Printable Coupons For It Self GIC Products

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Catalina Marketing, known for its coupon distribution including recipes entered in supermarkets and other retail banks, has launched a new website, allowing users to select and print coupons online for itself GIC products .

The site recently launched, is a scalable solution for the reduction of newspaper readers and the corresponding erosion of factions (FSIS) as a distribution channel for deals CPG, "said Susan Gear, Catalina's vice president of digital.

St. Petersburg, FL-based Catalina, however, continue to offer discounts to record the output of the tape. But the privately held company says it saw an opportunity to use the buyers of the growing interest in online coupons to drive deeper brand engagement provides reductions.

"One advantage of under-reported online coupons is that they can induce consumers to obtain a deeper experience of equity with fire," said Gear. "We designed the site so that trademarks can really talk to consumers about their product attributes, including exciting new features, flavors and varieties. And something of a delay in the field [of printable coupons online], we tried to use our position to reflect not only how to distribute coupons, but how to really help retailers to build relationships with consumers. "

The new site offers pages provide users can sort by the newest, most value or the first date. A basket stamp counter displays the total number of coupons from the list and the total savings potential. If you choose to register on the site, users can save their favorite stores to see more offers customized to the location of suppliers.

Besides linking the product photos and brief descriptions of each coupon offer also includes a site "more" link, where buyers can see a more detailed description of the product on offer. In most cases, the landing page can also be extended by product category or assistance with purchasing slot.

"It's unique for us [the online discount sites], and gives us the flexibility to offer our brands to participate more space to attract consumers," said Gear. "Brands can see more than a product shot. Some of our brands could include a recipe or ideas for creative uses."

For example, a customer to click for more information about a $ 1 on Kellogg's Frosted Flakes can then choose to see the six breakfast special offers link on the site, or three offers of breakfast cereals.

Catalina is also a search marketing budget against an individual product pages to buy branded search terms for each bid on keywords and use them for ads pay-per-click, which allows visitors to click directly specific product page CouponNetwork expects to see.

Both CouponNetwork site and product information pages also contain a header banner high roller in which brands can attract attention to the discounts they offer below. Top navigation Site also contains a tab for "Marks" that leads visitors quickly to a page that contains all offers of a single fire. To label side can also carry a banner for the brand.

Web site users to print coupons without registering, but all users must download an activator of coupons printed, plug-in software designed to make the distribution of coupons for online retailers and manufacturers secure and control the number printed coupon.

Besides offering an impression Catalina join a large number of websites where customers can download the coupons, the site has the advantage of being able to offer subscribers a draw in their YourBucks exclusive rewards program. Unlike retail coupons or manufacturer YourBucks awards are not tied to a particular product and can be used to buy anything at participating stores.

Store buyers to earn your U.S. dollars by purchasing products that are involved in premium dollars for the program at the time of purchase. print shops Prizes can be redeemed in the next marketing trip to the user. Your Bucks award supported the operators participating in the program who maintain Gear says, because the costs of premiums before the consumer has used the coupon and made a qualifying purchase.

But the visitors registered on the site can search specifically for product promotions YourBucks rewards program and offers a download link, apply discounts, and get a printed statement of your total current YourBucks rewards. You can then use the points YourBucks the next time you go to a dealer and buy.

Monitoring your share of dollars is the most important incentive for visitors to register, "says Gear. When they do, they can select and receive e-mail or text alerts to your U.S. dollars at the supermarket offers the parties of their choice, including & P, Shoprite, Waldbaums and super fresh.

Even if your dollars for the program pre-dated Catalina sees the launch of a new Web site a valuable opportunity to give more visibility to the allocation system. "Consumers want it, because it is easy to use, and retailers like it because it will push slowly trips to the store" Gear says. "We want to, because it is exclusive to us and use the printer is already installed in stores. So you see us adding more and more U.S. dollars for your offer the content of our site next year."

Catalina, the expansion of online distribution should be for digital printing is gaining Mindshare good Americans of all ages. A recent study Morpace marketing research firm, showed that two thirds of U.S. consumers have used coupons to purchase online.

While Web coupons still represent a small fraction of the total distribution of coupons for about 1%, according to a report of Kantar Media that most of the index in terms of redemption, making a 10% to 15% of all coupons received in.
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Rosie Huntington Whiteley

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and her boyfriend Jason Statham arrives at LAX airport, take a flight on Thursday (April 28) in Los Angeles.

The model of 23 years of Columbia and the actress and her handsome 43-year-old, was heading to New York.

Earlier in the day, Rosie Twitter: "Hello to New York today, I can not wait to be in my favorite city in the world."

Over the weekend, was spotted Rosie and Jason grabbing lunch at Cafe With in Sunset Plaza.

10 + pictures inside of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham at LAX
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Beatification Of John Paul II

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Pope John Paul II is the center of holiness. Mark the date - the feast of Divine Mercy, May 1, 2011 is the beatification of John Paul II, his friend and successor, Pope Benedict XVI in Rome.

On April 2, 2005 at 09:37 Pope John Paul II died. In April 2009, his successor, Pope Benedict XVI told pilgrims in Rome "With you I pray for the gift of her beatification." This prayer was answered. Friday, January 14, 2011, the Holy See has published "Notice of beatification of Servant of God John Paul II." Sunday, January 16, 2011, Pope Benedict XVI after Angelus prayer, said "The first May I have the pleasure to serve the Venerable Pope John Paul II, my predecessor, as a saint.

The choice of the Feast of Divine Mercy, May 1, 2011 for the beautification was chosen intentionally. Pope John Paul II had a deep devotion to his fellow Pole Sister Faustina Kowalska and Divine Mercy cult identified with it.
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Chicago Bears Improve Their Defense

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Chicago Bears moved to improve their defense with the selected Friday night in the NFL Draft.

They worked in an exchange of the Washington Redskins to move up from No. 62 and No. 53 and select defensive tackle Stephen Paea, Oregon State in the second round. As part of the agreement, the Redskins Bears a fourth round, No. 127 in its entirety.

Chicago nabbed the third round of Security Chris Conte, California 93 choice.

The 6-foot-1, 295 pounds Paea was an All-American last season for the Beavers. He had 14 sacks and nine forced fumbles during his career.

Chicago is looking for help on the defensive front after the release former Pro Bowl defensive tackle Tommie Harris. Paea says he can play nose guard or fight against, and that versatility is attractive for the Bears.

Paea was an outstanding football player who was born in the island chain Vav'u the island of Tonga. The first time I attended the Snow (Utah) Community College before going to Oregon, where he started 37 of 38 games with the Beavers.

"If someone told me when I arrived here from Tonga that I would be the 53rd pick in the draft, I laughed because I was expecting the seventh inning, or at least (a little) to get to the NFL when I came here, "said Paea.

As in the NFL, which is similar to Paea chose the former Vikings star John Randle.

"I can not compare with it, but I like his style," Paea said. "About the same height and the ability to play."

Paea has suffered a torn meniscus in his knee during training for the Senior Cup in January and needed arthroscopic surgery, but said Friday night that is 100 percent. The bench press 225 pounds 49 times seen in the NFL combine.

"I'm ready to go," said Paea. "They said that I have the right player for their defense and their system. It takes only one team that you love me. ... Chicago Bears are playing the same defense, and I like to attack the defense."

Last season, he made the game Bears NFC Championship where they were beaten by the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers. The Bears defense was third in points allowed offensive (256), tied for third win (35) and second in rushing defense (90 yards per game).

They now have two possible contributors to Paea and Conte.

Conte has played in 50 games for the Golden Bears and made 17 starts during his career. It developed after the passage of the cornerback to safety as a senior. The 6-foot-3, was 212 pounds Conte selected first-team all last season Pac-10, while 72 tackles.

"For me it was pretty easy. Read safety I felt much more natural to it," said Conte. "It allowed me to see the area and make calls."

And does not lack confidence.

"I always felt that was the best safety of the project," he said.

The Chief Jerry Angelo said locating free safety in the project can be difficult. The Bears have now drawn nine strong ties since 2002, including Major Wright in the third round a year ago.

"Free Safeties are like dinosaurs. Will not find them," says Angelo.

Paea, meanwhile, has also been a force for the Beavers in his last season, when he had four fumbles, had 45 tackles, six sacks and was credited with 11 stops behind the line of scrimmage.

"It's a very disruptive player," Angelo said, adding that the knee problem Paea may have damaged his draft stock, but are not a concern.

