NCAA Tournament Schedule

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NBA teams scout college ranks all year, but the NCAA Tournament is an opportunity for the front office and fans to sneak looks at the next great pro players in a very convenient option, especially now that all the games of Mars Madness will be televised. To help you catch as many future NBA players as possible while enjoying March Madness, we established the timing of all Draft Express' top NBA prospects 30 who will play in the tournament schedule.

For more information about their own prospects, visit DraftExpress or read our profiles of those in the top 15. Otherwise, the schedule of your March Madness guide published by the first two days of action.

You can also control the entire tournament, the TV program information, and 's 2011 NCAA Tournament hub.


No. 9 Terrence Jones

Brandon Knight # 16, Kentucky vs. Princeton (2:45, CBS)

Jones and Knight, John Calipari is the latest-and-done prospects. Jones is a flamboyant scorer Paul Pierce, the top of the mold. Knight is under siege Kentucky guard, which is very similar to Tyreke Evans, John Wall, only less than both. Bonus! Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel are likely to be able to discuss Kentucky Frosh Enes Kanter, No 8 DX board.

No. 25 Jeff Taylor, Vanderbilt vs. Richmond (4:10, TBS)

Junior Commodore is one of the top scorers in the SEC, but must show greater circumference of the Polish move up draft boards.

No. 13 Kawhi Leonard, San Diego State vs Northern Colorado (4:40, TNT)

We wrote about Leonard Wednesday.

N. 27 Patrick Young, the Florida against UC Santa Barbara (18:50, TBS)

Young Billy Young Donovan last great play 20 minutes per game, but it is a physical model of the mold of Al Horford. Keep an eye on him when you are playing.

No. 17 Jimmer Fredette, BYU vs. Wofford (7:15, CBS)

You know all about Jimmie scorer extraordinary BYU. Is JJ Redick? Adam Morrison? Ray Allen? See and make your own opinion!

Kemba Walker No. 7, Connecticut vs. Bucknell (07:20, TNT)

We wrote about Walker on Monday.


# 20 Jordan Hamilton

Tristan Thompson No. 23 Texas vs. Oakland (12:15 CBS)

Thompson was one of the best freshmen in the country, and is a power forward who finished in the paint along great. Hamilton could have been a first-round pick last year, there is a high octane, perimeter-oriented forward. Two perspectives of pleasure.

Not yarou Mouphtaou 30, Villanova against George Mason (14:10, TNT)

Yarou is a sophomore big man in the middle of reading "Nova, hoping to make long-term tournament.

Derrick Williams No. 6, Arizona vs. Memphis (2:45 PM, CBS)

We wrote about Williams on Monday.

No. 1 Kyrie Irving

Nolan Smith # 23

No. 26 Mason Plumlee, Duke vs. Hampton (15.10 truTV)

Duke has the nation's best hope in Irving, and two more in DX 30 high-Smith best guard in the big man Plumlee and sophomore. Irving could not play and if you do, you will be forgiven if you refuse to take your eyes off him.

Chris Sing No. 18 Florida State Elton vs. Texas A & M (16:10, TBS)

Singleton, a junior attacker, is constitutive of his offense a bit, but still figures to struggle to score at the NBA. Is it the next Corey Brewer, Gerald Wallace or next?

Jared Sullings No. 3 Ohio State vs. Texas-San Antonio (4:40 pm, TNT)

We wrote about Sullings Monday.

Marcus Morris # 19

Markieff Morris No. 24 Kansas vs. Boston U. (6:50, TBS)

Morris twins factor heavily in the Kansas bid for a national championship, is Markieff Robin Lopez Marcus Brook. Unfortunately Markieff not an African to help us continue straight on the runway.

No. 4 Harrison Barnes

John Henson, No. 11, North Carolina, Long Island (19:15 CBS)

We wrote about the prospects for the Barnes and Henson this week.

No. 28 Travis Leslie, Georgia against Washington (21:45, CBS)

Leslie will face a challenge against the Huskies, who have the potential for some pro players on their own. Leslie is a great athlete and, as the Express project a first round talent.

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