Whose Real Name is Rachel Oberlin

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

World, meet Natalie Kenly and Bree Olsen - whose real name is Rachel Oberlin. Charlie Sheen girlfriend are young, blonde, whom he called "goddesses." Sheen said that they are the reason you wake up every day. "They are beautiful my beautiful perfect family," he said. "Not only do I deserve this, but that's for sure."

Sheen, Hugh Hefner called it "amateur", he lived in Kenly and Oberlin. Lord made the rounds of media with Charlie Sheen for the whole week, and Tuesday's "20/20", they sat alone for an interview.

The women explain that the three of them sharing a bed, but it is only because everyone wants to be "edge" of the mattress.

Twenty-four years Kenly is a former model and nanny, who now works as a graphic designer. She was a cheerleader from high school and was arrested for alcohol abuse in Lake Havasu, Arizona, in 2006. Sheen calls his "Natty Baby."

Sheen insists Oberlin "Rachel," although he is best known for her porn name, Bree Olsen. "Natty, and Charlie has a special bond, I have my own connection with Charlie, and then Natty, and I also have a personal relationship," he says. 24-year-old has appeared in over 120 adult films and is equipped with a very adult Twitter.

When it comes to decisions that families make, Sheen says NBC's "The vote of all is just as important, but when we are approaching a crisis, I remember them." Here, I'm 22 years down the road ... my plan is going to be the best in the room. So trust me on this, and everyone wins. everyone wins, and all requirements have been met. "