In the first round, 29th overall pick Bears Thursday stepped up their offensive line with Wisconsin Gabe Carimi.

Carimi, Wisconsin was a teammate and Nate Tice, whose father was Chicago's offensive line coach Mike. The familiarity is even more profound - the wife and mother of Mike Tice Carimi tailgated together before the games of the Badgers'.
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Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

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In a few moments, fashion lovers around the world get glimpse of the eagerly awaited live in: Kate Middleton wedding dress.

New clues point to Sarah Burton, the late designer Alexander McQueen.

A woman wearing Burton favorite accessories - a leather belt studded belt loops doubled distinctive of his jeans and ballet shoes - was seen entering Thursday Goring Hotel, the headquarters of the Middleton family, according The Daily Telegraph Great Britain.

The woman hid her face under the hat, hair and skin "hunter" in an attempt to conceal his identity from the swarms of photographers and TV crews.

Millions of people will see Middleton walking down the aisle of Westminster Abbey, this morning. However, what is going to be dressed remains a mystery, a topic of speculation that had the fashion world scratching their collective heads for months.

All will be revealed just before 6 pm ET when the name of the designer, as well as photographs and drawings of the dress of Middleton will be on the official site of the royal wedding.

Until then, the dress would be kept in a safe and Middleton, her maid of honor and the designer has seen.

About the only certainty is that this dress is a British designer.

Many media outlets have speculated that the dress is a creation of Burton. McQueen was considered right before his death and 2010 was chief designer for the clothing brand for women since 2000.

Last month, the Telegraph reported that Middleton Burton chose "to the discretion of its relatively low profile, as well as his alternative to the elegance." Burton's work is called "closed eye Middleton" when he designed the off-the-shoulder dress Sara Buys, a fashion editor, who in 2005 married to Tom Parker Bowles, Camilla's son. Buys Middleton is reportedly friendly.

Regarded as one of the edgiest labels Britain would be a McQueen dress comply with the interests of Middleton in fashion. On the other hand, this interest in the faith of fashion in the report of the Daily Mail that Middleton designed dress.

Middleton has long been interested in fashion and design. He worked for the British clothing chain Jigsaw, the accessories buyer after graduating from the University of St. Andrews, where he studied art history. It 'been to St. Andrews, where she modeled in a fashion student and her eyes said Prince William has attracted a transparent dress.

Middleton designed the wedding dress, chances are it will leave much to the imagination. Shortly after the royal engagement was announced, Women's Wear Daily asked top designers including Karl Lagerfeld, Jason Wu, Vera Wang and Monique Lhuilier to present their view of the dress fairytale Middleton.

PHOTO: Dress Designers Imagine Kate Middleton.

Besides clothing, there was widespread speculation about the shoes that bear Middleton. The Huffington Post reported that the bride to be installed four pairs of shoes for her wedding day, each with different heel heights. The lowest will be used to walk down the aisle at Westminster Abbey and must be covered with several layers of silk and embroidery.

Middleton would vary for these shoes and heels more festive Friday afternoon and evenings when she might want to please the beginnings of the masses who loves fashion a dress or two party-ready, too.

In addition, we will see what Middleton does with her veil. Why is the "general" does not need to cover his face as a royal wife to be.

Tiara sparkling medallion complement the ensemble. Queen Elizabeth II's grandmother married, have displayed a selection of royal jewels for Middleton to choose from.
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Gabe Carimi First Round NFL

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In a first round NFL draft picks that included wild and move, the Bears have allowed a little light when his turn came around 10:15 am Thursday. Bears President Jerry Angelo said last week the club was open for four or six different positions.

But if they need an extra push, the Bears took an elbow in which the Detroit Lions reinforced the already daunting line of defense against Nick Fairley with 13 overall pick.

With a series of offensive linemen being caught, the Bears talk to the Baltimore Ravens in the movement of the selection of 29 to 26, but have not eaten much.

"We dropped the ball, I dropped the ball," said Angelo. "What was done can not be undone.

"[Baltimore] did everything according to the rules."

Bears were going to trade up to get Wisconsin Gabe Carimi the other teams we could move ahead of them, but still ended up getting the No 29

The Bears did not have much choice.

Last season they gave up the league high 56 sacks, including one of the shows ill-fated offensive line in NFL history, when Jay Cutler was sacked by NFL-record nine times in the first half against the New York Giants.

Although he started last season, Chris Williams has not complied with the selection of the team has played 14 pick overall in the 2008 draft, moving from tackle to guard. And a seventh rounder flashed potential last season J'Marcus Webb, Williams seems to start from the inside, Carimi started out.

There are problems, but if Carimi is athletic enough to begin to address the left.

"Wherever they need me to bear," Carimi said Thursday, "I'll be plugged"

"Of course I believe I can play left tackle," Carimi said the NFL Combine. 'E' at the institute what they need and want to have. "

Webb finished last season on the right side, but it can be pretty athletic to swing on the left side.

Anyway, what is clear is that Carimi has the credibility and trust. He replaced Joe Thomas (third overall pick of the Cleveland Browns in 2007) in Wisconsin, and claimed the prestigious Outland Trophy, given lineman in the nation, after doing well against hunters spend much prestige as Purdue Ryan Kerrigan (Washington Redskins 16), Adrian Clayborn Iowa (20 in Tampa Bay) and Cameron Heyward, Ohio State (31 in Pittsburgh).

This is probably because he faced teammate JJ Watt (11th overall to the Houston Texans), in practice every day.

"I have a better resume to help defeat talent than anyone else, it makes me more [pro] ready," Carimi said the combine, adding that he is stronger and many began under his belt. "That's why I'm No. 1 side over there."

Thursday, asked his confidence / cockiness, Carimi said: "It 'was just my confidence in my ability to play my position.

"There will be no problem here."

Cutler had no comment on the first-round pick of the team. But his girlfriend, actress Kristin Cavallari, made a funny comment on Twitter.

"Yay, we have a linjapihdit offensive! Go Bears," he wrote.

According to statistics, in the first round were the offensive linemen had an immediate impact in recent years.

Since 2006, over 60 percent of the teams (14 of 23) than offensive linemen drafted in the first round had started 10 games and increased its protection of New York life, with 64 percent of the equipment record double-digit improvements.

It 's the key to the Bears rank dead last in the index in which the factors of the length formula of attempts to overcome the team to combine the offensive linemen penalties, sacks allowed and quarterback hurries and knockdowns.
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Microsoft (MSFT) and line KOB godt. Virksomheden, der på rapporterer indtjening April 28 final will make just 40 billion dollars in værdipapirer i kontanter og på den markedet The computer PERSONLIG styresystemer, og later in the city of misunde Flester Virksomhed. Bestand havde to earnings taken in om CP CC April 11, 1926 of 500 aktieindekset 29 procent på mindre end of Standard & Poor's pe 15.5. Ikke så mærkeligt analytikere 34 af det 26 som det dækker spleen in indsamlet "KOB" af ifølge Bloomberg data.

Microsoft (MSFT) seems a bargain. The company, which announces earnings on April 28, more than $ 40 million in cash and cash equivalents, a lock on the market for personal computer operating systems and profit margins that most companies would envy. The stock had a price / earnings ratio of about-11 on 26 April and 29 percent less than the PE in the Standard & Poor 500-stock's 15.5. No wonder that 26 of the 34 analysts covering the note to "buy", according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

But the stock is fixed. It closed at 26 on April 26 a price that first crossed in 1998 and close to the average of 27 since early 2001. For 10 years until April 22, shares produced a total return of -7 percent while the S & P 500 returned 30 percent. For all its apparent brightness, Microsoft suffers from an identity crisis. It is not considered a growth company because it did not come up with successful new products to rapidly produce profit-taking, how Apple (AAPL) a. And with a yield of 2.4 per cent, is not donating money enough to satisfy investors value. Microsoft is in danger of being a value trap, a stock that always seems to be selling for less than it is worth.

"Microsoft has spent 10 times what Apple has in the past decade, and the quality of innovation simply not there," said Eric Jackson of Ironfire Capital, a hedge fund in the Naples, Fla. The company has launched several products could not be taken, including the music player Zune, which will cease production this year. Its mobile operating system for smart phones and tablets are not a tooth in markets dominated by Apple, Research in Motion (RIMM) and Google (GOOG) Android.

