Supermoon Reached its Perigee

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The Moon orbits the Earth every day 29-1/2, reached its perigee more than once a month. The moon's orbit changes slightly with time, so that the distance between Earth and the Moon will change - but only a little, "said Williams.

Tonight will probably be only about half a percentage point closer than ever to have every 18 years, he said, is "very, very small amounts."

Although this is a super-full moon and dense yet 221 567 miles away, according to NASA.

And even if the gravity of the supermoon causes tides (when the moon is closer, the tides are slightly larger), he stated that "no scientific justification whatsoever" to expect that This super-moon will lead to floods or other extreme conditions.

It is likely that the moon will not even look that different to the human eye (although scientists say that the moon looks larger when it is closer to the horizon). However, Williams recommended that an extra effort to take a look.

"This is the biggest full moon you'll ever see," he said. "You see the moon again, but this is very good as is."