Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

A year ago, Wiz Khalifa relative unknown. Sure, the Wiz were selling shows, but outside its base of loyal fans Gang Taylor, it was not a household name.

All that changed with the release of their mixtape in small groups, Kush and orange juice, and the anthem single "black and yellow." Fast forward 10 months, and the beginnings of the major labels Khalifa, rolling papers, is in a battle for # 1 the week of release from Snoop Dogg and Britney Spears.

MTV News caught up with Khalifa Tuesday afternoon (March 29) for its in-store Best Buy in Union Square, and even he was shocked to see the fans lined up around the block.

"It's totally exciting to see children lined up outside, crying, wishing the album and buy the album," Khalifa surprised. "It really was like a year ago I started working on the album.

"I did not really know where I went, but I knew I was going somewhere," he said. "To have and to see the overall vision and people to be excited about it, and the whole building is just incredible. "

A lot of enthusiasm - but also relaxed, of course - Wiz fans waited outside Best Buy has the opportunity to meet with Khalifa and get his autograph. Many of them came on Monday evening to buy the album at midnight and get a wristband to meet Wiz Tuesday.

"I love this child, no lie. I do not know this guy in person, but when I said hello, I was in the area," said Daniel fan Candelairo MTV News. "I listened to him since '07, if different most people here claiming gang Taylor - I'm not all that we heard his music and promotion .. "

Candelairo recalled catching criticism for being a Wiz fan back in the day, but benefited from the recovery. "It blows. Everyone loves this child," he said. "It's great. I'm proud of him."