The Game TV Show

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The Game TV Show : "The game is now over for another season at least. For a show that never knew if she came back after being off the air on the CW, and had to restart a backup after being cut for two years, the season "The Game" debut on BET were also a lot a work in progress again as one could ask for. If there is not the same as it was when it aired on the CW, but not the same thing and not good are two different things. This season, "The Game" has sometimes been a hot mess and sometimes well done, the final season of the series was two things.

First of all, the messy part: the episode dealing with Tasha returns to his role as a representative of Maliki. Once you have determined the viral video in which Malik Sabres announced that will bring another championship meets Beau, a man with whom he was about to beat the last episode. Tasha thinks it's fate, but it is an unfortunate coincidence. Beau faked his illness and is in fact the whole family, Tasha reveals that when her children run to him and his wife called him to his real name of course, Ronnie.

Congratulations to part: Derwin and Melanie do pregnancy woes temporary back seat to a new problem. When Tasha with Malik and Derwin will no longer feel comfortable Tasha represented, but in his place, said Melanie to provide news about Tasha. This is a weak move Derwin, but we're used to someone. For some reason has always been a horrible evil people directly in their faces.

Melanie asks Tasha to speak. When Melanie asks Tasha if you provide feedback on its plan to revive the career of Malik, Melanie said: "Absolutely." It 'an important word. Every time Melanie says: "Finally," Tasha says that "means something is happening." Melanie tries to shake off the topic, but is clearly uncomfortable, and forced to be honest about a problem he and Derwin and Malik. The results are devastating. Melanie reference to Maliki as druggy boy Tasha's' "Melanie and Tasha launch licorice.

Malik, his downward spiral is going lower. He stupidly set up a fake photo shoot with Jenna, an aspiring model for his ex-girlfriend, just so he could see it. When he says that I set it up, said that without trust, as it would be really nice to create a fake photo shoot with a woman who is trying to assemble a career model that was first to go into rehab. Of course, Jenna goes away, and later appears Maliki the door back in the wagon. Meanwhile, behind him, Derwin and Jason Quan Kirkland having to recruit Malik place as the quarterback for the Sabres, creating what is surely one of the greatest fiction of the first string quarterback battles in the history of television should try to return the next season.

Malik potential out of the picture, and Tasha with him, some of the brightest emission - Melanie and Derwin - near the end of the season with the type of turn ahead. Derwin and Melanie visit a fertility clinic to see why Melanie is struggling to become pregnant. The doctor asks Melanie is a list of questions that will help you assess your ability to get pregnant. One question: Have you ever had an abortion? Melanie response, "Absolutely not." Tasha is not the only one who knows what it means when Melanie said. "Certainly," When the doctor leaves a place to draw a little blood, Derwin question: "Abortion was mine ...?"

With this, the fourth season of "The Game" is over.

Began its fourth season of amazing 7.7 million viewers. Although the show has never quite reached those numbers again this season, which will probably never be that bad of 1.8 million viewers last season, took advantage of the CW. "Game" is a bet is certainly a success, but inconsistencies abound. As the show wants to be funny and dramatic, of course, the creative team of BET version is a dramatic talent. Such a cliffhanger, and so many unanswered questions from Tasha, Malik, and especially Melanie and Derwin, the season-five "Game", you can make the show even bigger. "Game" has just taken the drama to comedy, and have the last laugh when the ratings pour in.