Josh Hamilton Home Plate Slides

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Date of Josh Hamilton home plate slides caused a small fracture of the hand, pushing aside her six to eight weeks, the Texas Rangers slugger were very frustrated.

"To add insult to injury, I was very sick last night," Hamilton said. "A sinus infection, I think."

restless sleep did not change Hamilton's view of the game, which he called "stupid" on Wednesday (after calling him "stupid" Tuesday). He did not mention third base coach Dave Anderson, which Hamilton said he was sent home when the coach saw that no one is a dish when Adrian Beltre hit a foul popup on the ground near the third base line. Hamilton tried to score and was added to house catcher Victor Martinez, who made a nice play on the back and apply the tag.

The game caused a small fracture of a bone in his arm Hamilton at the top right. He was placed on the disabled list on Wednesday and is held in a sling. Not expected to hit for a month.

"It sucks, but I think it could be worse," Hamilton said of the injury. "There is nothing I can do about it."

Anderson said he plans to speak at Hamilton "at some point, but won the respect of the player after the play of frustration. Hamilton said Tuesday that it had doubts about the decision beforehand, but listened to his coach.

"I threw him under the bus for telling the truth about what happened," said Hamilton. "What do you do, lie?" People are going to blame anyone they want to blame. "

Manager Ron Washington was asked about Hamilton's comments.

"I will not go into what Josh feels," said Washington. "He is entitled to feel what he feels. Of course, I will not blame David. He saw an opening and tried to get did not work. Josh has to live with what he said."

Hamilton's absence means that some changes in the alignment of the Rangers. Michael Young is batting third against the Tigers on Wednesday and David Murphy is becoming an everyday player with Hamilton. Chris Davis came from the less than 90 minutes before Wednesday's game and is a member of the judiciary. Washington said that Davis could play first base and third and why the field does not work with coach Gary Pettis to see if you can play the outfield in a pinch. Mitch Moreland could see some time in the field.

"I'm ready," said Murphy. "That's why I'm here, right? This is not the way I wanted to get playing time, but I'm going to do my job the best I can and help this team win."

Murphy met Hamilton in September last year and led the team with an average of 0.355 bar. He has always struggled in April of his career .227 average, the lowest of any month. But you feel better in spring training and a good start so far in 2011 can not let him be a productive month. See more consistent-bats did not hurt either.

"I felt fine in training camp and I felt great the first week or two and do not play often and felt I lost my rhythm a bit," Murphy said. "But I'm still up there. I do not think that this April will be 2009 or 2010. Only time will tell."

Washington is convinced his team to win this contract without Hamilton.

"We are hurt because it one of our guys better," said Washington. "For us to continue with what we plan to do this year, the guys we depend on to stay healthy. Well, we lost. We will not hide in a hole. We're going to play baseball. We do not make excuses. "

Washington, the third-base coach for 10 seasons in Oakland, knows what it means to send someone's house and do go wrong.

"You think Dave is the only one who has passed?" Washington said. "You can talk to any other third-base coach. Send kids home plate, and do not get hurt. It is part of the game you want to do all the weak? We played aggressive. Happened."

Anderson maintained his decision to send Hamilton.

"Thinking about the past, what we did," says Anderson. He scored another on a groundout to the infield twice. He did the first time. We did a double steal with him. Part of the game is more aggressive and take advantage of situations. The sad part is that he got hurt. But if you go out and play the game and play hard, these things will happen. "

Anderson reiterated that Hamilton would have preferred not to fall headfirst into home plate.

"We tell all of our players that," Anderson said. "That's especially true with all of the equipment the catcher wears to slide feet first."

Hamilton defended his head-first slide, saying that was the only way to try to avoid a tag and make the play.

"The object is to score and if you go feet first, that gives them all this up here to tag," said Hamilton, pointing at his upper body. "It is what it is. It's over. It sucks it happened, but it happened. We'll deal with it."

Hamilton said he doesn't plan on changing the way he plays the game.

"How else would I play?" Hamilton said. "You can get hurt by doing anything."

The Rangers planned to play Hamilton more in left field to help guard against injury and protect the wear and tear on his body. But the 2010 AL MVP got hurt Tuesday as the designated hitter.

Hamilton was forced to answer more questions about his durability in light of the latest injury. He's missed long stretches throughout his career with various injuries. Since getting to the majors in 2007, Hamilton has played more than 133 games in a season just once (2008). He was asked if his body is more susceptible to injuries than most.

"I can understand that if I was pulling things like hamstrings or quads and it was not actual high-intensity things like hitting walls," Hamilton said. "I'm making plays that the game calls me to make and I'm getting injured that way. That proves to me that I can get hurt any time doing anything. I'm tired of talking about it, to be honest with you."