"Pot Täytyy Heras tulossa Jossa sanovat osakkeenomistajat," jotain T! "Sano Richard Doherty, Envisioneering ryhmän johtaja, joka yrityksiin teknologia neuvoo. Työntekijöitä yhteyttä paheksua have healthy, etta heiden osakkeensa that menestynyt Miten ja kehitys yhtiö that jäänyt teknologia iso, ja Kutenai verkostoituminen sosiaalinen streaming media." And NART Toimi optioista rikastua Microsoftin. "

Although the company has returned 170 billion U.S. dollars to investors in buybacks and dividends over the last decade, some investors want more. Jackson said that last summer pushed Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Peter Klein to increase the quarterly dividend population of at least five times what the company finally decided, up 3 cents to 16 cents per share on 21 September. "I said it was necessary to awaken to shareholders the value of one share of high performance, and Microsoft," says Jackson.

The stock Hausse est en de 4 pour cent depuis the annonce de dividendes, mutandis que les actions d'aucun de ses verse Apple here 66 billion dollars Trésor de Trésorerie, Augmentin ont de 24 pour cent. IBM (IBM), an SI habilement diversifiée the PC activité de ses actions que "sont à niveau de tous les UN temps. Le Dit de directeur général des Relations avec les investisseurs Microsoft, Le projet de loi Koefoed," Sur le long terme, action est une indication des résultats des profits, et nous nous feel themselves tres bien sur nos perspectives avenir ".

Value investor Whitney Tilson resources T2 is a fan of Microsoft's long-term. His 2010 letter to investors upward trend, Tilson wrote that the social evaluation was "insanely small." In February, told investors that connects Microsoft game. He took issue with what he called "a consensus that is disappearing giant Microsoft, saying" there is no current evidence to support it. Parts of Microsoft's market in its main business areas are stable or increasing, and sales, margins and profits and good growth. We believe that strong growth in Serbian for Microsoft. "

Ironfire Jackson is not buying that argument. "They should have their strength in cash," he said. "And I do not intend to remain a growth company."
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White Apple iPhone 4 10 Months Late

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White Apple iPhone 4, when about 10 months late, will go on sale Thursday. Free phone calls, which some believe will never be published and others jokingly referred to as a mythical creature that resembles a snowman, was held up to industrial problems.

"The white 4 iPhone is here and it's beautiful," said Philip Schiller, Apple senior vice president of product marketing worldwide, in a statement. "We thank all those who waited patiently as we work to get all the details right."

Cupertino, Calif., tech giant initially sold alongside the iPhone model four black and white, when the phone came out last June, pending the submission of the issues raised.

Apple has not said definitively what the problems were, but speculation about the peeling paint and problems of heat sensors in the device response to the line of lighter shade available.

In July the company said, "White models of the new Apple iPhone is still four to be more difficult to produce than we originally expected," while promising at this stage, that phone will be available in 2010.

Different colors, white 4 iPhone is exactly the same appearance and function of its black counterpart, the execution of processor A4 Apple and Apple offers video chat face-time with the front facing camera, among other features.

The white iPhone 4 will be available in the U.S. for both AT & T and Verizon customers and sell the same price as the units previously published in black: $ 199 for 16GB model and $ 299 for 32GB with a new model of two-year wireless standard.

The new iPhone's release comes four whites on the same day after several days of silence, Apple offers an explanation for its iPhone 3G and iPads track the location of a user, citing confusion for users and software bugs.
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Birth Certificate Of Barack Obama

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The White House issued the birth certificate of Barack Obama in its entirety, in an effort to end what Obama calls rest "carnival barkers" a distraction to the case of the serious problems facing America.

In the televised statement, Obama said he was "confused" about how the questions about his place of birth was in progress, was elected in 2008 and said: ". We have no time for such nonsense"

"We will not be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers," Obama said.

Donald Trump, real estate developer and TV personality would carry weight for the Republican candidate for president, immediately took credit for Obama's message.

"Today I am very proud of myself because I did something that no one else can reach," Trump told reporters at the airport in New Hampshire, when to raise the issue repeatedly in recent interviews.

Trump claims to have investigators in Hawaii investigating Obama's birth, although it does not give details and a CNN investigation has found no evidence of anyone working on behalf of Donald Trump.

Hawaii Registrar confirmed copy new version of the document to the White House Monday. He claims that Barack Hussein Obama II was born Aug. 4, 1961 7:24 Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecology Hospital of the city of Honolulu.

The certificate is signed by the physician of delivery, the mother of Obama and the district secretary. His mother, then 18, signed his name (Stanley) Ann Dunham Obama.

The birth certificate records the father of the president as Barack Hussein Obama, 25, born in Kenya, and lists his occupation as student and parent's race as African.

Obama's mother is recorded as "white" in the race, and as born in Wichita, Kansas.

The White House also released a letter to the President of the applicant two certified copies of his original birth live. The band has also published a letter from Loretta fuddy, medical director of Hawaii approved the request.

In another statement, the White House said Obama has asked the Hawaii State Department of Health to make an exception to a statutory license for free, and has granted an exemption to the "because a huge number of requests were always".

The decision to issue the certificate so-called long form can be the end of a complex conspiracy theories are developed in a small group who believed that Obama was secretly born outside the United States - probably in Kenya, a country of origin father - and smuggled back to the ground.

In an effort to quell the rumors of Obama's campaign released a copy of your birth certificate shortly before the 2008 presidential election. But the rumors persisted, and a recent Gallup survey published by U.S. Today showed that nearly a quarter of Americans believe that Obama was probably or definitely born in another country, while 20% said they did not know. Only 38% of Americans surveyed said that Obama was actually born in the United States.
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The Voice Valuable Lesson

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Voice has taught us all valuable lesson tonight: Do not judge a show of his fierce advertising campaign. For weeks, NBC has infuriated dozens and dozens of viewers (and at least one famous person) by performing outrageous points darken the screen of his new song contest below their regular programming. But if someone did not put the first episode of La Voz, because they were tired of these ads, which lost a series that can be played only breathe a little life into the genre to sing show also saturated.

It is not, however, completely renovated on the bike. At the top of the item within two hours in the evening, host Carson Daly is set to declare, "a singing contest than anything else, because it brings the capability of the song before." Eh ... Not really. Here is an analysis of how this is too complex to show the works

1. The Voice features four celebrity coaches -- Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine, in case their images haven't been burned into your brainstem yet --who must each draft eight singers to form a team. They choose the members of their teams in Round One, the "blind auditions."

2. In this opening round, each judge is placed in a giant, Dr. Claw-esque chair that faces away from a stage. One by one, wannabes come out and try to wow the coaches with their voices alone. These auditioners have all been vetted already by The Voice's producers, so none of them are untalented losers being trotted out solely for our sick amusement -- ahem, Idol.

3. If a coach likes what he hears, he presses a magic button that turns his chair around; if he's the only judge that turns by the time the wannabe stops singing, that vocalist is automatically on his team.

4. But - and this is where it gets fun -- if more than one coach presses his button, the vocalist who's being fought over gets to choose which coach he or she wants to work with.

5. Once each coach has chosen eight singers, he or she personally trains the members of that team to make them better vocalists. I imagine that this stage will include at least one montage set on an obstacle course.

6. Then comes Round Two, in which each coach is responsible for cutting half the members of his or her team. Here, teammates will compete against each other inside of what appears to be a giant Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots ring. At this point, the coaches will be permitted to watch the contestants as they perform, so that whole "putting vocal ability first" thing kind of goes out the window.

7. Finally, in its last round, The Voice will start to look a lot more familiar. The 16 remaining singers will perform live. Viewers will vote for their favorites, eventually selecting one grand prize winner.

8. The victor receives $100,000 and a record deal with Universal Republic.

Did that clarify things? I'm going to pretend I just heard you say 'yes.' Let's move on.
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Ovarian Cancer Symptoms A Rare Cancer

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Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer among women. Although technically considered a rare cancer, it still affects nearly 6,700 women each year in Britain. The risks vary from woman to woman and depends on your age, your genes and your lifestyle. According to target ovarian cancer charity, a woman has a 50 chance of developing the disease throughout his life. But the risk increases with age, with four of five cases occurring after age 50

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer?
Ovarian cancer symptoms are not specific to the disease, and they often mimic many other conditions-more common, including digestive and bladder problems. When the symptoms of ovarian cancer are present, they tend to be persistent and worsen with time. Signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer may include:
*Abdominal pressure, fullness, swelling or bloating
*Pelvic discomfort or pain
*Persistent indigestion, gas or nausea
*Changes in bowel habits, such as constipation
*Changes in bladder habits, including a frequent need to urinate
*Loss of appetite or quickly feeling full
*Increased abdominal girth or clothes fitting tighter around your waist
*A persistent lack of energy
*Low back pain

If you have symptoms that bother to make an appointment with your doctor, especially if you have a family history of ovarian or breast cancer. In some cases, your doctor may refer to a genetic counselor to discuss certain tests for gene mutations that increase the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
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IPhone 4 Not Carbonite

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Experts on the society, 6 between the absolute-good-to-iPhone-4 a laugh cases. It is actually hard plastic, not Carbonite, but the spirit is the right place.

