Michael Vick Was Spitting Blood

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Michael Vick was spitting blood and walking off the field for the last time fantasy football owners saw him. It's not good.

Eagles quarterback thrilling, and a very high draft in fantasy football leagues, wounded in the neck yesterday, defeating the Atlanta Falcons is a strange game where it was assembled around him and knocked the helmet in their own offensive linemen. ONT language sounds little Vick and was helped off the field because he was seen spitting blood on the turf.

Apparently, blood is only his tongue and nothing more serious. But he also suffered a concussion, to play, leaving his availability for next week's game against the New York Giants in the air.

What is ironic about this injury is that it does not happen to a Crypt trademarks Vick or one of his superhuman athletic movements. Instead of being hit by a charging linebacker, he obtained by his own teammate.

And that's what we all knew would happen to Vick. It is a little guy who throws his body around, more than any other NFL quarterback (NFL running back or for that matter) playing behind a suspect offensive line. It had to happen. And anyway, the fantasy football sites (except ours) had classified as being either the first or second quarterback behind Aaron Rodgers total. We had ranked sixth for this very reason. If we have to pass an end of first choice or second round guy Ona, we prefer to stay with the person who has a better chance to stay on the pitch and play all 16 games as he missed almost all games in the season his career (and not counting those that failed in the fighting of dogs.)

Everyone knew that Vick is going to hurt at some point this season. It was only a matter of when and for how long. More information is available today, but we have seen how concussions have affected the players lok Austin Collie, Ben Roethlisberger, the NHL, Sidney Crosby, MLB Justin Morneau and a host of other athletes in recent years years.

If we learned anything from frightening and concussions, is that Vick could be out from the rest of the season. He's almost certainly opened their home, but time will tell how long he is out.

For all the fantasy players, who owned a Vick, you should wash the waiver wire this week replacement. It could be a very long season for you.
Michael Vick was spitting blood