Dead Island Incomplete, Patch Coming Today

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

There seems to be some controversy to make a version of Island of the Dead, which was released through the steam.

First, some players who have dug into the code found evidence that was not a final version was probably indicating that a developer build. It could be just a matter of a code to be reused or some lines are not removed in time or not.

It also seems that some debugging code left the game (press Y to go into noclip mode), which is the foundation of all beliefs that this is a dev version and the final. Now, after a long conversation and watch the game code of the Forum of steam, Deep Silver Official Gadwyn, sent a follow-up Dead Island forums:

We deeply regret that it was not possible to make the final patched Dead Island available to players at launch in North America.

We apologize for any questions you may have experienced during the game, the final version is correct on North American players of today.

Other areas are not affected by this situation, the game will be fully updated on Friday, available as advertised.

So, it seems to admit that the version sent to the steam was not final, but instead to delay the release, or to warn the players, but just push it away, because if nobody would notice. In the end, the decision was wrong and now have been caught in flagrante delicto.

A patch is set to be pushed out to North American PC version owners today. Destructoid received a list of fixes that would be in the day one patch for the game and here’s everything you can expect.

* Fixed map synchronization when player joins during map load.
* Fixed saving player re-spawn position when playing in co-op mode.
* Fixed occasional inability to complete sidequests in Laboratory.
* Improved enemy awareness (zombies).
* Fixed occasional bug with NPC’s hands bend (IK)
* Fixed spawning enemies in some quests after joining co-op game.
* Fixed showing locations on invisible NPCs.
* Fixed potential path blocker when quest "Knockin’ on heaven’s door" was completed before talking to Dominik during the "On the air" quest.
* Fixed displaying gather rings near some doors.
* Fixed enemy reaction to fire.
* Fixed enemies’ health and stamina bars in co-op.
* Fixed filtering of games in lobby.
* Volume of pickup’s engine has been increased.
* Fixed a number of issues causing game instability.
* Fixed the switching of maps upon player death.
* Fixed enemies unable to reach the player on some arenas.
* Thrown items cannot be picked up by co-op players for five minutes.
* Items from freshly opened containers cannot be picked up by other players for five seconds to prevent theft.
* Fixed animation glitch when trading with team members.
* More than one player can use a ladder at the same time.
* Fixed stomping execution animation when target’s attacked by a second player.
* Fixed the infinite respawning of shooting enemies.
* Fixed not hiding menu if players die inside a vehicle.
* Fixed item level calculation when playing New Game Plus.
* Added information about players requesting pause in co-op.
* Fixed A.I. animation glitch after fast-traveling or using a map portal.
* Added distinction between quest checkpoints and other types of saves.
* Fixed bug causing all inventory to disappear.
* Fixed reloading and kicking. After the clip goes in, the reload is a success.
* Purna can gain bonus rage from both "Grim Inspiration" and "Inspiring Kick".
* Only "Walker" type enemies increase the extra XP of the "Combo" skill from Xian’s Survival skill tree.
* Health regeneration is disabled during grabs.
* Focus on items in shops not changing after selling or buying.
* More HP for NPCs in escort missions.
* Butcher enemies won’t spawn at all during escort missions (hooray!)
* Fixed tracking after loading checkpoint.
* Increased minimum vertical distance to count a waypoint as passed for NPCs (they no longer wander back-and-forth).

So now only did Techland and Deep Silver know the game had some serious issues, they knew exactly what they were and again, instead of pushing out the release date, simply pushed out a broken game or rather, an unfinished product. No, it’s not the first time a company has done it, and will probably not be the last, but it’s starting to become a bad habit for the industry.