Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton Found Guilty

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton was convicted Tuesday of conspiracy to set up a cocaine deal. Banton fate was sealed when a federal jury's verdict, reversed after 11 hours at the discretion of the case.

The panel that evaluated the case for two days before the end of the sentence, by Mitch Stacy Associated Press. He was convicted of three of the four charges. With his conviction, Banton faces 15 years in prison.

Sentenced to 37 years hearing was attended by Jamaican artists including supporters of other popular reggae artists. AP reported that showed no reaction when the sentence was read. He stood up and hugged his lawyer, then he told his followers to blow kisses to those who were in the courtroom and said "Thank You".

AP Banton said thank you message to his disciples was a reassuring words of his supporters shouted "We love you, Buju!" As the singer was excavated near the courtroom.

"Obviously, we are all shocked and disappointed and emotionally," Attorney Banton, David Markus, quoted by AP.

He added, "The only person who seems to be OK is Buju. He told us he was glad he struggled, knowing he was innocent."

The singer was popular in Jamaica in the midst of controversies related to drugs, he participated He also received a Grammy last week for best reggae album for "Before Dawn".

Mark revealed that he intends to appeal against the convictions and the guarantees that allow subsequent filing Banton for his bail before serving prison