Even better, S6 is also selling T-shirts and art prints that have the same employment picture frozen in carbonite, glasses and all, with incredibly clever slogan "Cheap Hotels." Star Wars fans will remember how and infamous sound like Harrison Ford / Han Solo quotes, "said Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia after she confesses her love for him, and just before being frozen in carbonite.

Not so good for business meetings, but definitely get a second look of the city. E 'yours for $ 35, and be sure to check the site available to other markets.
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Star Kristin Cavallari Is Involved

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Is there a reality show in their future, Temptress and the quarterback? The former Hills star Kristin Cavallari and Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler is involved. Cutler asked the question, while on vacation spot hot celebrity Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

According football star was worn around the stone of 5.2 carats in time.

Little Prince

Kevin James for the third time in humans.

The Paul Blart: Mall Cop star wife, actress Steffiana de la Cruz, gave birth to a son, Kannon, in Boston on Sunday.

The couple, who met on the set of his comedy old King of Queens, have two daughters, Sienna-Marie Shea.

Gigolo more

Speaking of strange people: Adult costar James has really grown.

Deuce Bigalow star Rob Schneider married his longtime girlfriend, television producer P atrice Azarcoya Arce, a private ceremony in Beverly Hills.

"Patricia and I were surrounded by our closest friends and family, was the happiest day of my life,''said Schneider, a serious solution unusual.

The old buddy Adam Sandler Saturday Night Live, 47, was married to model London King from 1988 to 1990, have a daughter, 22.

The married man

Elizabeth Taylor's eighth husband is starting to talk about his marriage to screen legend.

Larry Fortensky shared some of his favorite stories to British newspaper Daily Mail, for example: Taylor ran in the snow in her nightgown to Switzerland to make snow angels.

The couple met at the Betty Ford Clinic in 1988, they were married to Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch in 1991 and lived in a little over five years.

The former construction worker has fallen hard in recent years due to head trauma. He is OK, at least economically, Taylor left him $ 800,000 in his will.
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Quarterback Jay Cutler

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Reality star Kristin Cavallari is committed to the bear Chicao quarterback Jay Cutler. It is said that the couple was vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, was surprised when Cutler Cavallari proposed to him during the weekend.

A source is quoted as saying: "He surprised her with a quick trip to Cabo ask her to marry him."

In an interview, Cavallari, showed that things are going well between the couple and said that he was in love with the Chicago Bears quarterback.

Cavallari, 24, and Cutler, 27, have been dating since last fall.
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Queen Victoria Offers Clues

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The famous wedding dress of silk and lace worn by Queen Victoria offers clues about what Kate Middleton will wear when walking down the hall, April 29, although much has changed since the wedding discrete Victoria in 1840.

Victoria does not need to marry before the cameras, thousands of reporters and photographers camped outside. They were married in a relatively small private chapel is a room deep Westminster Abbey in London.

This means that a small basic dress like Victoria, is not enough for Middleton, said Joanna Marschner, chief curator of the Palais Royal of Great Britain's history, who cares for the robe of the Victoria and dresses worn by past real wives.

"The dress is up," said Marschner. "It's big, has become the scale of space and gets up to check the eyes of all. This is the date, he has to say something about our time, and is a choice of bride. He is beautiful."

Although the strong interest, the identity Middleton designer and style of her dress remained firmly kept secret. Palace officials say Middleton wants to impress her boyfriend, Prince William, when you walk out of his Rolls-Royce Abbey exceeds the threshold.

Marschner not make predictions, except to say that the designer must respect the dignity associated with Westminster Abbey. This means a dress or a strapless neckline is unlikely - Middleton may have to wait for a reception at Buckingham Palace, where he wants to wear something more revealing.

The guide only generally accepted that the designer will be British. Victoria English is used as lace and silk woven in London to show support for British industry, Middleton overwhelming pressure to use a British designer.

The focus is on Sarah Burton, creative director of the great house of Alexander McQueen and Sophie Cranston, lesser-known label founder Dragonfly and Bruce Oldfield, a favorite of the late Princess Diana.

Name Cranston rose this week to press reports, the appointment of him as a dark horse competitor in the most coveted garment.

"My thoughts are with everyone who is mentioned is in progress," said Astrid Joss, commercial provider of Brides magazine. "Sophie Cranston is a good opportunity to anyone else. And 'realistic, Kate was wearing her pieces. And' underestimated, is a thin, stylish clothes that fit the style of Kate."

Select Cranston Middleton would be a way to protect smaller, less expensive for local designers, "said Joss.

Victoria has also had to make policy choices during the installation of equipment marriage.

Marschner said Victoria meant to support British workers through the lace of the West Country village of woven silk and Honiton in the country.

cream-colored suit wearing Victoria is so fragile that it can only deal with experts in gloves, but will soon be subjected to conservative treatment, so that it can be made available to the public in Kensington Palace next year. Conservatives from Britain's Historic Royal Palace are over 1000 hours in the treatment of a valuable collection of wedding dresses real dating back almost 200 years.

"Dressed in Victoria is a watershed in the history of the Royal fashion," said Marschner. "Before that, royal brides were pawns used to seal alliances, or a land, Victoria married for love, and she liked to dress for sentimental reasons. Remembered as a golden wedding day."

She said Victoria's marriage has sparked public interest in royal marriages, on the basis of global concern in 1981 wedding of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer and the frenzy now over royal wedding next week's Prince William and Middleton.

In the decades after their marriage, Victoria had had fallen lace wedding dress for special occasions. She even wore black lace dresses, after the death of her husband, Prince Albert, to remind people of her love for him.

Rosemary Harden, head of the Fashion Museum in Bath, Middleton hopes to integrate the English lace in her dress to keep the tradition.

"Kate wants to be a surprise," says Harden. "And I say good luck to him. I think that is wonderful."
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Mount Athos

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"60 Minutes" producer Michael Karzai is the perfect guide to take you behind the scenes on the mountain of the show. Athos history. Karzai is the son of Greek immigrants and speak Greek. Those things probably helped when he and fellow producer Harry Radliffe tried to get permission to film a "60 Minutes" story on the Mount of another world. Athos, a peninsula in Greece self that is home to 20 monasteries and about 2,000 monks.

But permission was not an easy task. "The parliament, which exists, the sacred community is the only parliament in the face of the earth who have been continuously in session since the 10th century," said Karzai. "And these are the guys we tried to get permission fire on Mount Athos. "

The Holy Community, rejected calls for "60 Minutes". "They said, 'Thank you very much, but to fall in line" Karzis recalls. "I mean, the BBC has the port for 40 years, the French, Germans, everyone wanted to be."

Then use the powerful abbots who run every monastery on Mt. Athos and finally had a breakthrough.

"We have to build confidence," said Karzai. "And they knew we were going to do our best to distill the essence of monastic life, the beauty of the place, and what makes Mount Athos, unique in the world."

When Karzai and Radliffe got their invitation, many challenges ahead, you will learn from this "60 Minutes" report travel overtime. "It is in Europe, but Mt Athos is remarkably difficult to access. The peninsula is accessible only by boat and the surrounding seas can be difficult. It is believed that the Virgin Mary herself was wrecked there, which is one of the many things that are so sacred to Mt Athos monks and thousands of pilgrims who visit each year.

"60 Minutes" team was also stranded on Mt. Athos, where the sea rainstorms after two weeks of filming ended. Now back in New York, and Karzai Radliffe still seems moved by their time at the magnificent mountain. If you are interested in visiting Mt. Athos as a pilgrim, the "60 Minutes" video is probably the best video file ever created, and the best place to begin your search.

If you are a woman, these videos may be the only way you ever see Mount Athos. No women allowed.
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Difficult For The Resurrection

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The doctor told me that I'm not the same person who was 50 years ago. This is what I already suspected, the subjective reasons. But his more objective, scientific account of every cell of my body has been replaced by the time I was a kid.

How can you know that is a mystery to me. Own account, it can be 100000000000000 human cells: a man or woman, rich or poor, smart or stupid, old or young. All of them are specialized, and most are difficult to reach.

