Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, star of "The Tudors" television series, was taken to hospital this week after what the tabloid The Sun reported an apparent suicide attempt.

Meyers, who played Henry VIII in the television series and starred in such films as "Match Point" Woody Allen, is suspected of taking pills at home, the Sun said Thursday.

Representatives Rhys Meyers is not available for comment. The actor has had problems in the past alcohol abuse and was arrested for being drunk in public.

Los Angeles based celebrity website TMZ, citing an unnamed source close to the actor, said Meyers had been drinking heavily, but did not try to kill himself.

British police, who usually refrain from mentioning names, a man called Rhys Myers age was taken to hospital from an address in north London on Tuesday night.

"Officers were called to an address in NW8 in 1945 on June 28 after reports of a man, 33, refused treatment," a spokesman for police said. "He was taken to a hospital in central London for treatment."

The Sun and other media reported that paramedics answering an emergency call Meyers found collapsed on the floor and had to call the police after refusing treatment at the scene for more than 30 minutes.

The actor was eventually taken to a hospital near his home in London and was launched at dawn on Wednesday. Asked later how he was, Meyers was quoted in the Sun ".
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Equatorial Guinea

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Equatorial Guinea to build a second LNG plant cost $ 4 billion to double the production of LNG, director of the state gas company said.

"Certainly, there will be a second edition," said Juan Antonio Ndong Ondo President of the Sociedad Nacional de Gas, or Sonagas in an interview on 27 June. "We had some new discoveries, so that you can move. In principle, we can double our current production."

The West African nation's second LNG plant, or train, occurred from 1800 to 4600 million cubic feet per day, Ndong said in the capital Malabo. Depend on the ability of the reserves discovered early next year, when SONAGAS and partner of Noble Energy Inc (NBL) and Ophir Energy Plc investment decision.

Equatorial Guinea, nestled in the Gulf of Guinea currently produces 3.4 billion cubic feet of LNG per day. The second plant can start producing in 2016, said Ndong. The nation has about 8.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves are presented Sonagas.

Oil and gas prices will continue to increase as countries move back toward fossil fuels after the nuclear accident in Japan this year, said Ndong. "We think prices will be very positive for us in the future," he said.

Nigeria and Cameroon are considering ways to transfer gas to its smaller neighbor, even allowing it to increase production, the general manager, said.

"There are initiatives to assist in the collection of gas burned," he said. "We will not trust them, so we'll see what our own reserves are in the first place."
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John Wayne Gacy

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The "Fox News Sunday," said Michele Bachmann Chris Wallace, "Of course, one must be careful with the statements they make. I think it's true." Two days later, she may have wished she had followed his own advice a little closer. After the kickoff presidential campaign, Bachmann has come in a cultural minefield joke by comparison with John Wayne in Waterloo, Iowa. The only John Wayne that has ever lived in Waterloo was the serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

The error left an easy opening for a flank attack. David Letterman spent four minutes into the incident on Monday evening, when we talk about "ugly and stupid stuff" politicians say.

It's "Morning Joe", Joe Scarborough laughs in the former Governor of Minnesota competitor TimPawlenty Bachmann, when Scarborough asked: "Do you have a serial killer in your city?"

Bachmann told CNN that people make mistakes and is working to introduce people to his "solid academic scholarship."

He continued: "John Wayne's parents 'first house' was in Waterloo, Iowa, and was from Iowa, and of course the main problem that I have feelings, John Wayne, who is patriotism, love of country, standing for our country, that positive enthusiasm is what America is all ... And, of course, the most important thing. "

One good thing is this way, I did hear the song creepily beautiful Sufjan Stevens "John Wayne Gacy, Jr."
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Walt Disney World

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When school is out, many families head to Florida for their summer vacation. There are many things to do in the state of Florida, including lounging on the beach, shopping in stores and visit the theme parks. Whether or not you are a resident of Florida, or just a visitor, you want to see Disney hotel packages available worldwide. These packages can save you time and money.

Disney World hotel packages are available in many hotels in the Orlando area and surrounding areas in Orlando. Disney Holidays are also available, which can be a good choice if you have a large family or simply want to stay in a hotel. To get the most bang for the buck, decide what kind of services you want to consider before you rent Disney vacation. It is recommended to search for the perfect kitchen rental, or lease, which has a swimming pool and playground for children. Some families want homes that are close to shops and other shops, while others want to find a place that is off-road and quiet. Other families want to find a rental, which is a continuous shuttle bus service for large parks, some people want to be close enough to be able to drive themselves. Check whether your holiday home you are looking for offers discounts on tickets or other discounts available.

In addition to staying in Orlando, you should check the rental and hotel options in Davenport, Florida. Davenport is a quiet town located just off Interstate 4 and 'close enough to Disney to commute bearable, but far enough away so you can relax after a long day at the park. Not much to do in Davenport itself, but this is one of its appealing qualities. Golfers can enjoy playing a few rounds of two local golf clubs and buyers can thrive in local stores.

Other families choose to stay in Lake Buena Vista. The city, which was named for the Buena Vista, California, is about 3 and a half miles from Disney parks and on Interstate 4. Travelers who stay here will have plenty of places to choose from, including hotels and vacation rentals. If you are looking to stay in a luxury suite or if you are looking for something small price to stay on budget, you're sure to find in Lake Buena Vista. In addition, Lake Buena Vista also has a water park. It may take some time to visit the parks and the beach to enjoy the water park!

Of course, some families to stay in one of several companies owned by Disney. Reside in such housing has advantages and disadvantages as well. These types of places tend to be more expensive than staying off site.

The best part of all this is that you have options. Sit down with your family and go to your desires and needs. Then make a decision about where you want to live and begin the search and rental of available hotels.
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Daniel Craig And Rachel Weisz Married

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Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are married in a secret ceremony last week to choose a state of rest in New York for more than a blatant case of marriage.

Craig A representative confirmed the marriage, according to the Associated Press, but added no further details. The news was reported earlier by News of the World.

People, citing a story in the Daily Mail, and Weisz 43 41 Craig, married compared to only four last Wednesday - Craig 18 years old daughter Ella, 4 years old Weisz, son of Henry and two friends of the family.

The couple, who met last year, have kept their relationship relatively hidden. Craig was in a previous relationship with his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell, while Rachel Weisz took his son with the "Black Swan" director Darren Aronofsky.

Both Craig and Rachel Weisz are all with "Dream House", the next film.
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Fighting Lyme Disease

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A woman of 38 years, La Coruña, which says it is fighting for his life with Lyme disease, is blaming his fate on a lack of public education and lack of physician training on infectious disease strong growth in North America.

And, after sharing her story with the Huron County Council, councilors voted to support a request for Sarnia-Lambton MPP Bob Bailey asking the Minister of Health of Ontario to direct the Ontario system of public health and Ontario health to include all instructions and

scientifically proven tests for the diagnosis of acute and chronic Lyme disease, do whatever is necessary to increase public awareness of Lyme disease in Ontario, and have developed protocols for diagnosis and effective treatment for patients and physicians.

Christine Heffer says she hopes to visit the County in southern Ontario to spread the word about Lyme disease, a cross-infection suffered by 400,000 people each year in the U.S. and growing in the southern Ontario.

"It took me four years to get a diagnosis. Doctors in Ontario did not know what was wrong with me. I suffered many unnecessary tests, procedures and even major surgery because of faulty tests and a general lack of knowledge about Lyme disease in that province. To say that this experience has ruined my life would be an understatement, "she told the Huron County Board members.

Heffer said disease, which becomes incurable and fatal if not taken in the first days after the tick bite, is often misdiagnosed because it mimics many other diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, fibromyalgia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and much more. It took four years Hefferan, passing now $ 1000 a month of antibiotics, has been diagnosed, and he said he was so disabled by the disease at some point that he could not speak and was bedridden.

"When the disease has spread so fast I was surprised that there is little done in public health to educate the public a deadly bacterial infection, which may be a contract of their own backyard, even though in 2000 the Canadian Medical Association has reported that the spread of Lyme disease in Ontario, particularly in southern Ontario, "he said. "I think the public has had Lyme disease education a priority I would not have fought for my life now."

Heffer, this is Ohio, because no expert on Lyme disease in Ontario, said patients who get Lyme Ontario facing an uphill battle because the current evidence is flawed Lyme patients and thousands of Canadians suffer during years before receiving a diagnosis. He said the current test produced a false negative from 45 to 95 percent of the time - has been tested three times and three times were negative. Finally found a doctor in Toronto, is committed to treating with antibiotics and their response to antibiotics has led to a diagnosis of Lyme disease.

