Cannes Film Festival 2011

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Jury corrected some mistakes. After 64 The annual Cannes Film Festival was full of contradictions and bad behavior, it did so on Sunday, the distribution of prizes - if this was intended or not - has contributed more than a few points where the prize goes to the 'Tree of Life, melancholy, and an artist ...

Led by its president, Robert De Niro, the jury (pictured) won the Palme d'Or at the writer-director Terrence Malick's Tree of enigmatic life, a meditation on life, death and the origins of universe as seen through the lens of a 1950 of the family in Texas. It stars Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain, McCracken Hunter, and Sean Penn. Some critics have praised, while others laughed at his mix of suburban American culture with images of the cosmos and evolution, and the film was the subject of boos and applause from mourning its debut at the Festival screening last Monday.

His prize, the Palme d'Or jury the balance tips in favor of ambitious drama, which premiered in May U.S. 27. Not that the film was booed by some, now is the winner of Best Film at Cannes 2011.

The output of other major new festival was the Danish director Lars Von Trier jokes in bad taste to be a Nazi, who threw a light around his ugly saga end of the world-acclaimed Melancholia further, putting Kirsten Dunst featured as a new bride as a new planet in the solar system occur on a collision course with Earth.

Festival organizers said Von Trier "persona non grata" after his speech at the Press Conference of melancholia, and he later apologized, but he woke when the division director the Antichrist, who has already won the Palme d'Or for 2000 Bjork musical Dancer in the Dark should be punished so severely for what was clearly not a serious comment. Melancholia won any major awards that von Trier, director and screenwriter, would have been obliged to withdraw. (His conviction meant he was not welcome at the ceremony, but was still eligible to win.)

But in what was seen as a consolation prize for a contributor also earned the movie, Dunst took the award for best actress - Tilda Swinton win, which was widely considered a frontrunner for his performance as the distraught mother a high school killer We must talk about Kevin.

Again, recognizing the quality of the film, helped push the Cannes jury outside distractions, which had dominated the headlines.

Other winners French actor Jean Dejardin feel better for his charismatic landmark 1920 silent-actor facing a career as a guard on the walkie talkie Hollywood melodrama The artist, who was shot in black and white, silent-movie style . Hopeful, song and dance Crowdpleaser was a festival of love, and is scheduled to open in the United States this fall.

Ryan Gosling gravel getaway car theft drama of the unit has won the honors for best director Nicolas Winding Refn (Bronson), while the high scenario was to Joseph Cedar, screenwriter and director of the Israeli film Hearat Shulayim (reference) , the father of the child war academics.

The French cop saga Polis won the Jury Prize and the Grand Prize was shared between The Kid Velo at (the kid with a bike), the story of a neglected child lashing out at his father left him, and He Once in Anatolia, on life in a small Turkish town.