Michael Woodmansee Convicted of Second-Degree Murder

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Father of 5 year old child, killed by a neighbor in 1975 said that the killing of a man who has been convicted, though 12 years has released the first sentence of 40 years.

Michael Woodmansee convicted of second-degree murder for killing Jason Foreman, South Kingstown, and hide the bones of the boy shellac his house for years until he confessed in 1983.

Foreman's father, John Foreman, told WPRO-AM on Monday that if that happens, he intends to kill Woodmansee as aggressively and painfully as he killed Foreman's son. He called Woodmansee a monster and a cannibal who ate his son's flesh off his bones.

He told the station if Woodmansee gets out, he believes he would kill again.