Mark Yagalla, Playboy Model Sandy Bentley Ripped The Gems

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

In the heart of the LAPD investigates a double homicide that appear in this week's "48 Hours Mystery: Playing with fire" are about $ 1 million in jewelry started when the federal government took the assets of Wall Street Ponzi Mark Yagalla intriguing.

The police assume that the girl Yagalla, Playboy model Sandy Bentley, and her boyfriend next door, a nightclub doorman Michael Tardio, ripped the gems and sell them on the black market cash.

Tardio had no experience as a criminal and this foray into the underworld of Los Angeles resulted in his murder and the murder of his best friend, Chris Monson.

Both were probably executed when they went to sell the jewels of the person (s) who mistakenly thought they were going to pay $ 1 million. Their bodies were dumped in an exclusive neighborhood in North Hollywood for internal combustion hire Mercedes SUV he was driving that night.

These gems have disappeared. Although police officers are to be broken, melted, then sold bits and pieces, "48 Hours" has some exclusive photos for review. LAPD is interested in hearing from anyone any information on the jewelry.

It turns out Sandy Bentley had lived in a house with 3 million luxury of Las Vegas, her boyfriend of wealthy Wall Street, Mark Yagalla, had bought for her. Bentley has lived a lavish lifestyle with an expense account per month $ 100,000 paid by Yagalla.

In addition to account fees, Yagalla Bentley bought a nonstop stream of expensive gifts, including a Chopard $ 500,000 $ 150,000 necklace and a copy of the actress Julia Roberts has the movie "Pretty Woman."

Bentley Vegas home was full of treasures purchased Yagalla's ill-gotten gains when federal agents seized it.

Here is a copy of a single monthly invoice typical American Express Mark Yagalla, the tab: $ 707,975.21.

A bill that Yagalla would pay with the hard earned money stolen from his unsuspecting clients. He spent more than $600,000 and Bentley spent $103,989.68.

Yagalla seemed to have liked to fly private jets because he ran up nearly $500,000 on the card at Exxon Jet Aviation in New Jersey. He unloaded $25,000 presumably on toys at FAO Schwarz one day.

The Ponzi scammer charged up nearly $60,000 at the Four Seasons in N.Y. that month.

He seems to have had a nice vacation at the Westin on the Kohala Coast in Hawai, spending $8,000.

Although it seems unlikely Yagalla would take such a trip unless accompanied by a beautiful woman, by the looks of Sandy Bentley's bill, she was not there with him. In fact, about the same time she was doing her tanning at a beauty spa in Las Vegas.

According to her bill, Bentley like to shop: dropping $1,000 at Chanel in Beverly Hills, nearly $6,000 on men's clothing at Versace in Las Vegas on the same day; then the very next day, spending $1,000 at Chanel in Las Vegas.

One day she might spend more than $9,000 on clothes at Baracci, or another day more than $9,000 at trendy Fred Segal in Los Angeles, then off to New York to spend nearly $6,000 at the exclusive St. John Boutique. One day she spent $1,000 on women's accessories from Nude Inc. in Los Angeles.

There is a charge for a $3,000 waterbed, plenty of fancy restaurants like Morton's and Yamashiro's ,which overlooks Los Angeles from the Hollywood Hills.

There are also plenty of charges at the Garden of Eden nightclub at the time of the murder more than 8 years ago that was the hottest destination in Hollywood filled with a celebrity clientele.

That is where Bentley spent time with her sister and the live-in boyfriend she shared with twin sister Mandy - Playboy Hugh Hefner. Another one of Hef's live-in girlfriends, Izabella St. James, told "48 Hours" that the Garden of Eden was a regular destination for Hef and a limousine full of girlfriends.