Blarney Stone, One Of Ireland's

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Blarney Stone, one of Ireland's most popular tourist attractions, has made a list of the worst sites in the world to visit because "the traces of saliva was left of every wrinkle."

The attraction of County Cork, which offers to those who embrace the gift of Blarney (the gift of eloquence) was considered worth a visit in a book entitled "101 places to not see before you die" by Catherine Price.

Perched on the ramparts of Blarney Castle in the village of Blarney, Cork, the stone itself dates from the twelfth century. Some think it's the original Stone of Scone, on which the first king of Scotland was sitting in his coronation. The legend tells that part of the stone was presented to the Lord of Blarney Castle, Cormac McCarthy by Robert the Bruce 1314th It was the gift of Bruce with Irish Scots at the Battle of Bannockburn.

The stone was originally known as the Lia Fail or Stone of Destiny, it's mystical powers were first made by a witch.

Tourists who visit historic sites, climbing the stairs to the windings in one of the highest points at the castle, where they are smaller then, behind them to kiss the ancient stone, that gives the gift of eloquence.

Trip Advisor, formerly called the Blarney Stone tourist destinations in less hygienic, so many thousands of visitors to kiss the stone each year.

In response to comments, the owner of Blarney Castle, Sir Charles Colthurst defended the historical attraction.

"As far as I know no one ever caught kissing the stone. I found an expert to say that you can not catch a disease from kissing the stone," Sir Charles told the Irish Times.