"Make Your Mark" Selena Gomez

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez follows the footsteps of Jennifer Lopez and Chrisitne Aguilera - The starlet has signed as a judge for the dance competition on the Disney Channel to come, "Make Your Mark."

Access Hollywood reported that the singer will join other star Roshon Fegan and Disney's Debby Ryan as judges of the show.

"I never ordered anything," Gomez told Access Hollywood. "I'm a little excited."

The winner will have the opportunity to strut their stuff in the Disney show "Shake It Up," a dance show in which teenagers groove, pop and lock.

Gomez recently showed his chic Los Angeles at the premiere of a new thriller, "Everything." Us Weekly said that all eyes were on display Gomez because he put "a tiny pair of shorts shiny blacks, sexy strappy high heels and a flowing white top."

The singer was in the midst of a breakup with a boyfriend of superstar Justin Bieber.

ShowbizSpy.com entertainment site reported that Gomez is "increasingly frustrated" with behavior Bieber.

"Justin is still a child," a confidential source told the site. "All he wants to do is watch movies and play video games."

The shocking news comes days after Bieber went public about how great it felt Gomez, and

"It makes me laugh, and she puts up with my jokes," said Bieber ShowbizSpy city. "We were both raised by our mothers in single parent families, and it gave us a lot of family values ​​even in life."

Yet unnamed source said that "it does not work."

"Selena is very young woman," the source said in the interview. "Most of the time they are separated due to work commitments.

"She wants to go out and romantic dinners," said the source. "But this is not the case."