Jennifer Aniston New Haircut

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Jennifer Aniston recently made headlines for his aversion to the "Rachel" haircut that looked at the 1990, but again not in the spotlight this week.

The "Just Go With It" star cut his hair and has been in an elegant hairstyle, shorter for a prime minister in Madrid on Tuesday.

Aniston hairstyle has not changed too much since "The Rachel" hairstyle of the series "Friends" television.

Storey was appointed section character "Rachel" in the series for Aniston, Rachel Green.

Her new cut is much edgier in style for actress who is most famous for the “Rachel” her iconic and influential haircut from the 90s. What do you think of the new cut? Do you think her new do (or Streisand’s old do – how ever your prefer to refer to it) will see a rise a popularity in salons across the land?