NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, was happy to be back on a football field Thursday night, instead of being in a courtroom. Six weeks removed from the end of the lock of his players in the NFL, Goodell was all smiles, the Green Bay Packers began the 2011 season against the Saints in New Orleans.

He worked on the sidelines before the game greeting former players, sponsors and sign autographs for fans. He spent several minutes chatting with former Packers Super Bowl MVP quart Bart stars in the moments before kickoff.

"It's good to talk about football again, instead of courts and conventions," Goodell said in an interview with The Business Journal of the lawn. "It's a fantastic atmosphere and I'm glad we get to experience."

Goodell said he was happy for the league was able to obtain a 10-year agreement with the players, because it gave the NFL and the necessary security.

"We can now proceed on key priorities, knowing that we have labor peace for the next decade," he said. "It was a good deal for both parties, the one where you don ' was no time to everything we wanted. But we did something that was in the best interest of the league. "

Goodell said the new collective agreement was important for teams Packers, because it keeps the revenue share of the league to allow teams like Green Bay to compete with major markets.

"It was important for us as a league to ensure that all our teams will be successful and I think the players realized that," he said. "Green Bay has always been a large part of this league and this agreement will only help them to remain competitive in the long term."