"Being sick with a terminal illness is difficult enough, but when all the guarantees and protection of society goes, it is shocking to say the least. When I talk to people of Lyme disease, most are unaware and shocked to discover what a tick can do, "she said.

By comparing their experience with Lyme disease, similar to having AIDS, which attacks the immune system and all systems throughout the body, extends Lyme Heffer said seven times faster than AIDS.

"We are all in danger, but our children are more at risk and that risk increases each year," he said, adding that the mites, which are the size of poppy seeds, is widespread throughout southern Ontario birds.

I hope the Council will support this petition on behalf of the citizens of Huron, but more importantly than that, after learning of Lyme disease, I hope everyone here will be to educate your family, friends and neighbors. The disease is insidious and horrible, "she told council members.

She added that Lyme disease is curable if detected early and treated with antibiotics.
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Billy Mays Investment

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As investment losses go, eat a few hundred dollars is nothing unusual. Could happen to anyone. But when 220,000 people lost an average of $ 250 on the same investment, with the same guy who always wore the same polo shirt, someone will notice. And then someone might be in trouble.

Having failed to place for the trial bench osattu for the marketing of "Greatest Vitamin World." On Thursday night, was arrested in Tempe.

Deputy U.S. marshals in the area of ​​Warner Road and Donald LAPR Dr. Priest

Laprie was wanted after failing to appear at his arrest on Wednesday. Laprie was accused of 41 charges, including conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering promotion.

He is accused of encouraging people to sell vitamins worthless, targeting about 220 000 victims of $ 52 million.

Depending on how things shake out, Lapre could be back to selling "tiny classified ads" from a "one-room apartment." Or someplace like it.
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Missy Elliott Has Revealed Graves Disease

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Hip-hop / R & B star Missy Elliott has revealed she is suffering from Graves disease, explains his long absence from public view and the delay between albums.

Arnette Melissa "Missy" Elliott, who is 39 years old, has battled the disease of Graves' over the past three years. He said he realized he had a problem while driving, when he lost his muscles. Elliott continued to suffer from other symptoms, such as hair loss and mood swings. disease that affects the autoimmune system and the thyroid gland may be severe, but what really works?

Graves' disease is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism in children and adolescents and usually occurs in early adolescence. It has a strong hereditary component, up to 2% of the female population, and are between five and ten times more common in women than in men. Graves' disease is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism severe, accompanied by several clinical signs and symptoms and laboratory abnormalities compared with milder forms of hyperthyroidism. Approximately 25-30% of people with Graves 'disease will also suffer from Graves' ophthalmopathy (a projection on one or both eyes) caused by inflammation of the muscles of the eye by attacking autoantibodies.
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Breaking The Winners And Losers Of The 2011 NBA Draft

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Bobcats. Charlotte was able to snatch some important goals during his time list. First, they were able to get younger with two players who had led the acquisition of the No. 7 pick of the Kings and to keep their No. 9 pick. This allowed them to have a Biyombo Bismack great man, a guy who, with forward Tyrus Thomas, gives them two very active shot blocker. Second, they were also able to take over Connecticut polished Kemba Walker, who will compete with DJ Augustin at point guard and will undoubtedly be in the field with him sometimes. Third, it could get more, especially to trade veteran guard (Stephen Jackson) to Milwaukee for a veteran who can play both in the front seats (Corey Maggette).

Cavaliers. Ultimately, the Cavs could have made a serious mistake to pass through the center of Jonas Valanciunas at No. 4. However, ending with a Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson at number 4 is the least oppressed Cavs fans a glimmer of hope for the future, Thompson is a big guy who can catch a rebound, run the floor and finish at the other end, and Irving is a leader who can run an offense and coach Byron Scott to help up-tempo offense. "Exactly what (Scott) went to Chris Paul and his transition to the NBA, became much easier, and what kind of wanting to imitate the way of Chris Paul and the transition to the offensive, which is fast paced and just run "Irving said." When I was in Cleveland as a whole (Scott) said he wants to do is run, as he did when he played for the Lakers in 86. "

Scout euro. Actually, some time, looked like a pick-up of European players in the first round had left the Dodo. Teams had overreacted to the success of Dirk Nowitzki and Pau liquefied petroleum gas, and has been repeatedly extended only slightly talented international students, who almost uniformly disappointed with the NBA. Last year, for example, there was only one international player selected in the first round. But this year, particularly in reduced yields collegial, the stars of the European Union in a recovery, five will go in the first round. Turkey, a great man Enes Kanter was elected Utah Although technically Kentucky, but soon after followed the three International: Valanciunas (No. 5), Jan Vesely (No. 6) and Biyombo (No. 7).


Spurs. It does not help that many of Tony Parker, Richard Jefferson rumors swirled in the days before the project because San Antonio is now in an awkward position. They enter the season with two tickets that they know they have bought, and instead of moving and Jefferson Parker, easing an impasse in salary cap potential, away from San Antonio tried to stop George Hill friendly choice in Indiana playoff Leonard Kawhia . However, the Spurs were hoping to change the composition of his team, and while Leonard is a promising player who was considered as a potential acquisition of the seven, the Spurs were able to eliminate the big problem I had expected.

Timberwolves coach TBD. It was the reason for the Timberwolves were so Fielding a No. 2 pick - almost had to pick, Derrick Williams, Arizona. But Williams is very similar to the Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley, and Minnesota, Kevin Love did not move forward, the power spot. But it is not suitable for dealing with fire, and with whom to replace Kurt Rambis Timberwolves hire has some difficult situations to find out how to get minutes, Williams. But is not the only problem. Next, the trainer must also decide how to develop the Rookie point guard Ricky Rubio properly. There is talent in Minnesota. But it is difficult to sort.

ESPN. NBA general managers said before the draft that the uncertainty created by the lockout and the likelihood of a hard salary cap starts with the next collective agreement is expected to hinder trade in the night of the project. And yes, there were only a handful of small transactions to go around while the big names rumored to be on the market - Other Iguodala, Steve Nash, Ray Allen, Parker, all on the Lakers - have been set. Overall, it is a yawn of a night.
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Churchill Downs During The Storm

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A tornado destroyed the stables at the headquarters of the Kentucky Derby, but become legendary track competition Friday after the events have been postponed for a day. No people or horses were injured at Churchill Downs during the storm on Wednesday night, and the famous twin towers, stands and the club have been damaged.

Churchill Downs President Kevin Flanery said it was the first tornado to hit 136-year-old track, which is near Downtown Louisville.

The track will host a race on Friday night after the cancellation of race card on Thursday.

National Weather Service surveyed the area and found that a tornado has touched the yard, even if the power of tornadoes is not set, the opinion of Churchill Downs, said.

Workers and teachers scrambled to shoot the horses in the stable when the storm broke in the roof and threw dirt on Wednesday. Seven of the 48 barns and the chapel track was damaged.

"People here care more about horses than anything else," said Susan Margolis, wife of trainer Steve Margolis. "No one goes anywhere," when the storm hit.

Margolis barn 'was badly damaged, and a large hole in the roof remained.

"I thought we were finding bodies," said Susan Margolis.

The horses were transferred to private farms, Keeneland Racecourse in Lexington, and various stands of the plant, Flanery said.

"Because they are collapsed, the horses were in stables, and people quietly came to horses, have security," said Flanery.

Churchill Downs said the race would be canceled Thursday constituted.

The track has managed to evacuate about 150 horses at the fair near the Kentucky Exposition Center and, if necessary, but trust Flanery barn runway remaining space would be sufficient.

Track officials had also worked for the American Red Cross emergency officials and local management to provide temporary protection to approximately 100 permanent workers, whose stay has been damaged winds.
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Kim Kardashian Look-a-Like Melissa Molinaro

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According to U.S. Weekly, Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush has dated Kim Kardashian look-a-like Melissa Molinaro, a 26 year old model / actress best known for a "Super cute" Old Navy ad that went viral and arrested more than 1.7 million hits on YouTube in the first weeks.

At that time, everyone spoke of the similarity of Melissa Kim, 30. "For me, it's very flattering. This is a beautiful woman ... is an incredible compliment," said Melissa comparison. If you look at our picnic (Kim is on the right, Melissa is on the left) - which is really strange.

An insider said that Kim is not bothered by Reggie came out with his double. "Kim knows him and do not care," said the source. Well, of course! Kim is committed to Kris Humphries and could not be happier.
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Apple Released Software Final Cut Pro X

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Apple released an update to its video editing software Final Cut Pro, bringing it to version 10 (or X, since it is cold). Soon the first users have begun to vent their frustration about the changes and omissions of the program compared to the previous version.

