Participate Breast Cancer Walk

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

breast cancer walk
There is a breast cancer walk from different backgrounds held by non-profit organization in the United States. The trip was planned in two days. But it is itself a part of the fundraising event to show appreciation to those who suffer from breast cancer.

People who participate in the Avon walk must spend the night at some place called Wellness Village. Then walk the next day. When participants spend the night, are given the opportunity to approach the other participants. This event is also necessary to strengthen the bond between members. In addition, they also have the opportunity to enjoy the fun and learn the comprehensive breast cancer.

Participants walk Avonden are good people involved in women with breast cancer. It may be the number one killer for every woman in this world. Breast cancer is a terrible threat. They can show their participation in raising funds for the Foundation. Each participant must pay $ 1800 and $ 65 for expenses regristration.

Avon Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1955. It is itself divided into domestic violence and breast cancer. The reputation of this series is well known, because it is involved in the treatment of hard work, research and diagnosis of breast cancer, as opposed to.