Miley Cyrus Snl

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Miley Cyrus Snl

Miley Cyrus leaves the office Saturday Night Live after party at Asia de Cuba and the Murray Hill neighborhood in New York on Saturday (March 5).

The star of 18, dined with his family and friends on a large round table in the corner of the restaurant. Present at his mother, sister Tish Miley Brandi, Brandi musician friend and teammate Wasleske Jon Owen Jones (with her boyfriend).

"We rehearsed until 5:00 this morning and our appeal period was eight hours." Miley says Just Jared. "I'm exhausted!"

Who else was in the party to support Miley? The last song to his producer Adam Shankman, SNL producer Lorne Michaels, and America's Next Top Model runway coach Miss J. Strokes All the band members were also there, and even SNL cast Vanessa Bayer, Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis.