent. Difficult to say just what this will mean for his upcoming, but it's a shift in the right route and very perhaps stored his job.


Yves Lavigne -- For three units, Lavigne permitted C.B. Dollaway to "lay and hope," en path to one of the most tedious benefits we've ever seen in the game. It's not Dollaway's mistake. He noticed it was operating and that Lavigne was not status them up, so he kept doing it. But it was god-awful to look at. I'm beginning to experience like the only two types of referees we have in MMA are the type who have no concept what jiu-jitsu is and want to take a position the practitioners up and immediately, and referees like Lavigne who have a chair and eat some snacks while a wrestler humps his challenger until the gong jewelry. There is a bargain. I'd really like it if MMA referees could determine that out.

C.B. Dollaway vs. Jerr Burns -- What do you get when you incorporate a guy with a bum joint and a wrestler articles to carry his attacker down for three units, on the way to a bad choice win? You get this sizzling heap of junk. I'm not going to go into much further details than that, because I'll get upset and begin a combat with an non-living item. But if I did, THAT combat would be more interesting than this terrible romance. Dreadful. Just terrible.

Frank Mir -- So let me get this immediately. The strategy was to capture beginning, then, if you don't get it, practice a punching match? Really? Also, I'm not trying to toss hook varieties here. I'm not a outstanding sportsman, and I could take a position to do a few more sit-ups, but am I the only one who believed Mir came in with a extra tire? This was a tournament combat and apparently the greatest combat of Mir's profession. It just seemed like he wasn't all there and maybe even came in smart. Mir has traditionally been his own toughest attacker. He was yesterday.

Antonio Silva -- Not a excellent introduction for "Bigfoot." Velasquez was able to basically use the strategy set out by his team mate, Daniel Cormier, to well beat his huge challenger. By plenty of it was all over, "Bigfoot" was essentially sinking in a mess of his own system. The warning here is that Silva missing to a guy who was a champ and probably will be again, one day. Velasquez is no slump over.

Lavar Jackson -- all weeks time lengthy, Jackson was music (in the press) about not being concerned about the earth activity. He just desired to offer an interesting ko. That's all well and excellent, but as we always say, this is battling, not punching. You have to have some type of a floor activity to endure in this game, especially on the biggest stage. Struve revealed a gaping beginning in Johnson's activity that we very much already noticed endured.

Shane del Rosario -- I could just about duplicate my feedback for Lavar Jackson and insert them here. It's 2012. MMA isn't what it used to be. If getting taken down indicates the end of the combat for you, you've got a TON of increasing to do. Also, am I the only one who believes del Rosario is a chubby heavyweight? I'd really like to see him cut down to 205. I could be incorrect, but I don't think I am.

Edson Barboza -- It will be difficult to determine how bad a reduction this was, until we're able to see what Jamie Varner does in his next few battles. Barboza began off powerful, and he checked to be really imposing serious harm with his thunderous leg sneakers. However, Barboza got poor, enabling for an beginning for Varner to area a big combination that finished his evening too beginning. Varner's a challenging guy, but Barboza was expected to win this combat, and he noticed it.

Jason Burns -- Maybe he had a harm joint. Maybe C.B. Dollaway conducted a tedious "lay and pray" combat that put "Mayhem" in a bad identify. Either way, Burns checked terrible, for the most aspect. He was able to area a several excellent photos, but overall, he had no response for Dollaway's takedown and was incapable to really ever get returning up. For three units, Burns began off by getting big photos, over-anxiously hurrying in, permitted himself to get changed, and then was organised down for the relax of the circular. Stay and understand. Or get missing.

Dave Herman -- A lot of individuals were looking for "Pee Wee" to have a break-out efficiency and really confirm that he is expected to be in the UFC. So far, he's 1-2 and hasn't checked particularly amazing in any of those three competitions. If he doesn't get cut after this reduction, he will be placed on a very brief lead and should be battling for his identify in the marketing when he actions into the Octagon.

Kyle Kingsbury -- I won't belabor the factor here. The truth is, "Kingsbu" got his ass passed to him by a far excellent martial artist. I think this reduction won't look quite so bad in a a season or so, once lovers are familiar with just how risky a martial artist Glover Teixeira is. With that said, no martial artist wants to get destroyed on the Facebook or myspace prelims.