White Apple iPhone 4 10 Months Late

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

White Apple iPhone 4, when about 10 months late, will go on sale Thursday. Free phone calls, which some believe will never be published and others jokingly referred to as a mythical creature that resembles a snowman, was held up to industrial problems.

"The white 4 iPhone is here and it's beautiful," said Philip Schiller, Apple senior vice president of product marketing worldwide, in a statement. "We thank all those who waited patiently as we work to get all the details right."

Cupertino, Calif., tech giant initially sold alongside the iPhone model four black and white, when the phone came out last June, pending the submission of the issues raised.

Apple has not said definitively what the problems were, but speculation about the peeling paint and problems of heat sensors in the device response to the line of lighter shade available.

In July the company said, "White models of the new Apple iPhone is still four to be more difficult to produce than we originally expected," while promising at this stage, that phone will be available in 2010.

Different colors, white 4 iPhone is exactly the same appearance and function of its black counterpart, the execution of processor A4 Apple and Apple offers video chat face-time with the front facing camera, among other features.

The white iPhone 4 will be available in the U.S. for both AT & T and Verizon customers and sell the same price as the units previously published in black: $ 199 for 16GB model and $ 299 for 32GB with a new model of two-year wireless standard.

The new iPhone's release comes four whites on the same day after several days of silence, Apple offers an explanation for its iPhone 3G and iPads track the location of a user, citing confusion for users and software bugs.