The Birthday of Cesar Chavez

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Of all the big, shocking news is dominated by the world today, the observation of the birthday of Cesar Chavez Day March 31 is a reminder of the power of a simple basic organization and the fix in place now.

We live in times when the government can be overthrown in a few weeks, Twitter organized revolt. It's a little 'hard to imagine a decades-long commitment with which Chavez and his supporters have worked to change the abuse, physical danger, and shamefully low wages are subject to agricultural workers in this country.

About the situation is still far from ideal in the agriculture of the United States, there have been huge improvements. And the battle continues to be fought with the tactics developed by Chavez, and what is now known as the United Farm Workers Union. For example, the boycott of base-organized, responsible for the recent victory of tomato workers in Florida to obtain a guarantee of higher prices for companies large restaurant, a wage increase a few cents per bushel crucial.

Grape and lettuce boycotts of 1960, 70 and 80, led by Chavez has been a fundamental part of many Catholics in "Introduction to the concept of a daily practice of social justice through the grocery shopping. Today, the kind of knowledge takes place in churches throughout the country that the ban on plastic bottles, or who use and sell products such as Catholic Relief Services' Fair Trade coffee and chocolate.

Marked anniversary this year, a proclamation of Cesar Chavez Day of the White House took note of his "selfless and courageous leadership." A photographic exhibition in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, focuses on "Cesar Chavez as a champion of human dignity and justice."

Cesar Chavez, who had his share of fights convincingly, some church leaders that his demand for justice was rooted in the values ​​of the Gospel has always been a silent audience of his Catholic faith. When he traveled around the country, was a regular church hall and vacant monasteries, the Mass, the parishioners had to be. Shrines of Our Lady of Guadalupe was a regular view of agriculture workers. Chavez broke his hunger strike of the Eucharist.