Eurofighter Typhoon Panavia Tornado GR4 combat aircraft

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The United Kingdom began preparations to deploy and Eurofighter Typhoon Panavia Tornado GR4 combat aircraft in the Mediterranean region to support international action to curb the forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi, Muammar Gaddafi.

The action was confirmed by British Prime Minister David Cameron, March 18, who told the House that the additional assets, including air to air refueling and reconnaissance aircraft will also be involved.

"Preparations for the deployment of these aircraft have already begun, and in the coming hours will be moved to air bases where they can take action," he said.

United Nations Security Council yesterday approved the establishment of no-fly zone over Libya to prevent attacks against civilians, as opposed to Gaddafi together a package of other measures against his regime in resolution 1973.

The commitment to some of its typhoons represent the Royal Air Force, the first use of such a wider role in a cover of NATO's quick reaction alert: a responsibility at the time offered two locations in the United Kingdom and the Falkland Islands.

Tornado GR4 force service, meanwhile, has already deployed 10 of its aircraft to Kandahar airfield, Afghanistan, from where they flew missions in support of the NATO-led International Security Assistance.

The UN agreed to allow military action against Libya has highlighted several controversial decisions contained in the coalition government of British Strategic Defence and Security. September statement, which has eliminated the possibility of making an aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy in the region of BAE Systems Harrier GR9 fighter planes - the last of which was withdrawn last year. In contrast, the RAF will be needed for longer range missions, perhaps from its air base at Akrotiri in Cyprus.

But with its possible role in a coalition operation against Libya already in mind, the defense quietly delayed the retirement date set for the last two RAF Nimrod British Aerospace R1 electronic intelligence aircraft construction. The couple was to leave the service, March 31, but it seems to have been extended by at least 90 days.

Reports indicate that the UN should be confirmed by military action against the Libyan government has now asked for a ceasefire.