Hasidic Reggae Celebrity Matisyahu

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

New You are able to City-based Hasidic reggae celebrity Matisyahu (ma-tis-YAH'-hoo) is on a new spiritual way, but it's uncertain which one.

The Judaism musician shaved off his hairs and published the bare-faced photographs Wednesday on Tweets. He says on his web page he once thought the need for many spiritual regulations so he wouldn't drop apart. Now he says he's getting back himself.

But it's uncertain whether he's making Orthodoxy. He says he's still going to synagogue each day.

His speaker says he isn't providing interview.

Matisyahu was a musical technology fascination who became a general audience celebrity after his 2004 very first, "Shake Off The Particles ... Develop." He offered the hairy hairs, flat-brimmed dark-colored hat, dark-colored jeans and white-colored clothing used by Hasidic men.

His greatest individual, "King Without a Title," was a cross-over hit.