Charlie Sheen Rant

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Charlie Sheen may have slept with many prostitutes (perhaps some), has hosted several parties full of cocaine and made countless trips to the hospital - only to sail a yacht in the adventure with his two girlfriends, ex-wife and children only a few weeks later - but the most shocking news is hitting the media today.

crazy antics of Charlie were warned (even slightly amusing) for most fans of the two men and a half, but his latest diatribe has taken the situation to a whole new level.

There is too much information to cover, because the battle between Charlie Sheen and two and a half Men creator Chuck Lorre (or as Charlie likes to call it, Chaim Levine) bread, but the two pieces of information you you need to know right here: audio interview with Alex Jones, Charlie (who started the whole diatribe) and the open letter to, who called Charlie Chuck "just a maggot polluted."

The tirade led to two and a Half Men producers and publish a statement that, given the behavior of Charlie, the show would be canceled for the rest of the season.