Final Cut Pro X runs on Intel Macs running Mac OS X 10.6.7 or later and is currently available for download on the Mac App Store for $ 299.99 with Motion and Compressor May 4 available for $ 49.99.

But it seems that many early adopters are dissatisfied. In Mac App Store, Final Cut Pro X three stars, and the titles of the three tests will give you an idea of ​​what people say:

‘Incredibly disappointed!’

‘Extremely buggy , overly simplistic’


The first is that people (who claim to be professional) jumped into a new application from day one (it looks like much from the promises of improvements with the new 64-bit architecture and GPU-accelerated rendering) and tried to continue the projects of the previous version (Final Cut Pro 7) for the new program only to problems. It sounds like a dumb move for me, but I guess the immediate availability of Mac App Store, it is easier for people to pull the trigger quickly on the $ 300 software. What is good to remember is that the installation of Final Cut Pro X

Second, Apple appears to have taken things, moved things, and things hidden from a well-established tools pro. move / hide / remove things in a pro tool is something that is a manufacturer of software at your own risk (see the mess that Adobe has a tool like Photoshop to be), so in many ways, Apple has committed a mortal sin by rooting around with Final Cut Pro too.

Lesson: Do not be so eager to spend $ 300 for the software before you know, if it does what you do.
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Venus Williams Five-Time Champion

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The five-time champion Venus Williams joined forces to defeat Kimiko Date Krumm, 6-7 (6), 6-3, 8-6 and reach the third round of Wimbledon.

Williams lost the first set 5-1 on Wednesday and saved three match points before holding his own point of view at 6-5. Williams saved four more in the tiebreaker before losing the game.

The 23rd-seeded American, lost nearly five months of action this year with a hip injury but returned last week in Eastbourne.

The 40-year Date-Krumm was the second oldest woman to reach the second round at Wimbledon in the Open era, where she defeated Katie O'Brien in his opening match.
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Southwest Airlines Online Sales Page

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"Just turn 40 once," Southwest Airlines says its online sales page. Really? I feel as if Southwest is ballyhooing birthday offers for ever - not that I complain. The airline has launched Tuesday in the fall of the sale of a one-way ticket for $ 40, $ 80 and $ 120, depending on how to fly. But think fast because the offer is good only until Thursday. And be patient - Southwest site may be slow to download.

Offer: The celebrated 40-year $ 40 One-Way Sale Price works this way: $ 40 for short flights (up to 450 miles), $ 80 for flights of mid-range (451-1250 miles ) and $ 120 for a long tail (1251 miles or more). Prices are one way and exclude taxes and fees. With this agreement, the selling prices to selected destinations every day except Fridays and Sundays. As sales are online only.

Sample each-way fares from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) includes $ 40 in Las Vegas, Oakland, Phoenix, San Francisco, $ 80 in Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Denver, Portland, Oregon, and $ 120 New York, Boston, Baltimore. Sale prices apply to departures from the Bob Hope Airport (BUR), Ontario International Airport (ONT) and John Wayne Airport (SNA).

When: the offer is good for travel August 23 to November 16, but you need to buy 23:59 PDT on Thursday. Blackout dates apply.

Tested: I had a hard time getting into the website of the Southwest on Tuesday morning, probably due to the volume of traffic has been rapid. I found a sale price of $ 120 each way, excluding taxes, of Los Angeles to Boston, leaving September 20 and return September 27. This sale could be a good way to spend a cheap chair for the fall colors on a trip or for students returning to school.
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Tatum O'Neal: Reconciliation With Death Inspired Farrah Fawcett

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Ryan O'Neal reconciliation with his daughter Tatum O'Neal is still a "work in progress," he said.

The long-departed family appeared on "Good Morning America" ​​on Thursday, where they discussed the decision to share an uneasy relationship with its network of Oprah Winfrey.

"Ryan and Tatum: O'Neals' next Sunday, which just so happens to be Father's Day.

"It was back when there were not many roads," Ryan, 70, said.

Tatum, 47, said she thought of "Setting the discussion in the workplace" could help to connect.

The two had stayed behind when Ryan left the family in 1979 to be with the purpose of Farrah Fawcett. Without communication, Ryan says he finally "moved away from the others, unfortunately, of course."

In the coming years, both would be a separate experiment weaknesses.

Among other things, Ryan fought leukemia in 2001 and was arrested in 2007 after allegedly fighting with Tatum brother Griffin, but was never prosecuted.

Tatum drug problems, most recently, was arrested in 2008 for allegedly buying crack cocaine. He later pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.

"I feel like I came from hell and back," the actor said his addiction problems. "Now I'm just trying to live love so much in my life possible."

Fawcett following the death in 2009, Tatum said he felt the company needed reconciliation.

"It 'was the last thing to mitigate and resolve to make the report and to help build the bonds back," he explained. "And that was before the show was still a possibility."

Since the filming of the documentary series, Tatum said he feels like he is older again. His mother, Joanna Cook Moore, former wife of O'Neal, died of cancer in 1997.

And Ryan, Tatum is still his "little girl".

"It's difficult," he said, "but it is worth keeping their home."

When Alexandra Galkin
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Colton Harris Moore

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The U.S. government now owns the story of Colton Harris-Moore, the bumbling thief thief and cool their heels criminals in jail, while a film about his exploits as the "Barefoot Bandit" appears headed for a theater near you.

20 years of Harris-Moore pleaded guilty to seven charges Friday in a federal plea agreement that recommends he serve between five and six and a quarter and a half years in prison to address the federal aspects of its series of crimes two years, including the theft of two planes and a boat and being a fugitive in possession of a firearm.

I'm still waiting more than 30 state offices in four counties, which could add time to take the work of Harris-Moore.

San Juan County, Washington State Attorney Randall Gaylord said Friday he hopes the state's cost will be consolidated for a hearing on the petition Month Island County Superior Court next.

28-page signed an agreement filed at the federal level, Moore says Harris, negotiates to buy her life story of the film. The government hopes that the negotiations successfully - Harris-Moore is due at least $ US1.4 million ($ A1.33 million), the restoration of the federal coffers, and at least $ US250, 000 ($ A237, 868.7), the return State prosecutors said.

Under the agreement, all revenues in the history of Harris-Moore dates to his many victims.

"Mr. Harris-Moore escape justice is over," said U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan at a news conference after the hearing of the plea. "Although we can not keep him from telling his story, we can ensure it never sees a penny for his crimes."

John Henry Browne, Harris-Moore lawyer says his client did not want money or publicity.

Harris-Moore pleaded guilty to bank robbery, the transport between aircraft and transportation from overseas of a stolen gun, being a fugitive in possession of a gun, fly a plane without a valid certificate aviator interstate transportation of stolen vessels and interstate transport of a plane to fly.

Penalty for October 28 before U.S. District Judge Richard Jones.

Gaylord said the government consolidated case is likely to include a charge of first-degree robbery still be filed in Snohomish County, which involves a firearm. The state would charge more serious than that of Harris-Moore and could land in jail for over 10 years.

Gaylord declined to discuss the status of plea negotiations in the case, but the state said it is possible to Harris-Moore could face more jail time than it will be federal charges.

Series of crimes Harris-Moore began in Island County, Washington, shortly after escaping from a halfway house in April 2008 Renton.

For more than two years he evaded capture by making a series of burglaries and thefts, according to the enforcement staff of the law.

After teaching himself to fly reportedly studying flight manuals and websites, Harris-Moore was the number of aircraft, including Cessna, Idaho, in September 2009 that crashed near Granite Falls.

He flew a plane in Indiana and crashed last July 4 in the Bahamas, where he was captured a week later.

He was nicknamed "Barefoot Bandit" because the fingerprints found naked in a series of crime scenes. San Juan Islands, chalk outline of the feet found the floor of the store robbed.

The Internet has "Barefoot Bandit" a cult hero in the world - a Colton Harris-Moore's Facebook page boasted tens of thousands of followers. The federal charges for the following crimes:

Bank robbery, breach of September 5, 2009, the Bank Island Eastsound -.

- The interstate transportation of stolen aircraft September 29, 2009, theft of a Cessna Bonners Ferry, Idaho. The aircraft was abandoned near Granite Falls.

- The interstate and foreign transportation of a stolen gun, arising from the theft of a 0.32 caliber pistol in Canada. Harris-Moore took the firearm in Idaho, then the plan he flew at Granite Falls.

- Fugitive in possession of a firearm after Harris-Moore was a Jennings .22 caliber pistol between October 2009 and 1 May 6, 2010.

- Flying a plane without a pilot's license valid in the alleged theft of a plane of Anacortes, which was conducted in Eastsound, Orcas Island, February 10. The charge is punishable by three years in prison.