How can we be sure we are checking each one?

The argument against Easter like this. We simply conclude that if something is very unlikely, it never happened. We did not scrutinize the 100 trillion possible exceptions.

human organs after death, will tend to stay that way, and even the exceptions are so rare that a single case has been known to medicine.

There are cases of resuscitation of very morbid conditions, where the patient gives the classic sign of death. It may, for example, has no pulse and not breathing, and even stirring otherwise. Doctors at the old Westminster Hospital in London gave me an anecdote or two, and some rich, dark humor of the condition of "brain death".

The biblical narrative, was the resurrection we celebrate at Easter is not entirely unprecedented.

Consider the Lazarus of Bethany, who survived the Gospel of John, when four days in the tomb. An important detail is provided: the body was really smelly deceleration when the tomb was opened.

Christ called Lazarus to another, and he has become a serious shirt.

This chapter, John 11, contains several memorable phrases that sounds in all languages ​​that Christianity has touched. The first is "I am the resurrection and the life" with the following, where Jesus states unequivocally that he can do something, that whoever believes in Him will be the completion time, be herself reborn.

Another is the shortest verse in the Bible, famous, at least in the King James Version. It is "Jesus wept."

Putting together these two statements, and one will become an important theological reasoning. It 's a fact that God hates himself to death. And that in itself is a mystery worth puzzling when, when we take with us into a world where death and life seem inextricably linked.

In what the late Pope John Paul calls the "culture of death" that death is final. To "live in the memory of others" is very good, but they will die too. Furthermore, an atheistic worldview all ultimately comes to nothing. This is exactly the opposite of the universe we perceive, where everything seems to come from nowhere, and there triumphantly in the light of "nothing" that is, the universe was designed, instead, "explains Jean- Paul Sartre.

Lazarus, according to church tradition, preserved to our days in both Western and Eastern Europe (ie, both Catholic and Orthodox), was to die again. In fact, I am aware of two tombs clearly: one in France and Cyprus.

The two traditions, which are generally in agreement on major issues, differ on this point. Whereas, on the resurrection of Christ is the entire agreement and precise, Protestant East and West, and Catholic. And while modern scholars (and non-academic) of little faith or not, seeks to present the received account of the resurrection as a myth as a source of rising wave of early Christians, as a poetic way of expressing their "feelings" - they should replace the biblical common sense to do so.

I did not place any confidence in any opinions of men, almost 20 centuries of it, and using the same, often silly speculation, claim to know what really happened.

That contradict what has been witnessed by men of the mind, of course, powerful and strong common sense, men who were perfectly aware that their request to have met the risen Christ was contrary to all understanding classic and get made fun of them.

This ancient greek and roman world is not inclined to believe the stories of Osiris as our post-modern. Society in which Christianity was the first time was not so tired from what we live today. Background, living conditions are changing over time a bit '.

The apostles were men who, in each case were prepared to die rather than deny what they saw. They were men, as much historical evidence attest actually been executed because they refused to deny it, and willingly suffered martyrdom.

I find the testimony of these men more plausible that the evidence of the adequacy and undisputed.

There was nothing pleasant about the crucifixion. There was nothing on the little resurrection.
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Youtube Sensation Antoine Dodson

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Youtube sensation Antoine Dodson was arrested Saturday, 02:30 Huntsville possession of marijuana. It 'was released after a short period of time.

Huntsville Police Department told TMZ that Dodson was also hit some extra offense charges: two for failure to appear in court for the payment of traffic, one for breach of insurance, and another for speeding.

Dodson became famous when he appeared on a local news channel after an intruder entered her home and attacked his sister. The video of his interview with the camera was quickly viral and has even led to other popular YouTube videos, like "Song Room Intruder."
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Brandon Marshall Stabbed

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Authorities said the wife of Brandon Marshall stabbed the recipient of the Miami Dolphins wide with a kitchen knife, and his agent, said Saturday that the player was recovering.

Michi Nogami, Marshall, 26, was arrested Friday night on charges of aggravated battery deadly weapon. Second Arrest Report Broward County Sheriff's Office, Nogami, Marshall said the officer defended himself. Marshall had previously told officials he slipped and fell into the glass jar broke, but officials said that the evidence at the scene did not support these claims.

Nogami Marshall remained jailed Saturday on bail of $ 7.500. It is not known if he had a lawyer.

"This is a very difficult time for Brandon and his family, fortunately, makes a full recovery," Marshall, agent, Kennard McGuire, said in a statement.

NFL lock to prevent contact with players. But officials said the Dolphins did the doctor say the league will get to see Marshall and Marshall will consult with other physicians.

Michi Nogami Marshall were married in Miami in July. They met when both were students at Central Florida. They live in Southwest Ranches, which is near Dolphin Complex in Davie.

A year ago last week, Marshall, 27, was traded to the Dolphins, Denver Broncos by two second-round draft picks. Denver was at least 100 runs for three consecutive years and twice made a Pro Bowl. Yet, he wore his welcome, partly because of the long court.

In March 2009, Marshall was arrested in Atlanta on misdemeanor battery charges stem from a fight with Nogami-Marshall, who was his girlfriend at the time. The charges were dropped when the two refused to testify.

Marshall was also the battle of New Year, which led the 2007 drive-by killing the Broncos teammate Darrent Williams.
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Earth Day Activities

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Earth Day Activities, April 22, is a reminder of the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development. Above all, it reminds us that we can make a difference when it comes to our planet.

The first Earth Day celebration took place in 1970 and launched the modern environmental movement with more than 20 million Americans from all walks of life.

This movement gained passage of a cutting-edge legislation, such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act

Earth Day Network reports more than 1000 million people every year participate in Earth Day activities, which is larger than the civilian world.

Earth Day Network works with more than 22,000 partners in 192 countries to spread his green message.

The theme this year is "One billion green laws" and the goal is to generate one billion acts of service and environmental advocacy in the countries of the World Summit in Rio in 2012. Submit your action on the green

Here’s how you can get involved:

Earth Day - Work Day!

Make a positive impact on the environment on Earth Day and go to the Patuxent Research Refuge. Projects will include picking up trash, cutting invasive vines and more. Volunteers ages 10 and older should wear long sleeves and pants, closed-toe shoes and insect repellent.

Location: Patuxent Research Refuge North Tract
Date and time: Saturday, April 23, 9 a.m. to noon

Quiet Waters Park Earth Day Celebration and Third Annual Family,
Music and Kite Festival

This family day of outdoor fun will offer interactive activities such as a lady bug tracking program and a bird walk to teach the community about preserving, protecting and exploring nature. There will also be live music, kite flying, storytime for children and more.

Location: Quiet Waters Park, Annapolis
Date and time: Saturday, April 23, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Ask a Master Gardener

Ask gardening questions and bring your bug, weed or plant in a sealed plastic bag for analysis.

Location: Crofton Branch Library, 1681 Riedel Road, Crofton
Date and time: Saturday, April 23, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Little Planet Helper Event

This family-oriented Earth Day event will be held in the Arundel Mills Food Court.

Location: Arundel Mills Mall, 7000 Arundel Mills Circle, Hanover
Date and time: Saturday, April 23, 1 to 3 p.m.

Earth Day Container Giveaway

Pick up a recycling container from the Meade Middle School Green Club.

Location: Meade Middle School, 1103 26th St., Ft. Meade
Date and time: April 28, 2 to 4 p.m.
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Monkey Bread

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LOVE Monkey Bread! If you have never tried, now is the time to do this recipe with new and improved America eat better.

If you're one end coupon, you know you can often get very cheap Great Pillsbury rolls with coupons. And you probably have in your refrigerator or freezer immediately. Say ... pick up and do this. You will not regret! I treatment for 3 nights and everyone loved it.

Here is the recipe from Eat Better America:

Prep Time:15 min
Start to Finish:1 hr 10 min
makes:16 servings

1/4 cup sugar
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
2 cans (16.3 oz each) Pillsbury® Grands!® Homestyle refrigerated reduced-fat buttermilk biscuits
1/2 cup chopped pecans or walnuts
3/4 cup fat-free caramel topping
2 teaspoons vanilla
1. Heat oven to 350°F. Spray 12-cup fluted tube cake pan with cooking spray.

2. In 1-gallon resealable food-storage plastic bag, mix sugar and cinnamon. Separate both cans of dough into 16 biscuits. Cut each biscuit into quarters. Add biscuit pieces to sugar mixture. Seal bag; shake to coat. Layer biscuit pieces and pecans in pan.

