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Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Career Builder: Many pilots of World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series tour can trace their passion for the sport back to a single track where he grew up. Some people dream of the fight against high banks of Eldora Speedway or keep the throttle open in front of a packed house at Knoxville Raceway. Paul McMahan, his path to the greatest show on dirt can be tracked at Calistoga Speedway, a half-mile oval, broad at the picturesque wine country of Northern California.

McMahan and the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series returns to Northern California this weekend to visit the first series of the history of Merced Speedway on Friday and the first event of 2007, at Calistoga Speedway on Saturday.

"I remember going to see my Uncle Calistoga race cars do not hang about 12 times a year," said McMahan, 40, who operates the machine # 83 HR cattle belonging to a unique partnership in California Dennis Roth and Kasey Kahne . "We used to camp there all the time and I have a lot of good memories growing up there in years 70 and 80."

McMahan grew up in Elk Grove, California, but lives in Nashville, Tenn., for several years. He has rejuvenated his career in 2010 after having held elected Kahne Cody Darrah, who was wounded a few hours before the first race of the season. McMahan performance car # 91 was one of the biggest hits of the season and he has another hit with the Kasey Kahne Racing this season. McMahan, who has eight World of Outlaws main event victory of his career as nothing more than to take the checkered flag, or Friday night in Merced, or Saturday in Calistoga, where he undoubtedly has a lot of friends and family, involvement in the memories many children have been shaped not only the race is also a culture that surrounds the show.

"Speedway is located in a large part of the state," said McMahan, who in 11 years in 1981, the National Midget champion and the fourth is the only driver to compete in the World of Outlaws circuit in the car owned by Kasey Kahne Racing and Tony Stewart Racing. "I remember the ladies used to dress up and go tasting because of all the vineyards have been close to the line. When all is done there, it was usually time for a race so everyone just walked Speedway.

Remember you are now McMahan married father of two, who wants to return to Calistoga. In addition, though growing up in Golden State, McMahan was never Merced Speedway and expects the series first visit of the quarter-mile bullring.

"Merced is a fun event," said McMahan, who is leading the industry to meet three times already this season and set a record for the month of February at Volusia Speedway Park when he began to tour around the oval half a mile, 12.569 seconds. "Sprint Racing is always exciting and competitive, no matter where you are State of California."