- The interstate transportation of a stolen vessel, involving the theft of a boat 34 feet in Ilwaco, Pacific County. The ship sailed to Oregon May 31

- Interstate transportation of stolen aircraft, arising from car theft last July 4 from Bloomington, Indiana. The car was flown to the Bahamas.
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Rebecca Black Friday

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So I'm sitting here in the last 30 minutes of work to write a blog about Rebecca Black "Friday" for rent is now $ 2.99 on YouTube, provided for a new era of strategy content monetization of YouTube, and guess what ? More location!

There are several explanations for why it turned out to be a former hired

So I do not know for sure, I'll "accident" and / or "technical problem". At least one user reported that it actually can rent the video by clicking on the "rents for $ 2.99" function when it was still available.

All YouTube partners were able to collect the rent for their content for about a year, but costs about $ 1 per minute for black hear the buzz is about the front seat and the rear seat feels like a big great rip-off, which is probably why the story made headlines in the first place.

What is surprising is how many people really cared about the video, availability, although the concern was ironic.

YouTube is officially declined to comment, saying he does not comment on the status of individual videos.
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Green Lantern Review and Movie

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Among the available green hero, The Incredible Hulk Kermit the Frog or even Al Gore seems more likely to make a film as Green Lantern. But the third line of DC Comics character has chosen to keep the megaplexes super-being of the world between the lawn few weeks "X-Men: First Class" and "Captain America:. The First Avenger" "Green Lantern" is able to do so, but it is not fun or exciting enough to ensure a long-term franchise.

As Captain America, Green Lantern is the "Golden Age" comic book hero, debuted in 1940 - a simpler time by setting a strong example, do good. The brand has redesigned many times, and this version is largely based on the 2004-05 update. But the starting point still seems to be as old as the seedy pulp magazine: Lantern of Earth is one of thousands of intergalactic police, who use magic rings, which get their juice, "energy will power the Emerald ". Strong and determined, are champions of the caliber, which are able to resist snacks between meals.

The latest contender emeraldhood - which started after a prologue narrated by Geoffrey gently Cosmic Rush - a thing of value down. Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is a test pilot bad boy, to strive for always being so brave as top-gun father lives incinerated by the explosion of kerosene.

Hal still does not seem the kind of hero, exactly. Self-described "full-duffer," He is unreliable, personally and emotionally absent, even long-standing love / hate interest Carol Ferris (Blake Lively). Male test pilot, Carol's father is business aviation official. (All figures are in big daddy movie themes.) Has a desk jockey habitually wearing a sexy cocktail dresses for the office.

Half of the "Green Lantern" is reflected in the CGI-created space, and yet it is the kind of movie in which all key players in the hand. Not only is the true love of a co-worker Hal, so is his potential rival, Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard), an eccentric "xenobiologist" working in the resort of fortune. (To add a dash of political discontent, the father of Hector is a smarmy U.S. senator, played by Tim Robbins a condescending smile.)

Hal and Hector are put together - and in the opposite camp - when a spaceship crashes on the edge of the city. Within the Lantern is dying of a ring of Hal chooses to be its new owner, and then master of the galaxy in this field. But the foreigner was hurt badly infected with the greatest enemy, the Green Lantern Corps, by Parallax. Guy evolving monster fueled by "yellow energy of fear", which is almost as frightening as other film Nemesis: Grey power of boredom. A little 'icky yellow infects the Hector, which disturb the anger and resentment, and suffused with the campy histrionics.

Hector also loves Carol, of course, but I knew I could never compete with Hal, who is polished to perfection and always impeccably shaved. Even in street clothes, physics, Reynolds feels a world away. Imagine what looks like a super tight dress that flashes and vibrates like a lava lamp.

Director Martin Campbell is perhaps best known for "Casino Royale", which has a bit of realism to the subsistence James Bond violent. Realism is not on the agenda of "Green Lantern" if the chaos is grand and beautiful, but impersonal. Campbell big challenge is to knit together two son the story, the earthly and the mortal.

He does what he can, but the transitions between the two are shaken, and the creatures Spacey - including Mark Strong as a flashlight that Hal is not bright enough - have CGI characterization.

As in most superhero movies, the main character is more interesting when not in costume or at least wished away his mask magic. The four credited writers would never cut in Hollywood '40, but their teasing, flirtatious dialogue is more intense than the action sequences.

No matter how many times have you thought about the Green Lantern to preserve a fundamental flaw: It 'a character from DC Comics with no weaknesses and neuroses that make it interesting Heroes Marvel Comics (sometimes even on the screen). What superpower does not Lantern ring? He can use green energy to create what he sees in his mind. As this white paper for a dramatic battles of the film are certainly disappointing. Lantern is less busy, when involved in a battle Parallax doo-wopping as the Fleetwoods' How Softly to me. "Of the deep space

1959 hit is that, before the time? Thus the sensitivity of the "Green Lantern".
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Solar Eclipse 2011

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Often, the moon turns brown in an eclipse, but this time he became a copper red or orange color. Thursday eclipse of the moon sent a "red" color. The lunar face is usually colored by sunlight refracted through our atmosphere. However, the intensity of color depends on the amount of ash and dust into the atmosphere.

According to the NASA moon, a cold, rocky body about 2160 miles in diameter has no own light but shines by sunlight reflected from the surface.

The Moon orbits the Earth once every 29 ½ days as it orbits the planet, changing its position relative to the Sun causes our natural satellite to cycle through a series of phases.

U.S. Space Agency spokesman said that the "eclipse of the Moon (or lunar eclipse) can only take place on the Full Moon."

The phenomenon known as "total lunar eclipse" occurs when the planet completely blocks the sun, the moon causes a darkening and appear to change color.

But the moon is not completely faded, as the Earth's atmosphere bends or breaks, indirect light against it, which gives off a soft light.

As indirect light must pass through the Earth's atmosphere before reaching the moon will be no clouds or dust in the atmosphere block of color in the sunlight.

"The total phase of a lunar eclipse is so beautiful and interesting precisely because of the filtering effect of refraction and the Earth's atmosphere," said a NASA spokesman.

Astronomers say what causes the moon seems to change color, often yellow, orange or red tones.

The exact color depends on the weather.

The specific phenomenon that happened on Thursday was known as a "lunar eclipse depth."

However, the intensity of color depends on the amount of ash and dust into the atmosphere.

Scientists said the eclipse may be safely observed with the naked eye.

The next total lunar eclipse will take place December 10.

There will be a partial solar eclipse on July 1 and November 25, but the next total solar eclipse will not occur until November 13 next year.
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Toddlers And Tiaras

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A major rivalry reached its peak Wednesday night: Yes, children and the confrontation between Eden and Makenzie tiaras. The two beauty queens pint-size competing in a contest in Texas for the title of Ultimate Grand Supreme. So who won?

TLC is likely to disappoint many viewers, and went the first prize, with a canopy bed. Watch a clip show on Wednesday night, and a parody of Tom Hanks, which aired on ABC with Jimmy Kimmel Live February below.

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T-Mobile Combination Service

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T-Mobile USA, Inc. announced today that it has won more ™, a combination of a national service that offers consumers the best deals on a daily basis. The service is completely free. Starting today, as consumers spend almost all the Android ™-powered smartphone can download a beta version of the T-Mobile has won multiple applications on Android Market ™ to get the best deals and timely, discounts and special offers from some of the biggest names on a daily basis offers tailored to their preferences, location and interests.

More for me is the first national process daily aggregation of such services a national wireless carrier. Discounts and offers are generated from popular sites to buy social organizations as LivingSocial - the online source for experiments carefully selected at a great value - as well as exclusive offers from T-Mobile and its partners. Customers can obtain discounts on a wide variety of products and services, making it easier than ever for people to save money when traveling.

"Consumers are constantly looking for ways to save money and turn to social applications to buy in bulk," said Brad Duea, senior vice president, marketing value-added services, T-Mobile USA. T-Mobile, the most to me an application for Android smartphones offer our many daily sites in one easy to locate as consumers spend less time searching and more time to lose. "

T-Mobile Plus for me the application is customizable, allowing consumers to find the most relevant offers, closer to their exact location. Users have the opportunity to see the offerings from a variety of retailers in almost any city with a lot of offers tailored to their specific interests and preferences.

"Experiencing the social work directly with retailers across the world markets for our 260 + merchants craft behind our valuable members through their door," said Jake Maas, vice president, business development and business, social life. "We are pleased to bring our experience handpicked to millions of consumers who benefit from the T-Mobile's new for me around."

Customers of T-Mobile, Android, and anyone with a mobile phone with Android Android 1.6 or higher can download the application to me at the Android Market for free today.

