ACT Scores Results Taken From Fort Morgan

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

ACT scores results taken from Fort Morgan, 11-year elementary school last year increased slightly over the previous year, according to findings published in Fort Morgan School District.

Students who graduate this spring were placed in 0.2 of a point above last year's seniors in the test that was taken during the years of high school, as well as English and mathematics, and reading more than 0.1 and science.

Mathematics is the highest score in the results of the ACT this year, the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Evaluation Joy Perry said, noting that it could be considered as a result of the emphasis in the teaching of mathematics in secondary school. Students from Fort Morgan averaged 17.9 points per part of math. The state average for math was 20.4.

England had the most points the average student in Fort Morgan. This was also the theme on which local students were far more than the average of the state, Fort Morgan, an average of 16.1 points, and the state average of 20.1 points.

But students Fort Morgan, on average 17.7 points or reading compared to average 20.9 points in the state. As to the previous year, reading scores seem to be a downward trend in general, the average score over 18 points was shared by seven years before that.

Science is another area that has seen a small improvement over last year, after a substantial decline in results. State average this year was 20.7 natural part of the ACT. The most recent results of the local average of 17.9 points in 2010 average of 17.8 points. But almost all the eight years before the results were averaged over 18 points.

Mean composite score were statistically equal between the classes of 2011 and 2010, according to results released by the district, sitting at 17.5 points.

However, these figures are a bit disappointing due to changes in the type of data transmitted to the State and included in the statistics, according to Perry.

Perry told the Board of Education of Fort Morgan "no qualifications" of students not tested are not included in the results of 2011, but were in 2010.

Board member Rob Carruth fear because change data was not correct in his analysis of the results is somewhat higher.

"We're not really comparing apples to apples," he said. "2011 is a new baseline."

Perry said that was true in a sense, but that the Government should not serve their students' performance in the test.

Just like in Fort Morgan, the results were similar in the two years, instead of radically different, the performance stable government in all areas tested, said Perry.

Perry also said the Council some of the other statistical differences between the data, including the results of the gap between white and Hispanic test-takers.

Overall, Hispanic students in the ACT last year received an average of 3.9 points below the white companion.

Perry has also released information on dozens of students re-take the ACT examination last year.

This difference was greater than two years ago, but below the results of three to four years.

"We're just average with the state," she said. "There is no real dramatic news here."

He noted that students in the district "to overcome the state to take a series of rigorous courses in math" and are "close to the state of science."

But Perry said she was concerned about the total number of students for the test results showed that was prepared for college courses after graduating from Fort Morgan High School.

He said that more attention can be given during class times to create what students need for large companies wishing to pursue college or other post-high school educational opportunities.

"A challenge for our whole system is to think about what classes they need to take," said Perry. "It is our system to prepare children for what they need."