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Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Radiohead King Of Limbs Mediafire (AP) - Radiohead's new album "King of the members" arrived a day earlier. The group made the album available for download on its website Friday. Radiohead announced the release of album on Monday, saying it would be Saturday. Contrary to the band in 2007 pay-what-you-want album In Rainbows, "it has a price. Fans can download a pre-booking and MP3 version 9 or above quality WAV files and 14 years. And around 50, there is also a vinyl edition complete with luxury packaging.

Radiohead has also released a video in black and white for the song “Lotus Flower” from the new album.

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Somewhere in the last song is a blues, a spiritual work of the modern pieces, Yorke is singing to his soul, while the musical setting is colored with jazz and a bit optimistic, with a fretless bass weave between Ricochet drums tripled. A glassy, opaque slide guitar that Yorke began to speak to someone to wake him, no doubt the state of somnambulism in modern life, where man is cut off, separated from the reality and true nature, but she could also sing at the end of sleep, hypnotic, dreamlike collection of songs.

Lasts only 38 minutes; the king of the members is a remarkably short album by today’s standards, though back at the age of vinyl, it would be considered a very respectable time. But in this relatively short period of time he saw Radiohead reach in many directions, holding hands at one end with the post-post-rock band Animal Collective and their ilk, and the other with the greatest experimental ‘ eras, as mentioned above Alice Coltrane and John Martyn, who had the vision to go out and kind of commercial considerations, swimming in the ocean of all music, Patti Smith in unlimited “sea of possibilities.”

It is too early to say that this could be the best Radiohead album to date, but I’m tempted. King members revisits the Kid A / Amnesiac period that has alienated so many fans of OK Computer, but does so with greater maturity and the weight of experience that enriches both the songs and the process. The members of Radiohead are increasingly in middle age now; it makes sense, perhaps, increasingly align themselves with the tradition of jazz and experimental rather than youth and manhood conventions obsessed rock n ‘roll. King of the members is Radiohead Leftfield go further in, away from the mainstream, they once courted a mass audience that will surely damn this album as pretentious and indulgent, with all the venom of a confused lover spurned. And they will undoubtedly meet Brickbats equal to the other side, once more cursing like a pop band uppity appropriating the innovations of the avant-garde for their own purposes, as Bowie before them. I do not really care. Speaking, as someone who has not always been a fan of Radiohead, which has sometimes found the pompous, over-rated and dull, the king of members is a thing of beauty, it has something to say and it works. It’s OK by me.