Cooperation with Out There Media, mobile advertising leader in the world, T-Mobile to expand more for me to reach virtually all of its customers, regardless of the type of phone, offering them the opportunity to receive free text messages, special offers, discounts and promotions. T-Mobile to me than the application should also be made for other popular mobile operating system later this summer.

Both demand and opt-in SMS experience, T-Mobile, which makes me more consumers will be able to determine the interests and demographic information in order to obtain the most important deals, offers and discounts.
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Murder Plot Joss Stone

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Two men were arrested in connection with the murder plot in which the British singer Joss Stone. Were taken into custody in Devon, near the stone house, police have confirmed to BBC News.

The two unidentified men, aged between 30 and 33, were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to murder and steal the show. They were arrested Monday after a suspicious vehicle was seen in the Cullompton area and were arrested for "possession of offensive weapons and is equipped to steal."

Once arrested, allegedly found in possession of swords, monkeys forensic style house plans in stone and a body bag. Police said the singer is aware of the arrests, but do not know if she was at home when they did.

"The police attended an address in Cullompton after residents reported alert agents to a suspicious vehicle. The police were patrolling near the property," a police statement read. "Attended by officials from the area in Paris around 1000 and subsequently arrested the occupants of a red Fiat Punto. Detectives continue to investigate major crimes."

Last Wednesday, the police had seen in the area investigating the case and questioning of neighbors of Stone, which they claim to help with the investigation. "Our agents are carrying out security patrols and it is important to emphasize that the properties were robbed and people were violated," the statement continued.

Stone keeps abreast of developments. At 24, the singer will be one of the richest young pop stars in Britain, the BBC and is preparing to release a new album, LP1 month, next. She also has planned several concerts in Europe for liberation.
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Big Night Michele Bachmann

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Big Night Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney ran so sure he wants to be a pioneer, and Tim Pawlenty seems to lack the courage to go home an attack against Romney.

The discussions are very subjective matter and often much less than the journalists think - and certainly, with eight months before the first primary election, nothing that happened tonight will be a critical distance. For most candidates (Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich were the major exceptions), it was dark induction.

But the debate tonight in New Hampshire is subtly change the shape of the race.

So far, Bachmann has been a Palin-lite character and has often been portrayed as a loon fixing tea party in the ultra-conservative issues and able to shoot his mouth off. Tonight, he has tirelessly promoted his experience as a tax attorney, a member of the Select Committee on Intelligence of the House, the decision maker is not afraid of money from his own party in the TARP and a leader of the charge against Obamacare - let alone be a mother of five children and the adoptive mother of 23 years.

There is often a herd mentality in the debates. But I have never seen such unanimity when there was this time. In the spin room afterward, almost all originally flocked to the Bachmann team to hear what they had to say. Their game plan was simple: first headlines by announcing she was running for president. It was gadget, but effective. All lines led to this "new" - I use quotes because we all knew she was running, and she still has not fixed a date for the announcement. 2. Push the details of his vast experience and political know-how.

Bachmann unspoken part of the strategy, Sarah Palin. His aides understand that the saliva of two campaigns last week was bad news for Bachmann. It was observed that the trigger of the murder, that the new manager of his campaign of Ed Rollins, was conspicuous by his absence from the area of ​​spin.

But it is clear that Bachmann is necessary to contrast with Palin and the emphasis was on policy and experience. I would say that after tonight Palin Bachmann performance is less likely to work.

Mitt Romney was comfortable and relaxed throughout. He misspoke when he talked about the release of Afghanistan, "the Taliban militarily," but it does not seem to matter. Romney's emphasis seemed to be on the general election against Obama, and he rose above the fray as a front runner should. His candidacy still has major challenges, but his aides clearly felt well at night.

Pawlenty received a golden opportunity for Romney, but only reluctantly confirmed their derision is "Obamneycare" that received great coverage on Sunday. It seems that the campaign has made a decision that Romney has been hit the GOP may backfire. Pawlenty ran but lack the courage of your convictions. He meant what he said on Sunday? Or was it coming from? E 'was difficult to say.

As Rich Galen puts it:

Tim Pawlenty was given a chance by John King to land a punch by repeating his “ObmaneyCare” line from last Sunday. He didn’t have the guts to do it and tried to turn it into an attack on Obama. I would have thought his team would have anticipated that question and come up with a better answer. In fact, given what he had on the line, I think Pawlenty was the loser of this debate.

I doubt we’ll hear the Obamneycare line used again. Come to think of it, maybe that’s for the best – no one could work out how to spell it.
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PGA Championship Kitchenaid

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When you think of pro golf, your mind may turn to the problems of Tiger Woods or the beauty of the seventh hole at Pebble Beach, as it opens to the Pacific Ocean. Or could it be that makes you think about your own inability to get cursed, even in the ear of an elephant together.

Likely, however, probably will not wake up your brain to immediately begin charging the direction of celebrity chefs. KitchenAid be changed. Therefore, the Senior PGA Championship was held last weekend near the Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky, where the main sponsor of the KitchenAid.

As a way to stand out from other sponsors, who scored until KitchenAid Fairway Club ", a 40x60 meter interactive environment for fans, where celebrity chefs entertain while showing" their aircraft, reports Foodies celebrity Duff Goldman of Ace of Cakes Food Network and Iron Chef Mike Symon channel was there.

Goldman has made two cakes at a demonstration reported. One is a copy of the trophy will be awarded to the winner of the tournament and the other looks like the seventh hole in the runway Michigan, where the Senior PGA Championship will be next year.

Symon has cooked dinner five winners and their guests on Saturday. The winner, however, receive a KitchenAid "kitchen of your dreams."

"KitchenAid and PGA is the idea of ​​bringing people together to share common experiences," said Deb O'Connor, senior director of brand experience KitchenAid, according "Great food and great golf is a good combination, and through this sponsorship, we in golf and culinary adventures exciting and engaging way that fans of golf ever seen. "

The addition of a mix of co-branding, 92 years, KitchenAid has uploaded photos of kitchen brand experience to the Facebook page, Twitter page and Twitter - Twitter feed, and special events.
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Dallas Mavericks The NBA champions

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Demons are used from 2006, and all the headaches and pain over the last five years has finally been cured of the Dallas Mavericks. They are the NBA champions.

When the Miami Heat to a 105-95 won Game Six of the NBA Mavericks claimed the first NBA championship in team history, led by Jason Terry with 27 points (19 in the first half), and Dallas used a strong team effort revenge for the team sent them a term of five years, playoff disappointment.

But as crazy as a loss to the Miami trio of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh was the time more enjoyable for the Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki.

Nowitzki has spent his entire NBA career with the Dallas Mavericks, and was the center of the Mavericks' playoff failures past, has received harsh words from Dwyane Wade will not be the leader of the Mavericks in the NBA Finals in 2006. It was the center of the 2007 team that was 67 to 15 the Mavs, but lost to Golden State Warriors. He won the MVP this year, but due to the loss to eighth-seeded, the NBA has been waiting a week for the trophy presentation. It was the will, determination and focus that made Nowitzki through these playoffs and helped cement his legacy.

How has submitted this veteran team? Nowitzki and Terry (the last two players from 2006) Jason Kidd (who had two appearances in finals with the Nets, both losses). JJ Barea with Shawn Marion and Tyson Chandler. Ian DeShawn Stevenson and Brian Cardinal Mahim. The fact that Dallas used its depth and worked hard to get to this point and take their first championship. He is the seventh of the city of Dallas (five Super Bowls for the Cowboys, a Stanley Cup with the Stars in 1999). The championship, for the Mavericks, Mark Cuban, who spent $ 880 million on player salaries since he bought the team in 2000, was well deserved and well spent, and most importantly. Well deserved.

2006 finally be deleted. 2011 has been cured the pain. Congratulations, Dallas. Enjoy the championship.
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Harley Davidson

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Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman has pledged today that it has been elected president, there will be a Harley Davidson parked in the White House. Speaking to a reporter Harley Davidson dealership here in Manchester, Huntsman said he "absolutely" park your bike at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. NW.

No doubt, the 51-year-old said.

Huntsman, who resigned from his post as ambassador to China earlier this year, seems to be closer to his entrance exam should presidential election. He continued to unravel the idea Saturday, saying he checked a lot of boxes to be sure before he jumps into the race.

"One and sit with the family this week, and I think we will see that the box," Huntsman said, referring to its entry into the Republican camp forever.

Huntsman toured the weekend here with his wife and some of their children, but not take part in the second GOP debate at Saint Anselm College on Monday. He said he did not participate because it is not an official candidate.

