Evan Rachel Wood Five Parts "Mildred Pierce"

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Sunday, 21 hours, Kate Winslet, Evan Rachel Wood, Guy Pearce, Melissa Leo kick off HBO miniseries in five parts "Mildred Pierce". Based on the novel even 1945 Oscar winner about a divorced woman broke interested in a career that has a case of throwing her daughter, etc., etc. He starred reigning diva Joan Crawford plays a mama difficult. Offscreen Crawford was no Mother Teresa, whatever.

Thus, almost twice divorced, Kate Winslet, who has a daughter hard, too?

"I know the original movie great, but I purposely have not seen it have told me not so it does not affect their interpretation Although we are quite faithful to the script of the film, I'm not a bad and hard 'over the way which all women are now -.... Strong And how, even if you decide to keep me far from being a humble mother, does not mean you still can not be manipulative. We all have this ability.

"But in real life - no, I is not hard Absolutely not, I am with my kids mutual concern Well ......" soft heart

At which point Sir Harry Evans, wife of the new Newsweek warrior chief Tina Brown, wandered over. On a padded bag, from Gristedes, he drew his last copy to give me. Schlepping around a major magazine that does not fit into an evening bag is always a tension.

Evan Rachel Wood member mentioned Elie Saab: "I have a DVD movie, but I have not seen it yet: there is no time I just moved here and I love and I love New York ...."

Right. But what is important. His erotic sexy scenes in this case.

"Ohhh, thank you. Oooohhhh. My first nude scene ever. I was petrified. Scared out of my mind. So nervous I could not stand it. All I could do was try to calm down in a deep long-term employee."

HBO co-president Richard Plepler tags mini-series "very erotic." Filmed in part on the Steiner Studios, "Beverly Hills" was filmed in Glen Cove, New York. Pasadena became Peekskill. Merrick is Glendale.

Guy Pearce. In "The History of the King", he played Colin Firth abdicatee brother who married the divorced Mrs. Simpson. He saw this film once, but would love to attend again. "With respect to this mini-series "I saw the original film version of our many big-time nudity sex, we filmed in Long Island, and this is where Kate and I are both naked ...."

As Kate out on the beach, cold, 30 degrees. The crew of heavy coats. It has the soft skin. How to stay cool 3:00 scale. The pressure is coming as the Sun, they had only minutes to call whateveritis whateveritwas they were doing. During five hours, one minute less face Kate is made or unmade up to the dock.

Memories of the Academy Awards, Melissa Leo has second verbal dysfunction. As Steve Buscemi angry when she told how her son is happy with his success. She concluded: "The only problem is now my f - - king schedule."

Kevin Costner to play the adoptive father of Clark Kent in "Superman." Diane Lane is the mother. . . TNT restart "Dallas" begins next month in Dallas with Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy restarted. New blood is Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Josh Henderson. . . Leonardo DiCaprio and Armie Hammer (Social Network) has fired his kissing scene in director Clint Eastwood, "J. Edgar. "Leo plays Hoover... Liam Neeson make a sequel to his hit" Taken. "

Joseph Gordon-Levitt from NEN JAM "and Juno Temple, which is the" break "to join the pilot Christo Pher Nolan's next Batman release," The Dark Knight will be "... Prince Andrew wonderful? You recently saw a photograph near a boy in New York is just-out-of-prison pedophile Jeffrey Epstein? tighttighttight He is also the son of Gaddafi. Oh, so beautiful Prince Andrew ... Museum of Natural History next show is "The World's dinosaurs great. "Giants 150 meters long, 140 million years ago.

Super restaurant Il Bastardo, try the operator is waiting for you. He is attractive as food. . . . More to share the pain of his partner, Melissa Etheridge says it is now available. Ready to start dating again. . . Bernard Kerik appeal without hearing at this time. . . Ready? Luxury apartments Twenty9th Madison Park is a dog walker for residents.

B'WAY came to play "Catch Me If You Can" is a guy with Frank Abagnale Jr., a Pan Am pilot, to pretend. DiCaprio was starring in the film. NY Post publisher Paul Carlucci said the businessman, David Cornstein the seminar a year ago, Abagnale was asked who was his one of the largest ever with. Answer: "In recent days, we used credit cards, cash, I put a sign in front of the bank in the dyslexic something like that." Luggage night broken - leave the box in front of the guard. "That guard was my security guard uniform. I made $ 40,000 a day."

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.