3. In small bowl, mix caramel topping and vanilla. Pour over biscuit pieces.

4. Bake 40 to 45 minutes or until golden brown and no longer doughy in center. Cool in pan 10 minutes. Invert onto serving plate. Serve warm.
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David Cook The Winner Of American Idol

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David Cook, the winner of American Idol Season 7 American Idol Thursday night he returned to sing a song on his new album, thanks to this morning. Performing "Last Goodbye", Idol winner, has once again shown what happens when the last competitor is crowned the winner.

On stage with the band, who had four guitarists, Cook also played guitar and shared some responsibility for the strong presence of guitars in the figures. We like what is the big kick off of the album, he hoped to bring the portfolios of his supporters and those who support the show.

David Cook does not come over tonight because her mother has to support and meet someone she loved, Steven Tyler. After a brief hug and the chance to meet the legend, the focus of the night returned to candidates waiting to learn his fate in the program and the performance of the new song by Katy Perry

The final song of the evening was Stephen Langone who received fewer votes in the evening and was finally removed from American Idol.

Check out the video of David Cook from American Idol Thursday.
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Carole King American Idol Top 6

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Theme of "American Idol" Top 6 competitors announced Thursday evening (April 21) at the end of the results show - and Carole King, which should be interesting. King is a Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and we're big fans of his music. "Tapestry" is really a watershed effort - the 1971 album was named No. 36 on the list of Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

But we're not sure how the idols are going to handle his music. Katelyn Epperly covered "I Feel the Earth moves in season 9, but I have pots of judges and was sent packing. Brooke White has taken the "You've Got a Friend" in the 7 th season and did very well, but, Carole King is in the wheelhouse Brooke White. King's songs are great and in a low voice the kind of niche - Idols this year are going to have to actually do it themselves or it will be a long night.

If you're wondering where you heard of Carole King, who is a non-music related, had a recurring guest on "Gilmore Girls", as Sophie Bloom, owner of a music store and also sang the title track of Opening of the exhibition.
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Anniversary Of The Late Luther Vandross

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A "21-century music" American Idol theme given first seven lucky to get contemporary Wednesday: While Haley Reinhart covered Adele, Stefano Langone has Ne-Yo sang Alain and Lauren Sara Evans. Jacob Lusk paid tribute to the anniversary of the late Luther Vandross. James Durbin had the most spectacular performance of the night, with a drum lifting body Muse. But not everyone was covered 80 new Scotty McCreery, John Anderson hit Swingin '. The highlight of the night? Casey Abrams Jennifer Lopez with a final kiss amazing performance. Is this the kiss of death? To find out Thursday night (8 pm ET / PT, Fox).

Classification is difficult for me tonight. I am able to argue for more singers in some places more or less. I also like shows with the most points also had some problems and the worst of them had a good time.

James Durbin, Uprising
Lauren Alaina, Born to Fly
Jacob Lusk, Dance With My Father
Casey Abrams, Harder to Breathe
Scotty McCreery, Swingin'
Haley Reinhart, Rolling in the Deep
Stefano Langone, Closer
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Kate Hudson In Love With Matthew Bellamy

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Kate Hudson is a happy girl! She is in love with Matthew Bellamy, while the couple did not intend to marry, she is not afraid to talk about his relationship with the singer of Muse.

"We always hear people say," I never thought this would be the person I'd end up with, but I do not think you ever really know. I love that Matthew knows speak. He shows his love. It communicates, "she said.

Hudson is expecting a child with Bellamy, the first couple, but her second (who has her son Ryder to rocker Chris Robinson). She seems really on the moon in her pregnancy, and while people are constantly questioning the status of your relationship with Bellamy does not seem concerned one bit.

"I didn't think I was going to have another kid until I was maybe 33 – that was in the back of my mind before I met Matthew. But we were so in love when it happened, it was just so exciting for both of us," she continues.

There is something very interesting about their relationship, but it is difficult to really nail. Kate has a whirlwind romance with New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, who ended abruptly. It was not long for her to connect with Bellamy, and shortly after word broke that she was pregnant. The important thing is that she is happy and he will welcome a baby in a world of love. No matter if Bellamy and decide to marry or not, it seems that parents are ready to be fantastic.
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Dish Network A New Way

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Are you a fan of Dish Network? If you are then you would be interested to hear that they have won the bid for Blockbuster stores. Crockery says he will give them a new way of marketing their services. It is about having streaming video online. This could be, to be a competitor Netflix and come face to face with Netflix

Dish Network is not a puppet. They know they can get more opportunities for them to have a guest list of all blockbusters. There are some shops that are going to remain open, but do not really know what they are doing, and shops. Dish Network seems to be mainly interested in online streaming.

Dish Network is the second largest television provider DirecTV seed. This new acquisition that can move and the first place. Since this new procurement Netflix stock has gained about 2 percent of Dish Network and the stock rose 1 percent. What do you think of this Dish Network to buy?
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Charice To Guest Role On "Glee"

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When Charice to guest role on "Glee" was announced last summer, he expected to see much of it - but not sun Heart McKinley High for a long time after Rachel (Lea Michele) s has sent home crack.

Yeah ... this show is a bit weird.

Charice returned in the episode tonight when the Glee Club has organized a "Night of negligence" benefit to genius, a school club neglected. After all, Sun knows how it feels to fly solo.

"I am a better singer than anyone else, so I know how it feels," says Rachel blood boils. "I am just beginning. I am also very short, so even if I have a group of people, it seems that I'm wandering alone through the forest."

Sol sang the song of Celine Dion "All By Myself" to prove their worth - and offered his 600 followers on Twitter, it was a good reference and expressionless laugh Charice Twitter obsessive fan.

Let's see more of her this season, and if he returns next season, got my fingers crossed for one thing: "I would like a duet with Mercedes," said Charice. "I think she's an amazing singer." And I say it's the greatest thing I've heard. "
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Green Bay Packers And Minnesota Vikings

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Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings historic rivalry went to another level when the future Hall of Fame quarter Brett Favre joined the Vikings in 2009.

But the Vikings probably is not a luxury Favre this season, which is currently in retirement. In fact, they have abandoned any hope of backup Tarvaris Jackson, well, that is, have no idea who will be their signal caller in 2011.

No good news given the Vikings went 6-10 last year and lost both games for a possible world champion Packers.

There are many concerns Purple and Gold this year, only two years after they made the NFC Championship Game.

If the block never ends, probably trying to get a quarterback free will. If not, some of them extending to choose the former Washington QB Jake Cabinet 12 overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

They also need help at defensive end and cornerback.

As for the Packers, they are exactly the opposite.

At the launch of its Super Bowl, they still have their nucleus intact, but probably lost defensive end Cullen Jenkins questions whether free will.

Aaron Rodgers is now a quarter of an elite after languishing in the shadow of Favre for so many years in Green Bay. They also have elite cornerback Charles Woodson and linebackers combined brutal Defensive Player of the Year candidate linebacker Clay Matthews and AJ Hawk.

All in all, this would enrich the history Matchup, but it could be a blast.
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Blackberry Playbook Launch

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Do not really think of a tablet has received as much hype as the BlackBerry playbook launch without someone coming along and rip the thing apart and post pictures online, he has done? Of course not. This time, iFixit Chipworks people and fight for the rights of shouting "First!"

Chipworks is a reverse engineers to research products for patent violation. Meanwhile iFixit repair is a computer online community. They may come from different places, but both have reason to destroy the computers on a regular basis.

Chip Works reports that the tablet uses cameras STMicroelectronics, a controller from Cypress Semiconductor touchscreen, and Elpida DRAM. The tablet also has a Texas Instruments processor, but we already knew.

IFixit disassembly guide also provides a good overview of the components, but the development is largely to show what it takes to remove the same tablet and play by play sarcasm.

Interestingly, most of which are attached to the back of the screen, instead of the back of the case, in which case you can not replace the battery without removing the motherboard.
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Cosmopolitan City Of Las Vegas

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The cosmopolitan city of Las Vegas reveals the jewel in the ownership of a pool offering three separate experiments exclusive district Daylife unmatched in the Gaza Strip. In the energy throughout the day DJ-driven world by cocooning class a serene environment, the district pool Cosmopolitan Las Vegas offers something for everyone. Favored by celebrities and visitors to Las Vegas and the district of the pool is the first Daylife Las Vegas this summer and beyond.