Mr. Huntsman, who has ridden motorcycles for nearly four decades, was cast as a possible alternative for the former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, considered a pioneer, and former governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty.
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Two Photos Gabrielle Gifford

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You never know by looking at these images that the representative Gabrielle Gifford had suffered a gunshot wound in the head five months ago. Two photos of her were posted on Facebook by staff on Sunday, showing him shorter, darker hair with a big smile in the two photos, taken May 17

Gifford spokesman Pia Carusone said Congress has come a long way since she survived a bullet in the left side of his forehead in an assassination attempt in which six people were killed and 13 injured on Jan. 8. Even if recovery Gifford has been called "miraculous" Carusone said the Arizona Republic that Gifford continues to struggle with speech difficulties:

"It borrows from other media. His words are now becoming more and more, but still the use of facial expressions as a means to express themselves. Avg. Gesturing. Add all together, and she is able to express the essence of what she wants or needs. But when you are thinking about the words increasingly complex and requires not worth it. "

His doctors are pleased with his progress and is said to be optimistic about his chances of making "a speedy recovery." According Carusone, Gifford doctors say she is among the main stage of recovery from an injury like this, where the most progress during the first 12 to 14 months.
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Williams Syndrome

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Williams syndrome is a rare genetic disorder found in one of every 7,500 newborns. These children are hyper-social personalities that can hardly see beyond the world of this syndrome. Show empathy, and extreme heat and show an openness to foreigners.

Children with Williams syndrome tend to facial features slightly different from normal children. They have small sharp teeth, upturned nose and small bags under his eyes, but no matter what they look like their friendly nature requires you to be friends with them.

Usually, when children reach 4-5 years of age, it seems a positive attitude towards people of their race. However, children with Williams syndrome show any racial bias what so ever according to recent research. During the research, the two images was shown a sample that covers the normal childern, and those who have Williams syndrome. One image was a white man and the other showed African-American. When asked which of them is a bad boy, children with Williams syndrome seemed indifferent. However, when the same question was asked the normal children, they reported the photo was the person who is different from their own ethnic ago.

These children or adults are a very empathetic character. Have not seen any pain, and if this situation arises are the first to extend help. The experiment was conducted with a girl hit my knee on a table. A typical child watched cry only when the child has Williams syndrome were more worried. She went to her and rubbed his knee. He also asked: "What happened?".

With empathy is the absence of fear. These children are not aware of any malicious intent to harm them, they are not afraid of dangerous situations or objects. If they get a spider, they will probably pet, instead of being afraid. These extreme innocence could have real consequences, and for the same reason these people still need protection because they are unable to detect danger or defend themselves on their own.

Studies show that the syndrome is due to lack about 25 genes on chromosome 7, and can be highly affected by physical, behavioral or cognitive personality composition. The deletion of chromosomes occurs during the production of sperm or ova. However, the reason for the absence of these genes cause hyper-social behavior remains a mystery.
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Trips OutsideWorlds Fair

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Rummaging through a dusty cardboard box in the New York Historical Society, Marilyn Kushner found worldwide. He gently finger images in black and white view of foreign companies exhibitions and trips outside the 1939-1940 World's Fair in Queens, who recently left the company.

It is a gift fair most complete museum of images has never received, immediately to his collection of photos of two years 10 times greater.

"This far exceeds anything we've had," said Kushner. "You will be able to walk through the Expo now."

Researchers will examine the 1000 pictures over the summer, while waiting for historians to learn what secrets may be unlocked in the treasure potential.

Salon collectors wonder if the chest contains rare photos inside hundreds of houses that once dotted Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

"These are things you can not see," said John just said Riccardelli collector.

Richard Post, who leads hikes in the park, said the photos are important because they can cause unprecedented perspective seen.

The images come from the estate of a Westchester County school teacher named Paul Gillespie. He did not go to the fair, but he has collected and stored the photos in his Manhattan apartment.

Gillespie died in March at the age of 83 His executor Kushner is an apartment full of photos of a number of large index.

Included are candid shots of fairgoers in front of symbols of the event, Trylon and Perisphere, and couples will receive a parachute, which debuted at the show and then moved to Coney Island.

"These photos really put a personal taste of the World Fair," Kushner said. "It 's a lot of popular culture, we are gathering."

other shots of the right to half of the modern crowd you will probably find offensive.

One photo shows a sign of "Midget Town" which was presented as "the largest in the world of little people."

Another catch in long lines to enter an attraction called "fault of nature," where visitors gawked at a cow with two heads and eight feet of horses.

Kushner struck with the construction of the image, with Lucky Strike cigarettes, even for visitors. "The entire pavilion dedicated to cigarettes. Will this ever happen today?" Kushner said.

She said that the images are important because they demonstrate a reasonable time from the perspective of the average user.

"It's not just what we wanted to see the brochures," said Kushner. "This is a truly personalized view of what everybody has seen."
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Video Editing Software

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Sony Creative Software, a leading professional video and audio editing applications, today announced the availability of a new version of its award-winning consumer video editing program Vegas Movie Studio Platinum ™ HD 11 The new version provides professional-level 3D capabilities stereoscopic, and added file formats, enabling users to produce more exciting media projects in nearly any format. In particular, support for the Sony MVC and the MPO files to allow users to work with them natively in 3D form from the timeline of Vegas Movie Studio.

Vegas Movie Studio Platinum HD 1911 is easy to use, versatile video editing application that allows users to create professional, high-definition projects and ongoing support for the media to standard definition. This software, powerful new tools previously available only to professional suite - including the depth of the impression of 3D editing, support for new file formats and audio editing controls - they add great value to enthusiasts and fans of video editing who wish to produce and distribute content through devices such as PSP ® and Apple ® iPod or services such as Vimeo and YouTube ™, Facebook ®.

"The easier it becomes to capture 3D video and still images in economic units, more people are interested in the publication of 3D images in the movies that you can share with family and friends," said Dave Chaimson, vice president of global marketing Sony Creative Software. "Vegas Movie Studio Platinum HD 11 provides professional-level tools and enhanced support to enable consumers to create compelling 3D video and 3D do 3D online services like YouTube, or burn content to Blu-ray 3D to see in their 3D TVs. "

New Features in Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Include:

* Stereoscopic 3D Editing – Users can now create stereoscopic 3D projects as easily as 2D projects, with support for a wide range of 3D formats; no additional software plug-ins required
* Stereoscopic 3D Monitoring – Customers can view their 3D projects on dedicated 3D monitors, or use their current 2D monitor via the Anaglyphic Preview mode
* Added File Format Support – Creative professionals, students and hobbyists working with studio and cinema-level progressive formats are able to edit and output videos in the following file types:
o MVC and MPO 3D – Sony cameras that support these formats include: HDR-TD10, HXR-NX3D1, PMW-TD300 and the Alpha, Cyber-shot® and NEX cameras
o 24p/50p/60p – Users can now choose these progressive format settings for their projects
* GPU Accelerated AVC Encoding – Users can improve their AVC rendering performance and speed using the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in computers equipped with ATI or NVIDIA graphics cards
* Titles and Text Plug-in – Utilizing a broad selection of presets and templates, users can quickly and easily achieve dynamic and visually stunning text animations and effects which can be modified and adjusted for even further creative options; new features deliver professional-looking results through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface
* Improved "Render," "New Project" and "Make Movie" Dialogs – Users can create new projects, render to specific file formats and deliver with increased efficiency and speed
* Audio Event Effects – Users can now apply effects directly to the event level for more precise control over the placement of audio effects
* New Video Effects Plug-in SDK – The new SDK enables third-party developers to easily create plug-ins for Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum
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Tracy Morgan Crazy Things

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Tracy Morgan, is beloved by millions of crazy things, he says, "30 Rock" and in real life. But the comic has gone too far?

In a concert last Friday night in Nashville, the actor was in the gay community. This would be one thing if there were original to crack jokes, but do not know where the humor is supposed to in the following states

"Gays need to quit being pussies and not be whining about something as insignificant as bullying.
"Gay is something that kids learn from the media and programming."
My son "better talk to me like a man and not in a gay voice or I'll pull out a knife and stab that little n-gger to death."
"I don't "f*cking care if I piss off some gays, because if they can take a f*cking dick up their ass... they can take a f*cking joke."

In response, the folks at The Ryman Auditorium issued this statement:

"The Ryman Auditorium regrets that people were offended by statements made by Tracy Morgan during his June 3 appearance. The Ryman does not control the content presented by people appearing on its stage, nor does it endorse any of the views of, or statements made by, such persons."

