Quarterback Matt Moore Will Start

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Matt Moore
Six-week closes with an AFC East divisional clash as the Miami Dolphins (0-4) come to the stadium to take on Metlife New York Jets (2-3)

The Dolphins come off their bye week and already reeling from their 0-4 start dealing with bad news with the loss of starting quarterback Chad Henne for the season ending shoulder injury.

Quarterback Matt Moore will start tonight, but look for the Dolphins to keep the ball down and run 26th Jet suddenly porous defense advanced leave is classified 134.8 yards per game. Rookie RB Daniel Thomas has 202 yards on 41 carries but missed two games with a hamstring injury is so tenacious average 101 yards per game and 4.9 yards per carry. If the Dolphins can Reggie Bush back in the mix, which could have a big stake in the ground.

WR Brandon Marshall made waves in the fact that he wants to get fired up so you exit the game. His 313 yards, 22 caught in the middle of the pack in the league, but a small fire, might be the case, needs to start opposite corners Darell Revis, Jets, and Antonio Cromartie. Coach Tony Sparano is the seven-seat hot game losing streak late last season and rumors that could not survive 0-5 start.

FOX Business has estimated the profit / loss and market share statistics for the past 20 years, the time of Monday night NFL games, and come up with the Monday Night Markets (MNM) score for each team based on their records, and week before the operation of the market. Let's look at what the market has to say.

The major indexes posted strong gains with the Dow Jones ended the week up 4.88% for three weeks in a row and the highest percentage increase since the week ending July 1. S & P 500 also rose, showing a gain of 5.98% today, up to two weeks in a row with the best win since the first week ending in July. The market recovery was mainly driven by continued optimism that the rescue of the euro area would be approved.

Over the past 20 years, the Dolphins have played 37 games Monday night and based on our calculations have a rank of 0.364 on Monday when the Dow closes the week and 0417 when the S & P 500 is up and give them a mNm ranking this week with 0391.

During the same period of 20 years, the Jets have played 19 games Monday night and have a range of 0.467, while the Dow has risen and 0438, when the S & P 500 is up MNM gives this range 0453 weeks.

Monday Night Markets picks the New York Jets at home.