Latest Las Vegas, the Grand Hotel was opened in mid-December. Good as that of its exterior, the interior is a knockout view. Theme screams "Sex in the City" and her head wrapped in crystal and drops from the ceiling. Almost all reeks of class and artistic intention.
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Bombing Of Oklahoma City

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April 19 marked the 16th anniversary of the bombing of Oklahoma City, one of the most devastating terrorist attack on American soil. Oklahoma City bombing was a bombing at Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City April 19, 1995.

Hundreds gathered Tuesday morning at the Memorial and Museum to honor the 168 people who died during the bombing. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, with survivors and family members of victims read the names of 168 victims.

The Oklahoma City bombing claimed 168 people, including 19 children under 6 years old, and wounded more than 680 people. The blast destroyed or damaged 324 buildings within the block of sixteen, destroyed or burned 86 cars and shattered glass in 258 nearby buildings. The bomb is believed to have caused at least U.S. $ 652 million dollars in damage.
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New Beetle 2012

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Legitimize his nickname "The People's Car ', Volkswagen made a simultaneous launch in Shanghai, Berlin and New York on the last Volkswagen Beetle. What should be the third generation of the franchise Beetle, the new silhouette is no longer prescribed in the round, pretty design, or "3 half-circles of the past. Now, with the edge and aggressive attitude are the 2012 Beetle 3.3 inches wider, a little lower and 6 inches in length. For the first time, bi-xenon headlights are available as well as LED daytime running lights. A new look on the inside also sports new interior design functional yet fun inclued a large panoramic glass roof that tilts or slides. Blast away your stress with a 400-watt sound, courtesy of Fender Premium Sound System and Panasonic.

Reputed to be the most powerful and cleanest ever Beetle, VW will offer three versions with different specifications transmission. A database engine with an output 2.5-liter 5-cylinder 170hp and 177 lb.-ft. of torque. Those who focus on performance can opt for the 2.0-liter TSI with 200 horsepower and 207 lb.-ft. of torque. Finally, the fuel is in the form of clean diesel 2.0-liter, 140 hp capable of 40 mpg highway, 29 mpg city and 33 mpg combined.

The 2012 Volkswagen New Beetle is set for release this September and October in North America followed by Europe and finally, in Asia in February 2012.

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Legionnaires Disease

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contract Legionnaires' spa at the Playboy Mansion participants may have been fundraising for disease, experts say. Dozens of people fell ill with a respiratory illness after attending the DOMAINfest February January to March of the Conference, which led to a fundraising Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion in Holmby Hills, the Los Angeles area.

LA County officials use the media of public health - blogs, Twitter and Facebook - send an online questionnaire to all 715 participants of the conference, who came to Los Angeles from 30 countries worldwide. Officers learned that 123 of them had fever and at least one symptom such as headache, cough, breathing or body aches, with 69 of those people who get sick the same day on February 5.

Health authorities have announced their findings Friday in Atlanta at the annual conference of the Centers for Disease Control.

Although many say that the participants were diagnosed with legionellosis, the provincial health authorities are not yet able to confirm the diagnosis through laboratory tests. Three participants also positive with the H1N1 flu. But officials have not concluded that exposure to the Playboy Mansion ", associated with an increased risk of disease," in which both the bacterium Legionella pneumophila, or flu.

On the evening of Friday in Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has issued an opinion on whether the bacteria identified:

"Although Legionella bacteria was found in a water sample taken from the Playboy Mansion," the statement said, "This bacterium has not been established as a source of an outbreak of respiratory illness. Other possible causes the study include the flu, only three people who participated in conference test positive for influenza. However, the cause of the epidemic has not been finalized at this time. Such studies can take several months. "
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Game of Thrones

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If you have not read the book was based, Game of Thrones was not what you expect. The ads made it look dark, gritty, dark historical epic, full of violence and sex. It turns out that it was a fantasy adventure fast rooted in the emotions of ambition, greed and lust. In this fictional universe, there is a brutal realism, and dialogue and action. This difference in approach and tone is crucial, is what makes the game of Thrones board as soon as the history-based costume dramas such as Borgia, Camelot, or Spartacus: Gods Arena.

The opening hour, "winter is coming," he made a Canny, covering all the topics explored in this character and the series of complete frame ... and following the strategy was simpler, more intelligent, much less often followed by literary adaptations: the book's text continued. I know, right? Unbelievable.

Ominousness up immediately along the wall, just as dangerous border-line writer George RR Martin, an imaginary world. We had a bit of a blunt conciseness that permeates the whole series of dialogue with the guards on horseback and a glimpse of the scary, deadly Walkers White.

It 'was then luxuriously smooth the introduction of House Stark clan, led by Sean Bean's hard-boiled Eddard Lord, and some fanciful writer Martin key innovations, including direwolves beautiful-but-hard. Now it was a lot to get across to their audience. How Eddard was faithful to his old friend, now King Robert Baratheon (solid Mark Addy). How Lannister clan was planning to when the throne of the King - well, at least Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and his sister, the queen of kings, Cersei (Lena Headley) did. Their brother, Tyrion (Peter nice to celebrate the sarcasm of his character, drinking and general maid Dinklage, squeezing), keeps her little self in this fight, as he can.

Another plot felt during this early period there are almost out of the rest of the story: a sensitive princess Daenerys Taragaryan (Emily Clarke) has been given a giant warrior Khal Drogo in an arranged marriage is also designed, ultimately, as the game power to the throne.

By the end of an hour, we had an almost literal cliffhanger: Eddard young boy Bran (Hempstead, Isaac Wright), climbing a high wall, conquered in the eyes of Jaime and Cersei sex. Act left frozen, incest couple knew they could not be exposed, and so on! Bran went down.

The daunting task of overturning a massive fantasy epic novel into a television series simply fantastic met with enormous courage by the creators of A Game of Thrones. And bravery, I think the writer-producer David Benioff and Dan Weiss took prose spacious George RR Martin and adapted with fidelity to its large base of fans.

HBO has promoted the Game of Thrones in many places in which such persistence, we seem to understand that the channel is a bit 'nervous and a whole lotta pride in what he has to offer here. The show needs to grow than its book, readers not just the get-go, because there are only ten episodes to prepare in this universe, and will be invested in a series of plots and characters, and I hope that this is the first multi-season series, which changes the amounts of the other songs of Martin's fire and ice.
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Mob Wives High Expectations

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As someone who has seen at least a few episodes of each version of the Real Housewives franchise and felt a little nausea that I have come to the Mob Wives with high expectations. But this pleasure floridly, vicarious reality series has a vicious vulgar charm. It's like watching a cross between The Sopranos and The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

These are real crowd spouses. Karen Gravano is the daughter of Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, Renee Graziano is the daughter of Anthony Graziano, is considered an important member of the Cosa Nostra. The top four "wives" were either men or fathers who have served or are serving time in prison and the woman is difficult to make statements without worries as "Ya never rat no matter what" and "I hit a lotta f-in 'people. "

They are so steeped in crime, culture, they are not a big deal out of it - unless someone crosses them. While most people offer Mob Wives interesting view of the compound too, the body-modified live their lives in luxury garish, it is a central element of drama than any reality show requires successful. Renee, Carla Facciolo Drita and d'Avanzo are all friends in Staten Island, but Karen has spent the last decade in Arizona under the witness protection program.

In the evening, Karen will follow his return to Staten Island, because he needs the time, as he says, "Staten Island is a breeding ground for the Mafia." As the father Renee Karen, in particular, believes that a rat whose testimony damaged John Gotti and the Gambino family, the two women are on a collision course.

Their first meeting at a birthday party for Carla, seems gradually - or Renee says her friend, who must return to Karen's secret, "Those f-in 'me set up bitches!" -. Fireworks women look real I believe in the genuineness of such a context, it spits any non-verbal insults, which I sincerely hostile At least that's what I took away from the fractured Drita said. "If you can not do time, just f-in 'to kill yourself. "

By turns funny, shocking and scary, mob wives are fast paced reality TV at its most exuberant appalling.
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Greg Mortenson Three Cups of Tea

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Greg Mortenson, bestselling author of "Three Cups of Tea," he told religious leaders gathered at the Southside Baptist Church on Monday that the education of girls can turn from war to peace in Muslim countries.

"My whole life is dedicated to education," said Mortenson. "The fight against terrorism based on fear. Based on the hope of promoting peace. The real enemy is ignorance."

Mortenson, who also wrote "The stones in the schools, visited Birmingham to speak of 178 schools, he helped launch in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Monday night, he taught at Samford University.