Morgan often pushes the limits. Just listen to what he once said about Michelle Obama.
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Andy Irons Died Suddenly Last Year

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Manny Pacquiao has set his next two fights and none of them involve Floyd Mayweather. Let's go over the next two episodes of Pac-man and when, if ever, see the two best fighters in the world in the fight.

The former world champion surfer Andy Irons, died suddenly last year. Today, the test results back, what is dead, I'll go over the results.

Kenny Britt guard in the NFL news of his latest arrest. A few days after accepting a reduced sentence for another crime, Britt once again finds herself handcuffed by police. We will review the latest crime and to predict whether a prison is the future.

All this before the end of 2011 in the NBA, MLB and more as we go through the stories of the days of high level sport.
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Goodbye Meredith Vieira

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Today's show is now officially yesterday's news for Meredith Vieira.

After five years co-host of NBC's morning show with Matt Lauer, Vieira has delivered its latest round of news this morning with emotion (and potentially viral) farewell to celebrate his half-decade on the show.

"It's a tough question," she said at the top of the show, which while being very Vieira-tung has also managed to sprinkle concrete news over the first three hours. "Very mixed feelings. I know it's true, but it's hard."

Together with her husband Richard Cohen and the team of family dog ​​Jasper today to see everything that is mobilized to say goodbye to Vieira, paying tribute to her throughout the morning with retrospective clips and a fair share of surprises .

First up, a surprise performance by Carole King, who sang one of the favorite songs of Vieira, "You've Got a Friend".

"I do not know what to say," said an emotional Vieira.

Fortunately, Lauer, Al Roker, Ann Curry, Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb, Natalie Morales, and now face the rest is not.

"It 's been a privilege to work with you in the past five years. I know that people have enjoyed at home to start the day with you as well," Lauer says that will grow the biggest surprise of the morning, technically and creatively active, continuous group shot of lip-sync, in which every member on and off-air talent made the I [heart] Meredith T-shirt and serenaded him Journey "Do not Stop Believin '."

their principals through studies today, the offices, through the control room and, finally, to the place where hundreds of listeners were hoping to participate in the song. Surprising was his way of Abe Vigoda and Jimmy Fallon.

Needless to say, that was filled with a sense of enormous size, tearing the entire song, and show them at an earlier stage, this is what we are missing most of the show is the "feeling of family."

Before she signed for good, she was treated for a final dose of emotion.

Sitting on the Plaza with Matt, Ann and Al, the trio with a personal tribute to her.

"I kept coming up with jokes and sarcasm," Lauer told him, explaining his trying to think what to say. "I realized it's because I'm afraid that if I really tell you how I feel obliged to turn into a blubbering idiot. But it's your last day, so a little whine.

"I love you and I since that night we dined five and a half. Your talent and your warmth and your generosity ... your sense of humor I remember most, you made me laugh every day here and I thank you, but the bottom line is:. I wonder that someone who has such immense talent like yours, the size of your ego is: You have taught us us how to be great teammates, and it is the gift. I'll remove it. Thank you very much.

"I do not want to go now," Meredith laughed (and cried). "[But] I went upstairs and changed the lock on my box.

"Life is change. I love you all, you're the best bar none, is it such a family, and it is really difficult to leave family, so I will not say goodbye to everyone ... All I put in my heart and I never want to lose you. I love you so much. "
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Ann Coulter Favorite Host On MSNBC

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Move Keith Olbermann, he could be replaced by Ann Coulter's favorite host on MSNBC. Rachel Maddow is currently subject. As part of the writing process Coulter made a conscious effort not to read other views of conservatives do not affect your job, "he said. As a result, intends to regularly review the other hand, even on MSNBC, a television station in New Left .

When the caller calls everyday favorite host MSNBC Coulter explained the problem with Olbermann. "Of course [my favorite] was Keith. But, alas, gone. Even MSNBC could not make the tantrums, from what I hear.'s One thing when you have all the crazy liberals watch MSNBC in the ratings up [but] in prima donna when sucking skills - Okay, enough Keith.

"Yes, I think it would be hard to say - probably Rachel He is strong in this book." Coulter said, "Demonic: how the liberal mafia threatening America," "He created a myth of a key" In "demonic" seven myths that have been created. Maddow and promote discussion, said Coulter.

In 2009, when a worker Federal Census found dead in rural Kentucky, it was suggested he was murdered by rightists. "Rachel Maddow own history," Coulter said. "If you can not remember if you are not fans of Rachel Maddow regular because it covered every night with her program she led for weeks "right census worker killed. ... And then suddenly, the story comes to table," after federal investigators determined the death was a suicide.

Coulter as was the finalization of the book, Maddow announcement as saying: "We begin tonight with a story that nobody else statement. But yes, now I know why nobody else said," Coulter said.

Other prominent liberals in "demonic" include Jon Stewart, Ron Williams, Dennis Miller, Lady Gaga and media, including Vanity Fair and The New York Times.
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Dash Diet For a Girl

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DASH diet has never been intended for a girl, but does not mean ineffective. Originally created for the treatment of adults with high blood pressure, the dietary approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet is promising in reducing new weight gain among adolescents. According to U.S. Today, the girls who most resembled the DASH diet showed the smallest increase in body mass index (BMI) over 10 years to a new study.

They also recorded the lowest BMI during follow-up study.

The diet plan is basically to cut red meat and many forms of carbohydrates, focusing on fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains. According, the main objective of the plan is to reduce salt intake, which helps reduce blood pressure in dieters.

The study followed 2,379 women between the ages of 9 and 10 and followed for 10 years, according to the Los Angeles Times. While participants were socio-economically and geographically mixed, more than half the girls in the study were black.

The study is especially important, the Los Angeles Times, because it gave the best results, do not even meet all the requirements DASH. Even those in the 95 percentile was higher sugar intake and do not necessarily eat the recommended number of servings of fruit a day, now follow the diet.
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Without Learning The Geometry Of A Journalist

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Although many young people of school going along, a new study finds that the geometry is intuitive to a person who is easy to understand, even without formal training.

The investigators asked questions in Euclidean geometry Planar adults and children Mundurucú community, isolated from a group of indigenous Amazon. Although there is no formal training, Mundurucú were able to quickly understand the concepts of plane geometry of points, lines and triangles.

Research shows ongoing proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Mundurucú were able to correctly answer questions like: "Can a coach be a cross-looking, two parallel lines?" And "Can a coach than a player two parallel lines, but not the other?"

Its capacity is actually similar to that of adult Americans and French children who have received formal training in geometry, "said Veronique Izard, a psychologist at the campus of the University of Paris Descartes and first author of the study. The children had the same Mundurucus age children - 7 to 13.

"I would say that means that Euclidean geometry is probably universal to all human beings," he said. "We found that people understand the concepts of geometry beyond the visible."

It remains to understand why this is so, "he said.

Curiously, when the same test was performed on young children aged 5 and 6 Americans, they fared poorly.

This means that if the capacity to understand the flat geometry is innate, it just appears again and again.

"Maybe it's something that is learned from the environment, but in this case must be something generic to all environments, Dr. Izard said.

He and his colleagues continue to investigate the matter.
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MTV Mila Kunis

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Just for the season finale of "Saturday Night Live" concert offering, Justin Timberlake is always so funny. Actually it was all the way to Los Angeles and the state of the MTV Movie Awards, where he was co-presenter and Mila Kunis fumbles right away, while the award for Best Actor - Robert Pattinson won, but this is the kind of beside the point.

While explaining that their relationship was purely platonic gently grabbed the other two players - Timberlake Kunis grabbed my chest, saying: "That's why I can not do it." And not to be outdone, Kunis made it back and grabbed the horse Timberlake. So busy, the two candidates presented.

This was not the first brush Timberlake TV and chest. In 2004, Timberlake pulled out a tissue known to cover the breasts of a one-Janet Jackson during the Super Bowl half time show, which is a huge controversy, and more to the phrase "wardrobe malfunction."
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Red Faction: Armageddon

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Red Faction: Armageddon continues the saga of the series in the battle for supremacy on the planet Mars as well as its trademark gameplay based on destruction. With its predecessor, Red Faction: Guerrilla receiving generally positive reviews, see Armageddon to capitalize on the guerrilla forces, while benefiting from the opportunities for improvement. Join us as PlayStation LifeStyle whether Mars is worth fighting for, or if Red Faction: Armageddon is just as boring as the surface of Mars.

Our plants new adventure we the boots of a Darius Mason, grand-son of Red Faction: Guerrilla protagonist, Alec Mason. Over the 50 years that have elapsed since the events of Red Faction Guerrilla emerged as the power of administration on Mars, but with some problems along the road. A special raised bumps, Adam Hale, a notorious figure who leads a cult determined to take control of the planet Mars itself. As the game opens, Darius is working with Red Faction to stop the latest plan to destroy the giant Hale Terraformer giving the surface of Mars to be habitable. Unfortunately for Darius and his fellow people, Hale manages to destroy Terraforming and disappear in the process driving all underground.

