Extreme Couponing TLC

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Extreme Couponing TLC : which premiered on TLC provoked extreme reactions. Some commentators and spectators have dismissed the program as an example of the selfishness of obsession. Others admire the ingenuity of buyers who are able to reduce grocery bills over $ 1,000 to just over $ 100.

I think the show is a clever example of the two parts of floating right now. The first extreme is fascinated by the behavior of the filter, Reality TV, if we're talking about father's people a lot of guys (hey, Duggar family) or spending a lot of drugs in their bodies (hey, intervention and relapse). Another is that many people have no money as before. It's the economy, not stupid!

Of course, some people presented couponing Extreme Storage on things they do not need, like the guys who admitted he does not eat mustard, even if his wife bought dozens of bottles of cloth. But this is TV works these days: people watching The Biggest Loser, and at best, maybe get some advice and inspiration to lose weight. It is undesirable programming, but it gives a burst of useful information.

The same applies to Extreme coupons. If, while stunned people spend their lives going through the bins for newspaper coupon supplements, a viewer learn to reduce their grocery bill for family functions, what is wrong? Leisure and free food (ISH).

I will not lie: I'm not going to add coupons to my program Extreme DVR. But I do not mean to discount, if you pardon the expression, impulses, and in some cases, that excites his popularity.