NCAA Championship Game Time

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

NCAA Championship Game Time: 2011 NCAA championship game between UConn and Butler will start Monday night 4 April. And 'the second line of mobile Horizon League Bulldogs when the Huskies are third NCAA title for over a decade.

Play TV program the time and commentators: Tip-off is scheduled for 9:23 p.m. ET, with coverage from CBS at 9 pm ET. Jim Nantes will be prepared for its weekend Masters trot a bit of wordplay so obvious that one way or another Twitter will prove unable to predict. He is assisted by the talented Clark Kellogg reporter Tracy Wolfson rule, which shall be kept away from juice Kemba Walker Kemba Kem.

Venue: Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas, the football stadium, the sight lines received a lot hurrumphing may contribute to a draft summary for Saturday's final four games. This could be a problem, and Nantes smells opportunity to catch phrase.

How did we get here? Both teams have been largely disappointing regular season, but caught fire at the right time. UConn known defeat in five games in five nights in Big East title, but Butler took his last-minute victory against Old Dominion is ... Well, actually, each of Butler's victory is a victory at the last second.

Vegas says: UConn was favored by 4 to start the week, but Butler's now only a 3-point underdog.