10 years pass, and we again Darius, who is simply struggling to make a living with his countrymen. Life on Mars is not easy, if Darius is ready to accept jobs that pay no questions asked. Of course, someone decides to take advantage of that, and Darius was soon attracted to release a disturbing alien threat, which was underground dormant for an indefinite period. The creatures are relentless, and soon Darius fighting not only for its own survival but to his people.

Armageddon is a major departure from guerrillas in many ways, the most important of which is probably the linear structure of the game. Although the guerrillas was a open-world experience, Armageddon keeps pace does not stop giving the player almost always designated objectives over 20 levels. Following the story is more detailed than in the past, the pace is faster, and the game focuses more on the fight not only to destroy everything that moves. Destruction is always a staple here, but now is much more integral to progress in the battles, especially with the inclusion of new smart weapons.

The most important of these weapons is the new weapon of Magneto. While the mass was a basic weapon for the enemies of heads shortcuts attacks and break through walls, magnets gun easily replace this with incredible power, and lots of fun. With unlimited ammo, the imam of the gun can get two anchors on. The first parity with destructible objects or enemies, and is strongly attracted to whatever the second anchor is pulled. If you use this enemy to head butt each other until death, or convert a building overlooking the greater injection seen, this tool helps to combat dynamic and stimulating. The innovative weapon easily turns everything around into a weapon, and throughout the game is a very rare species, age.

A lot of weapons back from Guerrilla as good as the Nano rifle, assault rifle, load and Launcher Rocket Launcher and other new accession mix well. Twin pack an incredible punch Banshee guns, while a power Grenade Launcher destroy organic matter, leaving intact the surrounding buildings. A plasma gun on the other side will be a big hole in almost all aimed, and Singularity Cannon fires a small black hole that sucks everything nearby before the violent explosion. A significant improvement, making use of these weapons is a more fun twist to the controls. Instead of hard to hold a trigger to select a weapon, this time equipped with all weapons are mapped to a button d-pad four, which can switch weapons in mid battle fluid.

Surprising for a third-person shooter so focused on the battle, Armageddon completely ditches the system cover to the guerrillas, rather than allow them to hide behind low walls. That's okay, though, because, in general, these walls do not last long, and the system is replaced by something far more powerful: the Nano Forge. While the weapon is the weapon of the magnet to highlight the fact that you can enjoy the destructive properties in Red Faction, the Nano Forge allows you to put everything back together after you finish. Inevitably, while fighting a fire underground ramp to be found in a thousand pieces, leaving Darius blocked for a while. However, when walking near a damaged structure while holding the L2 lays the Nano Forge, immediately repair any item that was there. Not only is it useful to escape a variety of areas, but also allows you to replace Darius cover once destroyed, giving leeway to the alien invasion.

Nano Forge does not stop at simply making repairs. During the game Darius scavengers can make improvements to its capabilities, and the Nano Forge, which includes four European powers. Originally an impact on the capacity allows it to push enemies away with strength and break through walls. Later, a skill shockwave exposes some enemies in the air temporarily, leaving them totally vulnerable to attacks. A shell of bubbles can be used to defend against Darius fire projectile, which also eats away at any enemy that steps in the field. Finally, a berserk mode Darius temporarily increases attack power, accuracy and speed, making him the ultimate warrior on Mars. Other improvements such as increases in health and weapon damage are available, as players keep an eye on waste caches hidden in each level.

Darius also found several vehicles in the game, which can be mixed flow levels, offering unprecedented power against the foreign hordes. One is the combination of Leo, a mechanical suit shaped humanoid enemies relentlessly Darius load, while the release of the guns and missiles for the chain of mass chaos on the battlefield. Later, he met a spider walker, equipped with heat seeking missiles or weapons rays, even powerful. Finally, an aerial combat vehicle named Inferno GX can be tested, with a rapid-fire cannon and research of its own missiles. Each vehicle has unique controls, and offers an escape from the intense fighting that occurs while walking.

Armageddon The new underground environment will certainly change the landscape a faint red Guerrilla, but at the end of the game, however, began to tire. About 90% of the game takes place in the caves of various sizes, many of which are populated by human structures in place torn in battle. While the colors and the visual aesthetics of change during the game, always number one in residential areas magma filled a large pink crystal structure, it is still easy to feel like entering a cave in the cave can be a boring. In some places it is difficult to say one area to another, because the rocks are always limited to a specific location Dario. It will continue to provide a greater variation in Guerrilla has repeated the environment, but not by much. Fortunately, most of the time, surrounded by the buildings to throw the enemy's path, so that it pulls back a little less.

In the end it seems odd, and a little disappointing that Volition chose not to include any directly competitive multiplayer mode, especially after the unique flair of the one in Guerrilla. However, the modes available do provide plenty of fun and gameplay, making Armageddon well worth playing. Destroying everything in sight has never been more fun, and the redirection of the franchise makes for an overall improvement on the Red Faction formula. The revamped controls make it easier than ever to take advantage of the tools at hand, and the linear campaign makes for a tighter, more exciting story than previously. If there’s any real complaint to be had here, it’s that it ends too soon, but with a couple buddies on hand, the Infestation and Ruin modes should still occupy plenty of time. If you’ve always enjoyed demolishing things in real life, but prefer not to be fired or arrested, then Red Faction: Armageddon is definitely the way to go.
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Maurice Sendak Exhibition

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Near the entrance to an exhibition at the Danbury Public Library, half a dozen pen-sized, bearded gnomes are working together to make a baby wailing in his crib from the ground and sneak him into the night.

Illustrations of fantasy author Maurice Sendak - a bird the size of a small car, a young man who entered a city of food boxes and cartons of milk - have captivated young audiences for generations.

Her book of drawings of 1963, "Where the Wild Things Are," a boy named Max, who conquered the terrifying monsters of his imagination, was a favorite of children for nearly 50 years.

The exhibition, "In a nutshell: Maurice Sendak Worlds" opened May 14 at the Library, and is scheduled for June 24. It sets out in detail how Sendak's picture books was a way to conquer your monsters.

Mark Hasskarl, library director, said he and other members applied for the exhibition because they wanted to showcase an exhibition that celebrates Jewish culture. The American Library offered three programs, including "In a word."

"Sendak and I liked this one because we liked so much his books," said Hasskarl. "I came to them late, until I was in the '20s, and I started reading to my daughter when she was born."

Sendak was born in Brooklyn to immigrant Polish Jew who fled Europe to escape the Nazis. As a child he was horrified to learn that his parents remained in Poland, all died in concentration camps.

The show has many illustrations of emblematic books Sendak and explains how, through images and stories of adventure, Sendak has tried to recreate the splendor of the old world and in Poland to overcome its destruction.

Danbury Library is the only library in Connecticut was able to ensure the visit of a traveling exhibition, which is about 35 libraries at the national level and also the stops in Colorado, Florida and North Carolina.

Hasskarl said he believes Danbury has been chosen because of special programs for adults, he planned to complement the exhibition, which will include a screening of the film adaptation of "Where the Wild Things Are" followed by a Hasskarl presentation, 10 h 45: June-June

Visitors to the exhibition will see how Sendak's childhood memories of Brooklyn deeply impressed by his creations. Each display presents a different set of illustrations for books, Sendak, and show that children play to look out the window of his apartment in Brooklyn, and watching the playground bullies who targeted children announced Jewish characters in his illustrated books.

Patricia Gilbert, who visited the exhibition on Monday afternoon, said she had no idea the personal history that went into Sendak stories.

"It's fascinating. It makes me want to read them all, "said Gilbert, who read" Where the Wild Things Are "with his grandchildren." You see so many layers to him now, and you do not get it before. These personal demons, all parents are met. "

Hasskarl then said "in short" is suitable for adults, children will surely enjoy the vivid illustrations of Sendak.

"In many of (his books), he writes things that children often scawre," Hasskarl said. "And when children see their survival of their encounter with the wild things, it helps them work through the core of that fear."

According Hasskarl, who personally knows the author and illustrator, this exhibition offers a rare glimpse of the personal history of Sendak.

"We actually talked about some of his favorite movies" on its books, Hasskarl said, adding that Sendak is a big fan of the Disney animated film "Pinnochio."

For readers who have wondered what people should be inspired tusks horrible monsters in "Where the Wild Things Are" shows "in a Nutshell" provides an insightful look into the mind of the author.
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