The Episode, The Office With New Boss

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The abolition of the NBC, The Office Thursday night was a lot of viewers about replacing Steve Carell on vintage comedy.

Carell Michael Scott, who is leaving his role as manager of the Scranton branch is engaged to his girlfriend Holly (Amy Ryan), and announced he was leaving the track in Colorado.

At the end of the period after the cards vanity, the announcer will ferrell say, "Well, no, no, to see who is the new chief." And Will Ferrell shows his hand is stretched out to Carell to give a hug.

It is not surprising that Ferrell will join the Steve Carell comedy. The news was announced in January that it was inappropriate to have a branch that occurs at home.

But Ferrell fans may not want to get too excited yet.

NBC and Universal Media Studios Ferrell argued that it joins the series full time and appeared in several episodes of an arc. This means that another manager will probably come next season.

When the episode was presented, the fans went to Twitter to express their thoughts out, and many of the good news.

"The addition of the office in my DVR. I do not lack of Will Ferrell as the new chief," wrote one commentator.

Another added: "Omg The Office made me cry! But Will Ferrell is going to be awesome as the new boss!"

There were some naysayers, however.

"If Will Ferrell is the new boss on The Office, I will no longer be a fan of the show. I can't stand Ferrell. #terrible #humor #notfunny," wrote one, while another tweeted: "So that's it? Will Ferrell is the new boss on The Office? A bit anticlimactic, no?"