At Southside Baptist Mortenson addressed the Jewish leaders Buddhists and Christians gathered for a discussion on interfaith cooperation for peace.

Mortenson said he was born in Minnesota and now lives in Montana, but he was a child when his father became a missionary teacher in Tanzania in 1971 and helped start a hospital there, the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre.

Mortenson has lived 15 years in Africa before returning to the United States. In the 1990s, he walked and climbed mountains to Pakistan and began a campaign to build schools.

"All of us have innate desire to help people," he said. "We feel good when we help people."

The title of the book "Three Cups of Tea", he said, came from a high Balti who shared a proverb which says that the first time that the action area, you are a stranger, the second time, you are friends, and the third time , you're family.

"It takes three cups of tea," said Mortensen. "What he was talking about relationships."

Mortenson co-founded and serves as president of the Central Asia Institute, which continues to open new schools. Each school needs a donation of land and labor communities, and schools were built with an emphasis on local teachers and administrators. The schools that thrive on a sense of community and not attacked by any party to the conflict in the region, although the emphasis on training of the girls in question, "he said.

Schools teach several languages, including Arabic and English. "We teach them to read, write and understand Arabic," said Mortenson. "In the Koran there is nothing that says girls can not go to school. In the Qur'an, the two worst sins of suicide and killing civilians. "

Girls 'education' will lead them to teach parents and children to read, Mortenson said. "Literacy is spreading like wildfire," he said. Education leads to better decision making, and hope, which leads to a more peaceful community, "he said.

"I think we live in a world of peace," said Mortensen.
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Online Poker A Sudden Death

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Online poker in the United States may have suffered a sudden death on Friday. The three largest poker site, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker, was closed by the FBI and a number of top affiliates have been accused of money laundering and bank fraud. The Los Angeles Times, two defendants were arrested Friday morning and federal agents are looking for several others.

In 2006, Congress passed a law severely restricting online gambling. Though some companies in the United States closed its doors completely, there are many ways to circumvent the new law. According to the indictment, went to court in Manhattan, who have broken the law to do so.

"These defendants concocted a vast criminal fraud, in turn fool some U.S. banks and other corruption effectively to ensure the continued flow of billions of dollars in illegal gambling profits," said the U.S. attorney in Preet Bharara statement.

The Times reports that yesterday afternoon, sites like Full Tilt Poker displays a message explaining that "this area was seized by the FBI under an arrest warrant." Prosecutors may seek to recover over $ 3 billion dollars from businesses and executives in jail.

Full Tilt Executive Raymond Bitar, who was one of those charges, issued a statement defending the company.

"I am surprised and disappointed at the government's decision to bring these charges. I look forward to Mr. Burtnick and my escape," he said. His and other companies said that their practices are legal and have vowed to court martial.
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Record Store Day 2011

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Saturday, April 16, a Record Store Day 2011. Record Store Day is a day that all the record stores privately owned meeting place for artists to celebrate the art of music. "Dane101 was interviewed by some local music store Record Store Day 2011. In this exclusive interview Company.

Only a small hole in the wall on State Street, the company is unique to a record store can not miss. That's the kind of place you walk in and feel instantly happy. Go to the interview could not stop thinking about various scenes from the movie "High Fidelity" with John Cusack. Your appearance is what you expect from a music store, with aisles of vinyl, CD, DVD, books, accessories, etc. This is not really important, but it gives a sense of uniqueness. It is like walking down the aisle of a service goal of Best Buy or entertainment. It is comfortable, original, and just a cool place throughout the workshop. With Record Store Day is near, it was the perfect place to get information on criminal and movement of the tides of music.
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Zippy Cash Canadians Payday Loans

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Zippy Cash Canadians Payday Loans: Zippy Cash helps Canadians with emergency and short term financial needs. Fast, same day, no hassle, no fuss online payday loans on our internet website. Pay cheque or direct deposit? Finances short? Negative cash flow? NSF's? Get approved today; in Ontario, Alberta & British Columbia we give dollars to cover your debt with comparable interest rates. Need available funds advanced today, before your pay day? Try our quick & easy virtual online application; no store, no hassle; problem free loans. Instant approval cash advance in Canada with no credit check. We transfer the money directly to your personal or credit union bank account; either savings or chequing.

How payday loans can get you through:
A payday loan or cash advance is an excellent way to get immediate funds directly deposited into your bank account. With no credit check required, simply fill out our application online and your loan can be approved and deposited into your bank account. Once the funds are deposited and the loan is accepted, your fees only will be debited from your bank account. Call the office or visit our website to increase your payment amount at any time.
All fees are explained on our website where you can view a full copy of the terms and conditions as well as the contract.
A payday loan is intended for a short period of time and therefore, higher fees may be involved. A payday loan is not intended as a resolution to solve long term financial difficulties. Those who need assistance should seek the services of a credit counseling program.

More Information:
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Coachella 2011

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Coachella 2011: Since then, protected Mia Rose in 2008, a high school student by day, night club raver - femcee that, like his mentor, who works in the club frenetic electronic beats again, the Jamaican dancehall choreography and bright, eccentric forms so as his clothing and artwork, fans were anxiously awaiting his debut, "! Pop Go Bang!" - Loosen the way post-Interscope Mia, AS

But the waiting continues.

MIA teased e-mail, mass-produced Times staff writer delayed Todd Martens back in 2008 when she noticed that she is responsible for all production Rye Rye, "and I know all his style. I dyed his armor. "

"Rye Rye's record was really clubby, and that’s where I started, and she fits that so well," M.I.A. said in the interview. "Her music has so much energy. I kind of exhaust [her] with that."

Bad news of course is it's three years later and still no “Go! Pop! Bang!” (last release date we heard was spring with new tracks from producers such as Bangladesh, Christian Rich and Pharrell Williams). Good news is Rye, now 20, rewarded her patient fans with her first mixtape, “RYEot powRR,” and got major props for her set at this year's South By Southwest Music festival in Austin, Texas.

The mixtape is a mashup of original tracks like the booming “Witchdoctor” and the hyperactive “Hardcore Art School Girl.” She also puts her Baltimore club spin on Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R,” Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” and Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A.” (language alert) – the mixtape’s standout.
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Mesothelioma Is More Recognizable

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During the last decade, the term "mesothelioma" is more recognizable. Once an obscure disease that meant little to the general public, mention of this disease now evokes thoughts and images of factories and mines filled with asbestos and the unfortunate workers who were employed in these hazardous locations .

Thank you because health professionals, as oncologist Dr. David Baker sugar, as well as researchers and oversight bodies, we learn more about mesothelioma and how it affects the lives of sufferers. But there is still a long way to go as better treatments and a cure for the disease focus.

About Diseases:
Mesothelioma In short, what is commonly called asbestos cancer is an aggressive cancer caused primarily by inhaling dangerous asbestos fibers. The disease attacks the mesothelium, a membrane of two layers of protection that covers the body's internal organs, including lungs, heart and abdominal organs. Among these layers, the cells produce fluid, which allows easy movement of the heart and lungs in the chest cavity. The layer that covers the lungs is called the pericardium, which is the case of pericardial mesothelioma is known to occur. The peritoneum lines the abdominal cavity. Mesothelium also lines of male and female reproductive organs. Mesothelioma can affect any of these cells, but is usually seen in pleural or peritoneal mesothelium. The most frequently diagnosed cancer is pleural mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma takes anywhere from 20 to 50 years to develop, so the elderly are generally the victims. The recent cases involving September 11th Trade Center responders first and cleanup crews show that high concentrations of asbestos can cause the disease develops very quickly. A couple of WTC workers have already died.

Effects of Disease:
Attack of the mesothelium cell tumor is very difficult for the patient to breathe, what is needed oxygen, particularly as the disease progresses. Those with the pleural form of mesothelioma may also suffer from pleural effusions. These effusions prevent the smooth movement of the lungs and other organs in the chest. Peritoneal mesothelioma affects the stomach area and abdominal cavity, causing nausea, vomiting or anorexia, which can cause dangerous weight loss. In addition, difficulty breathing and loss of appetite, mesothelioma victims also complain of sleep disorders excessive cough, constant chest pain, fever and pain in the lumbar region.

Malignant mesothelioma usually is a very painful disease and because it is usually not diagnosed until an advanced stage. For this reason, symptoms of mesothelioma usually quite severe. Late diagnosis also means that the cancer is more likely to have spread, or spread, making successful treatment of mesothelioma more difficult.
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