Wanting As Helvetica

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Wanting as Helvetica: Then it is likely to enjoy jokes invented by Google biggest celebration this year of the Internet, April Fool's Day. If you are not a font nerd, you can ignore that Helvetica was a bit of the status of revered police, serious and well respected among fans. (For example, is used in a large part of the official signs in New York as the subway.)

Wanting as Helvetica is clean lines and lack of smart shots, Comic Sans is widely hated by people who are emotional about the sources. (A site has long been calling almost anyone who does not speak in writing of the cartoon bubble please, for God's sake, do not use Comic Sans for any professional application or almost any application.) And yet the protests of graphic designers and webmasters everywhere, people still use for business communications, websites and email signatures. So embarrassing.